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1. Sons Of Wrath

It hes returned through the darkness of the night
Darkness of unkind
Doubting the spirit of unworldy design
But its mustic wears on
Through age and time
Consciousness is lost of the demonkind
Conquer the world with our RAGE!
A day awaits,Exit to return later on
Wasting all this time on mere existence
Exit to return later on
Blinding darkness,nocturnal is the wind
Feel the rage and fury burniing from within
I am not anyone who feels for your repent
Now you will burn,now you will hate!
You'll never know,all the darkness
Lurking in these souls,ooaacchh!
What of all these years wasted
Spent yearning for the past
Nothing more than never was ever shalt defy
I am not anyone who feels for your repent
Now you will burn,now you will feel our WRATH!
Nothing sacred,Nothing Pure
Here holiness is destroyed
Now our time has come,may we unite
With our art we are the sons of wrath!
Oh,it has returned
Doubting the mist that returns at night
Conquer the mist with...our...RAGE!

2. Visions Of Apocalyptic Grace

Prophecies of armegeddon
Of he unbound by time
Gaze into reflecting waters
Fate of years to come
Piercing eyes see through the soul
Like the stars of centuries old
Wisdom out of the emptiness
Long foretold after which to come
Prophecies of armegeddon
Of he unbound by time
For a prophet sees things remote to man
A thousand fates to come
Hear his tales of agelessness
As time unfolds his fate
Morbid tales of timelessness
Fate of years to come
Visions of apocalyptic grace
Stand the test of time and age
For a prophet sees things remote to man
Long foretold after which to come
Gaze into his tripod,see beyond his fate
Armegeddon visions,as prophecies forth told
Flames out of nowhere,unveil secrets of time
Ancient divinations,the gods sit by his side
Prophecies of doom...prophet of doom...

3. Baptized By Fire

I will use the sign of fire
To invoke my hate and wrath
With my heart I bleed the thoughts
The thoughts of burning death
Baptized by fire,of burning death
Into my world ablaze,reborn in hate,of dancing fate
Enter a world of dancing flames for it's far too late
Hear its lickering chant as Satan grasps your soul
Inhale the burning stench of death and scorch this mortal coil
Baptized by fire,reborn in hte
Oh,what blackened hate,unworthy souls to burn
Oh,what blackened fate,of hellish winds return
Unworthy souls do burn,unto my world ablaze reborn by fire!
Welcome to thy kingdom,of ever burning fate
Your soul will writhe in anguish,in this burning pit of fate!

4. The Silence Of Chaos

Soul descend into darkened depths
Of whirling winds poised with hate
Nothing mass engulfed in flames
Devour all to empty fate...
Torment,pain,the silence of ...Chaos!
Pain from a thousand undead souls
Burn alone in funeral lay
Darkened winds bring waves of hate
Spiral endless into oblivion...
Under the towers of storm
My dreams wait to awake
Filled with frost thick with fog
Covered by dust and time
The mighty throne growled
And five thunders flew into the east
Deathless ones who ride the whirlwinds
Bring forth torment and pain

5. Dark Descent Of Fallen Souls

Storming towards the shadowed ruins
Grimly face the hill of might
Darkness casts a mass shadow
Chilling blackness steals the soul
Amodst the blind shadow bound hills
Dark descent of fallen souls
Freezing dark possess your soul
To fly amongst the raven winds
Circle above the stones of sin
Feel the darkness now begin
Amidst the blind shadow bound hills
Dark descent of fallen souls
Dark tomb of eternal stone
Many spirits have come to rest
With dreams of sad souls longing for relief when
Their dreams are lost will thyeternity be unveiled
And the soul fulfilled...
Dark descending winds,of the blackest fallen souls

6. Realm Of No Return...

Time has come but far too soon
Haunting paths of doom to choose...
Life is just a dream,we all shall awaken, soon!
In mighty dreams we dream of death's cold embrace
The soul in black,I feel cold and numb
Saving all your dreams
Your dream for nothing pure and true...
Infinite darkness it shall be
Where nothing is what it once seemed
Like the agelessness of mysteries old
Wisp through my soul...
Wanning moons of power
Dissolve realities of life and death
The connection between material worlds
And divinity of human soul...
Different winds of mayhem cold
Wisp through haunted dreams of souls
Pass me in their blinding burn
Into a realm of no return...
Every night the wind returns
To wisp my soul through dreams
Dreams of no shape come to life and swirl
Into the infinite depths...
Realm of no return...
Life is just a dream,we all shall awaken, soon!
For in our dreams we foresee our future's doom...
In every night the returns for my soul...
Winds so cold...
Calls to me out from the dark...
Tormented cries...
Shapeless forms of life,yet still unknown...
Unknown by time...
I will rest in forgotten voids until my time has come...

7. Burning Black Desire

Oh,mighty gods of wrath
Behold my sacred chant
Guideth me through hell
Guide me to my darkest
Dreams of pagan fire
Burn with black desire
Wishful sins of lust
Blacken in the soul
Burning black desire
Flames burn with lust
Revive evil in us
Embrace the sins of flesh
I shall endure my sins 'till the end
Holy ways defied
Bound and crucified
Lust in black disguise
I shall endure my sins 'till the end
Holy way we've learned
Sickening in turn
Wishful sins to burn...
Eyes afire blind as night burn in pagan fire
Sins will yearn forever burn
Burning black desire
Oh,mighty gods of wrath
Behold my sacred chant
Guideth me through hell
Guide me to a place of
Blackened lust and damnation
Burning black desire

8. Beyond The Gates Of Storm

Blindest bid amongst the temples
Of shame and torment sins
Blind we walk with father winds
Of knowledge long ago...
From an age of wrath and might
Sins of torment reign
Blackest depth of northern souls
Wallow in its grave
Dark supreme amongst you all
I question who is Lord?
Dream to me a sorrowed path
Of unholy ways to come
In an image of might and sin
Torment shadows reign
From black depths may mighty be
The soul of warriors lost
Welcome to my world of woe
Where sorrow reigns supreme
Blinded by darkness,shadows be
Forever lost in time...
Open up your soul and release
Your mortal desires unto me
Bestowed upon an ancient throne
Longing to be set free
To ride amongst bitter cold winds
To ride with the storm
Hear the echoing call of blackest fates to be
Feel the power of the darkest lord
Writhing in the north
Above whose powers shalt be
The mightiest of them all
To reign supreme amongst the false
Crushed into sands of time
Lost in decades of fate
And destined to never return...
Worlds shall suffer,bonds shall break
To times of unknown fate
Of what lies beyond these gates
Destined i am to dwell
Alone and cold with hopes of promised fate
Wander in forgotten realms

9. Eve Of Anti-Creation

This time must come now as written
Blackest of day it shall be
Eve of anti-creation
When all ways of holiness have ceased
Moon,stars,sun,and clouds collide
Creating unholy eclipse
For this time is now as is written
Heavens temple quiet and dark
Heaven in a veil of sleep
They are not pronouncing judgements
They are not deciding decisions
Veiled is the night
At once the sign is given
Winged demons attack
Destruction of God's holy heaven
As fire turns everything black
Angels in their helplessness
Are raped of their purity
Sodomy and lust now reign
Prepare to hail your new god
Dethroned of all power
Eve of anti-creation
Judge of truth,father of fatherless
Oh,ancient one,the gods of night
Stench of blood and singed wings
Unholy paradise
Satan masturbates upon the throne of God
Thy lord kneels before the goat
And licks the hooves of the horned one
Satan laughs at his fate at hand
As God begs for a merciful eternity!

10. Eternal Darkness

Into eternal darkness,Let's go!
Lost within this realm,
Void of warmth and light
Eternity calls to the winds of old
Eternal is the night
Eternity is at hand,shadows steal your fate
Lost for day in endless night far beyong the gate
Mystic seems to grow
Through endless days and nights
Eternal are the realms of old
Void of warmth and light
See the flames afar glowing in the night
I sense the end but much to come
For eternal is the night
Dark are the voids,absent of light
See the flames afar glowing through the night
I sense the end but much to come
For eternal is the night!

Astaroth-Demon of infernal lightning
Akhkharu-Commander of the angels

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