Dark Lyrics


1. Buried Near The Living Dead

I will watch your throne shatter and fall
leaving treads of blood imprinted around my throat
your hands will never be washed away
and my fears never reduce in exhaustion
since the cold blood brought back the plague of death
the ignorance of you and others followed
will be finalized as I watch them dig for you
when simple lapse is turned tragedy
cloned forgiveness is not certain
I find myself searching for another way
as my thoughts fall further in denial

2. Haunted Hollowed Graves

held up along this tattered path
of your life and my death
and bury the sense of neglect
and recover this condemned ghost
his book is covered in solid black
to hide the feelings inside
the silence is hidden in small print
im trapped in this motionless room
shattered into one million pieces
of memories and consequences
smoke and fog keeps you blinded by ignorance
where, in this grim forrest of sincerity
they've come to bury me in hollow ground
grantted your lust and dignity

3. Walking The Night

my reflection is a skeptical fear of
bruising cuts as soft as a fresh gash
because these contridictions can be
like razors cutting down slow to end
all of the apathy to cover my scars
covering all thoughts of conception
endure hated contrast of moments
broken into clusters of tales
my lungs are fading into black
gasps for scarce lag of vanity
a collection of lies infest the wound
leaving deaths door open for me
a final soul of criminal intent
will be found and convicted
memories existing down the long path
with my lifes embrace
holding on while I pick up pieces
and my fingertips burn away
unable to realize identity
and nothing will cange the horror
ravish legions come to burn it away
punishment painto impose on torment
a child sinning, a haunting gratitude
blasphemy in cursed followers

4. Victim

devoured time with your story of fiction
caste into my flesh like a hook
through my lips that has kept me bonded
and remained silent with stitches
keep me bounded by your wonders
tied up and gagged by your curse
caress my dead sould with our wisdom
for this is the last straw I am the victim
every sentence you have helped me supress
myhostility has grown with you
endure your near future with eternal agony
stabbed in the back with our own knife
your silence helped consume me
never to let the door be kicked in
and to share my pain within myself
no one else
as this casked is closed over me
full of razors and nails
the screams of agony
through small cracks inside

5. Long Time Dead

the devils creation of a heartless soul
brought among us in familiar form
to resurrect all forms of greed
hated to death, yet in control of all
to pass in season is to die
killing every ounce of respect
bury all expectations
killing every ounce of you
bury with my hands
foreshadow and witness and end to fall
before I watch the reign shatter
every dream you have dreamt and
all hope you hold, falls down.

6. Headwound

[feat. Michael Graves, ex-Misfits]

seems a million miles away inside this twisted mind
thats warped in me the line advances into the onslaught
in the end they may all be dead but me
a bullet hits from the right side
the tracers drop from hell reign down on me
a head wound his brains come out all over me
we all stand down
Im accurate and im deadly
trained assasin cold blood pours through me
in the middle of fire fight I zero in and destroy all I see
the rocket hits on the right side
a tracers splash from hell reign down on me
a dark room a head wound his brains come down all over me
we all stand down
I cant die with all their eyes on me
must move theres something wrong with me.

7. Through My Blood (live)

blood splattered around the chamber like a shotgun suicide
expose my horrific ending without a tragic note
always cursed until this time I pulled the trigger
with the bullet came happiness without shame
my blood has drawn thick
through my narror tunnel washed away
killing the hope and compassion I once had for life
and all of the integrity in between
try to explain the feeling of being deceased
when you have died along with all feeling
shredding flesh out of anger to cover my wounds
open and bound to infection of demise
terror does not begin to explain this feeling.

8. Flawless Seasons (live)

closing my eyes sealed to the floor I can feel my temptation burning
hated by one constructs my anger this is for my flawless season
binary blood flowing fast with my hands tied tightly behind me
facing my others in sincerity this is for my flawless season
misconstrued acts of your fashinable anger attempting at my life's
sentence of fear
my binded hands wont be burned as a black sunrise darkens the vast plains
restrain me from the neck and above darkness blinds you from the dreams
demons control all thoughts of you this is for my flawless season

9. Final Goodbye (live)

descending from a past, slowly integration into future I can feel my
heart pound and race
as if it were taking a last breath. unliving the entirety of life I
once dreamed and hoped for
this will be my final good-bye (to the world) conceiving a fist full
of hate, and taking over
controlling my thoughts... they will burn together as one with their
arms crossed over
forcing me in their lives with something they feel necessary my ears
are silenced to their voices
my mouth is mute my eyes remain closed because to me its hard to
believe their existence they say is
ignorant is bliss when they carry the ignorance for the world I am
suffering he is the one
carrying all of the commodity the one they go to for a voice he fills
it all with the
lies that they believe.

Thanks to havocsnight for sending these lyrics.

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