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1. No Thoughts From The Sky

Intimidated minds
Full of fearful thoughts
Corrupted by a world stained in sin
Suppress your life, withdraw your hopes
Living corpses with sterile thoughts
Deny the urge you have borne within in hopes that eternity awaits
Will the love of God shine its grace on thee?
From weakness they are born
Devoted and mindless they follow
Promise me tomorrow so I can waste away today
For every corner a turn to temptation
Stuck in an age of mortality
Trapped in years of servitude
Turn off, you're a feed machine
Enforcing one's loss of self
This plague does not accept thy deeds of every man's evil within
If thou are so powerful
Then who is creator of he?
In solitude you hear your fears, are they your own?
On a process of controlling thee?
Sidetracked and mindless meanings
Nothing here can last
Nothing here can last
But somehow it manages to survive
Longing for another mind to divide
And their words mean nothing
Their lives reduced to the worship of a dead God man
For centuries man has fallen prey
Of hypocrisies, pureness false
Bereaved unto the shadows
They question the value of their own thoughts
Frustrate breeding hate
Bring me isolation to cleanse the mind and soul
No hope, no dead gods
No thoughts from the sky

2. Beneath The Cryptic Tombs

Fierce as wolves with an earthly lust to destroy
Raging in our hate, lost souls of black
Blind shadows in the eyes of the one with horns
For these eyes have seen a thousand distant eternities
Bestial eyes, bestial lust
I am demon beast, soul of ice, so cold...
Father of the dark, fallen are the souls we have gathered
Lost like the light of a dying sun
But spiritless they lay beneath the tombs
Spiritless souls in ritual rite
Curse the light of creation with blight
Oh, we are the sons of wrath
And have traveled through an endless void
And sat upon the throne of remains
Of six hundred and sixty six disciples
Beneath the cryptic tombs

3. Beyond The Away

Tomorrow became yesterday
Another deed has passed
What to do with the nothing who
Swaying towards time
Finds nothing new is nothing more than time
Conscious lost, confusion born, apathy evolves
Like a sad moment of misery, where no one seems to care
But all wants to help, all I want is truth, all I want is lust
Help me you're my antidote to numb the pain inside
Starlit dreams of desolation as one we abide
Help me you're my fix to numb the pain inside
Repressed emotions, begotten stare
All beyond the away
So much in my head yet still nothing to say
Talking in circles we find the edge of nowhere
And bored by its void...
In time all heal, in time all will grow
[Repeat first verse]

4. Descension

5. Black Winds Abyss

Rise from the abyss, infernal source of power
Beard the grand old wise
Portal of faith you maintain
Living in longing of a mighty one
Who descended here with a crown of victory
Of shade and other shades who have dwelled
Living souls stand clear of those
For their souls have longed for death
About their eyes are red wheels aflame
And a soul as cold as ice
In strange tongue their evil words
Forlorn to the naked soul
Beckoning them with eyes ablaze
Wicked souls give up your thoughts of heaven, and pure rebirth
Join us in an end into eternal dark into eternal fire and ice
Father Satan sin my soul to hell, take me through the unholy gates to ride the wings of darkness
Black winds of Satan rise
Hail Satan...
Whirlwinds burst up from tear-soaked ground
Erupting the wake of my senses and though I fell
As though seized by sleep
If thou could only think for the god you save may be yourself
Breaking the deep sleep which filled my head as though by force
With rested eyes I stood peering out to gaze where I was sensing the eternal emptiness
Descending into sightless zones
No laments can be heard except for the sighs that trembled the timeless air of shadowy sadness
Nothing before me eternal, yet eternal I remain
Break all the jewels you can
Deface my crowded throne
See beyond my gaze and throw me to the depths for I have through fire and ice lost of innocence!

6. The Surrounding Darkness (Total Fucking War)

Mark my words, Heed my pain
Damnation calls. Crack like an avalance of thunder
I heard a distant thought bearing through the night
Of echoing shadows to come...

Send my mind in a whirl, Beyond the cosmic void
To gaze upon the specter of might...

For I give you my anger, My unbestowing hate
Eager to destroy your realms of logic
I resound my echo cry of starless purity
But nothing calls its descension...

For I am the bringer of fire
Erupting your domain
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Destroyer of all dreams of logic
Blind past of centuries to come...
Unbound, vengeance of hatred, destroy...

Lurking through the darkness, nothing is sane
This is my lie... insanity bind...

For I am the one who stands alone and incandescent
Bring me fire, the sacred entity to mass
To reduce the standing purity
To ashes of centuries
Of dormant thoughts trapped in minimal minds

Trapped in vain, lost in pain...

7. Perverse Serenity

Words of perverse serenity
Forlorn to the secret thoughts
Behind walls of deceit,
awaits a whoring beast
Of these lusts forever heed

Words are perverse
Temptation of the flame
Unresisted lust burns...
Sick desires are mounting
Awaken sins of flesh
Lustful wild fuck. Slut

Grinding organs
Friction lust
Flesh and bone...

Open wide awaken temptations divine
Gyrating pelvic thrust,
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gushing fluids flow
Quiver to the kiss of serpent winds
Of these lusts forever heed

Lust. Lacerating tongue
Orifice. Defiled, cum...

Sick desires are mounting
Penetrating probe,
stiffened phallus, implode

Carnality of knowledge unknown
Sins of flesh are done
Cunt drenched in blood
Instinct lust beyond all
control, desire evermore
Unresisted temptations thirst forevermore
Stench of weltering lust.
Forever I adore...

8. Unto Which I Fall

9. Spectral Void

10. Raging Toward Burning Flames

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