Dark Lyrics


1. Blasphemous Armies

blasphemous armies
at the gates of hell
butchery non stopped
ripping them apart

demons under human mask
smoky and hollow
falsified peace
when axes rhythmically chopped

thousands marched
singing the war song
battle hymns and chants
armored commands warped
like the judgement day

came the balls of fire
the dead arise as abyss awaits
a day of terror
a day of blessing
a final round with the devil

justice be restored
truth be revealed
blind be enlightened
fear be gone

within this final day
no remorse just oppress
blood lust swords
finish humanity test

2. Blood Thirsty Gods

medieval tales, control minds
pathetic beliefs, ignorance and bloodshed
a cross shadows earth, perverted deeds
prophets’ land, where hatred feeds

how many to be slaughtered
how many generations to waste
how many women to be raped
to worship a bloodthirsty god

bloodthirsty god

but soon there will be
a god with no believers

insanity, fatality, mortality
now it's time
of the world's end

3. Deaf Mute

eyes have just
adapted to daylight
shut and sealed
to an already dead world
ten pounds of flesh
silenced blindly
to secure aim
and preserve lies
shed blood and intimidate
spread fear and dominate
deaf, mute to the rest of the world
disciples of Belial

deaf, mute
to the rest of the world

heritage of a hideous belief
symbols of doom abused the past
adorable lies narcotized the masses
divine words, hide pure hate

rip baby bodies
with hi-tech blasts
terrorize a land
justified by defence
silent citizens
with a drug called wealth
man made evil, man made hate

deaf, mute
to the rest of the world

push troops to hostile land
kill the hopes
as it was done before
so many years wasted by this agony
just watch and count the dead

4. Farah

born into a land of plague
of masculine hatred
where every female is a threat
less worth than a piece of shit

society blessed by sodomy
defend eternal lie
never ending words of terror
corrupt defenseless minds

death to fornicators
death to the rise of evil
stone stone stone
bleed bleed bleed
where devil breeds
bride of blasphemy and lust
beat until her organs blast
don’t let her die so fast

born into a hopeless faith
of never ending pain
where every breath is fake
demons laugh as you shake

perverted bigots, still breath,
eager to rape own child
the whole world burns,
they have book of vile in the hearts

rape,kill, hunt for more
filth, blood we want more gore
rip until the last drop falls
let her rot under our stones

5. Bone Collector City

shattered state of mind
hearts and tongues are locked
knelt and prayed in the church of lies
for the final revolt
parasites fed by religion
demanding your souls and bones
to fulfill, ingather, submit to
an unborn beast

fear of nothingness
setting up the final war
predaceous, pitch black hearts
devil unleashed deviant minds

crush holy bible
words of you own god
march through Jerusalem
the city that collect bones of fools

darkness whirls in the skulls
tranquility paralyzed smiles
lack of senses, pedophiliacs' wastes
prepare you to get your children burnt

are you ready to draw your souls
into the arena of war?

have you ever smelled carcass and burnt flesh?
have you ever stared into a dead man's eyes?
are you ready to spill your blood
and reach your man made god?

6. Chasing A Ghost

keep a holy war in mind
to correct a damned prophecy
built a slaughterhouse
set inferno for your race

praying to see the messiah
join troops of final war
fake beliefs and sermons
cover for your hate
search for the answer,
if heaven's waiting for you
wrath of god's for others,
is the narrow gate closed?

chasing a ghost
but you'll deny
they've seduced you
eternity promised

7. War Zone

stay away and feel safe
no matter what lives melt away
defend your leader's all evil acts
religious pig, demonic pact

the further it goes the closer it is
counting secs to punish your sins
all those slayed souls will take revenge
by the blasts of vengeance age

and now it's begun,
sulphur melts your flesh
visions blurring
mind out of control
paralyzed, in panic, a shocking nightmare
watch your loved ones fade away
demons fill lungs to take your final breath
another vile soul is taken away

all the ruins crumbled by hate
to seal every dreamer's faith
fed by blood, fed by lust
a rightist pig, Satan's slave
the further you serve, the deeper it is
body counts are a daily routine
all those slayed souls will take revenge
by the blasts of vengeance age

wait for the fury of the dead
they will paint your world blood red
you will hear blasts of laughter
as you beg for another breath

your bones grind into pieces
and blood leaks out your chest
will see your heart's keep beating
to give you more pleasure of death

8. Woken By A Flash

woken by a flash
and you feel no pain
no fear or thoughts
no memories remain

visions start to pour on you
and renew your torture,
you realize the role
that life wrote for you

first cut and blood wash the walls,
listen to hellish laughs and words of hatred,
see sarcastic eyes, watch you bleed to death,
feel stenchy breath, cold hands beheading you

courage misleading you dig your grave
your angels, holy army abandoned you,
too late to remember god,
your name's lost eternally
now you beg a shadow,
a demon for mercy

blade on your throat
you serve to the army of the dead
souls ripped and torn
a victim to the army of the dead
blade on your throat
you serve to the army of the dead
your soul is torn
a victim to the army of the dead

sacred lies,leading to decline
deceived fool, a tool to misguide
you are just a piece of flesh now
no more believer of eternity

9. Syria

let it burn,
crush by war machines
all shall be slaughtered
for benefits of companies

babies drown,
where you sip your cocktails
you watch then turn your face
wait for next pay day

will knock down your door
burn your loved ones
will take your souls
bullets, bios and chemicals

a bleeding corpse
will rise as an enemy
seen many times in history
arrows, spears and swords

racist hate,
guilty of bloodshed
capitalist scum,
soulless whore
bio waste to the core
bloodless carnivore
deggial for all
will be carved on your tomb stone

10. Slasher Of Souls

slasher of souls
butcher of sons
vein of evil
seen this before?

irresistible lust
fearless thoughts
homicidal passion
to defeat all

as their lives fade away
never seen more violent day
the final bloodshed has begun
they shall rot under the frying sun

death came with the blades
reaping their heads
in the name of god
religions change
under different names
still it remains
violence and death
mask it's face

propagate religious breeds
spread over hallowed grounds
satisfy your gods
filthy, sick obsessions
a kingdom based on lies
nations fall nations rise
Satan, the only ally
until we burn down the skies

slasher of souls
butcher of sons
vein of evil
seen this before?

slasher of souls
butcher of sons
vein of evil
to defeat all

11. Battle Over Nations

so-called gods
in heaven or on earth
many lords referred to
welfare health and salvation

oath of vengeance
promised lands
restless nations
anxious societies

illogical minds
phony beliefs
irrational thoughts
extremist to the bone

clear the root of all evil
oppress, murder, torture
fervent, militant, possessed
kill in the name of god

project leaders
mullahs, popes, rabbi
stained glass and holy saints
a poor guy on crucifix

but only can see
sarcasm, comedy and irony
mass illusions drugging men
paralyzed all - amen

battle over nations
for intolerant theology
driven by ignorance
fear of difference, diversity

12. Wine Of Babylon

bow to lord unseen
enemy of my enemies
practice what is taught
reward, it's precious,

wine of Babylon poisons the earth
let blood spill from heretic throats
I'm them and they are me
we shall separate the sheep from the goats

virgins are waiting to
fulfill your phantasies
wildest become true
where you fuck your siblings

wine of Babylon poisons the earth
let blood spill from heretic throats
I'm them, they are me
we shall separate the sheep from the goats

spiritual chaos distorts reality
endless conflicts, endless insanity
blood addict saints, violent delusions,
minds are slaved by book of vanity

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