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1. Intro / Dark Descent Of Fallen Souls

Cold Freezing Moon Deadens The Sky
A Baphomet Of Steel, Our Swords Collide
In A spell Of darkness We Chant
We Enter Into The Eternal Oath

A Radiant Infernal Glow
I Feel Your Powers Enter My Soul
Shineth As A Flame In Mist
Unholy Powers Manifest

May We Bare The Eye Of The Beast
A Trail Of Chaos Has Guideth Me
Him Who Liveth Triumphantly
With No Beginning, End Cannot Be

Lurking In The Darkness Evil Waits
Feel The Rush Unholy Hordes Create
As We Chant To Oblivion
Spitting Forth Satanic Verses, Consumption Of Soul

We Chant In Blasphemy
And Proclaim our Infernal Names
Can The Wings Of Wind Hear Our Voice
As We Call Unto The Night


Saith The First, Move Unto His Servants
Show Yourself In Power
And Make Us Strong Seers Of All
I Stir And Summon Up The Mighty Beast
That Liveth Forever, forever, forever

2. Enter Into Eternal Oath

Cold freezing moon deadens the sky
A Baphomet of steel, our swords collide
In a spell of darkness we chant
We enter into thee eternal oath

A radiant infernal glow
I feel your powers enter my soul
Shineth as a flame in mist
Unholy powers manifest

May we bare thee eye of the beast
A trail of chaos guideth me
Him who liveth triumphantly
With no beginning, end can't be

Lurking in the darkness, evil waits
Feel the rush unholy hordes create
As we chant into oblivion
Spitting forth satanic verses
Consumption of soul

We chant in blasphemy
And proclaim our infernal names
Can the wings of wind hear out voice
As we call into the night arise

Say the first, move unto his servants
Show yourself in power
And make us strong seers of all
I stir and summon up the mighty beast
That liveth forever, forever, forever

3. Eve Of Anti-Creation

This time must come now as written
Blackest of day it shall be
Eve of anti-creation
When all ways of holy have ceased

Moon, stars, sun and clouds collide
Creating unholy eclipse
For this time is now as is written
Heaven's temple quiet and dark.

Heaven in a veil of sleep
They are not pronouncing judgements
They are not deiciding decisions
Veiled is the night.

At once the sign is given
Winged demons attack
Destruction of god's holy heaven
As fire turns everything black

Angels in their helplessness
Are raped of their purity
Sodomy and lust now reign
Prepare to hail your new god

Dethroned of all power
Eve of anti-creation
Judge of truth, father of fatherless
Oh, ancient ones, the gods of night

Stench of blood and singed wings
Unholy paradise
Satan masturbates upon the throne of god.

Thy lord kneels before the goat
And licks the hooves of the horned one
Satan laughs at his fate at hand
As god begs for a merciful eternity!

4. Beyond The Gates Of Storm

Bundst bid amongst the temples
Of shame and torment sins
Blind we walk with father winds
Of knowledge long ago...

From an age of wrath and might
Sin of torment reign
Blackest depths of northern souls
Wallow in it's grave
Dark supreme amongst you all
I question who is lord
Bring to me a sorrowed path
Of unholy ways to come...

In an age of might and sin
Torment shadows reign
From black depths may mighty be
The souls of warriors lost
Welcome to my world of woe
Where sorrow reigns supreme
Blinded by darkness shadows be
Forever lost in time...

Open your soul and release
Your mortal desires unto me
Bestowed upon an ancient throne
Longing to be set free to ride
Amongst bitter cold winds
To ride with the storm
Hear the echoing call
Of blackest fate to be...

Feel the power of the darkest lord
Writhing in the north
Above who's powers shallth be
The mightiest of them all
To reign supreme amongst the false
Crushed into sands of time
Lost in decades of fate
Destined to never return...

World shall suffer
Bonds shall break
To times of unknown fates
Of what lies beyond these gates
Only times will tell
Of what lies beyond these gates
Destined I am to dwell
Alone and cold with hopes of
Promised fate...

5. Necromantic Lust

Cryptic rays enlighten
Pale cemetery rite
Sinful lusts of dead embrace
Fills this funeral night

Beyond the grave
A distant call
Demonic pleasure
Demonic lust

Twisted thoughts of mildewed minds
Sickened ways of necro lust
Fills the mind with cobwebbed thoughts
Hateful need to procreate with the seed of the damned
Embracing necromantic lusts

Infect necrotic bitch with seed of hate
Violated dead body dominates
Bind to the earth with a sick intent
Feast on the souls of fucking torment


Antichrist rips from the womb
Spewing forth a diabolic doom
Hate from Hades abominated

In the shade of eternal rest
My soul is blessed beyond these gates
Unearthly sins of blasphemies
Evil necromantic lust

Necrolust [4x]

[Two final solos by James Murphy]

6. Midtro

7. Under The Midnight Shadows

Foggy depths of storm
Below a mist of sleep
Twilight's gleam, cringing cold
Black majestic deep

Conqueror of might
Messenger of doom
Behold the midnight shadows
Tranquil purple and deep

Feel the cold from the freezing fog
Of the coldest reaping winds
He who stands alone
High and mighty, above all

Darkness froze with reaping wind
From beyond afar
The moonlight breaks the dead-still glare
Of a funeral haze to come

My sleep grows deep
With a reaping of woe
Amidst the forest cold
The moonlight steals my soul
Destined I have come, to haunt evermore

I am he, who stood here once before
Veins (once) cold as ice
River of destinies to come

8. Silence Of Chaos

Soul descends the darkened depths
Of whirling winds poised with hate
Nothing mass engulfed in flames
Devour all to empty fate

Torment, pain
The silence of chaos

Pain from a thousand undead souls
Burn alone in funeral lay
Darkened winds bring waves of hate
Spiral endless into oblivion

Under the towers of storm
My dreams wait to awake
Filled frost, thick with fog
Covered by dust time...

The mighty throne growled
And five thunders flew to the east
Deathless ones who ride the whirlwinds
Bring forth torment and pain...

9. Tales Of Immortality

Cruel hand of grim pale existence
Embrace me to your midnight slumber
Mistress of cold, fangs of fire
Penetrate with blackened lust

I can feel my blood running cold
For pleasures of the warm streams of life
To satisfy this burning evil thirst
Soul of black, cult of dead, soul with sicken crave

Son of darkness, hounds of hell
Thirst for blood, under a demonic spell

Hear the wings of sacred bat
Soaring in it's soundless flight
The power of the moon in it's blackening trance
Feels like a Transylvanian night

I can hear the wind's cries for blood
Of wicked pleasure far beyond mere mortal
To satisfy this burning evil thirst
Soul of black, cult of dead, soul with sicken crave

Son of darkness, hounds of hell
Thirst for blood, under a demonic spell
Soul of black, cult of dead
Soul is cursed with sicken crave
Feel the burn, for pulsing pain
Demonical thirst for midnight drains

Soul of black, cult of dead
Soul is cursed with sicken crave

10. Sorrows Of A Moonless Night

11. Outro - Tranquil Deep / Deathcrush

[originally by Mayhem]

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