Dark Lyrics


1. A Lesson In Insensitivity

Hello, this is Sally Smothers
Like me you probably noticed that in America our inner cities
Are filled with people who call a sewer grate home
And some can't remember their last meal
The luxuries most of us have worked our whole lives to obtain
Will most likely never be experienced by these, less fortunate souls

Howdy folks, John Neighborly here
We in the Mojo family would like you to join in the fight to help these people
Our progressive out-reach program starts with bringing the want ads section
From local newspapers to the attention of these victims
Then we begin kicking them and screaming
"Get a fucking job you bums! You make me sick! I want to kill you!"
We feel that our radical techniques have motivated our less fortunate citizens
As well as provide a much needed tension release for our over taxed population

For more information, please call a Hate Breed group at 827-HATE
and thanks for your support

2. Set The Tone

What started as a vision
Became my struggle and my mission
Just a simple plan a simple band
And I always said I can
Never allowed our exploitation
To have a global domination
Just a simple plan a simple band
And we stole the ball and ran

When the cards are stacked against me
And my heart is full of envy
I'm feeling wiser as the days go by
It's the game I play
Me and my boys we set the tone

With a decade in our pocket we saw the
World and always rocked it
We never doubted never pouted
And had the competition scouted
Always maximized our potential
Growth rate always exponential
We never doubted never pouted
And left the competition routed

3. April 29th


4. Raise The Deadman

It's time for me to raise that dead man

You must be going right out of your mind
Surprise me, you picked a hell of a time
You must despise me, the words I can't find
It's just me, hate machine by design
Lessons in respect could be easily achieved
A blow to the head, down 1-2-3
You could get up, stand up, fight for your life
A left and a right, then out go your lights

It's my life, my time and time for you to recognize
That pay backs from way back can
Hurt you like a motherfucker
Inside, outside, prepare for some retribution

My path is set and hell's comin' with me
It's time for me to raise the dead man

You're just standing there got
Piss runnin' down your leg
You bleed real nice and you're too proud to beg
Now your thoughts are turning toward
Obtaining a weapon
You didn't buy the last one so don't
Hesitate for a second

AR 15 and my Glock 40 cal
Converted Tech 9, now who's your favorite pal
I'd rather carve your heart out
With a dull rusty knife
And when it's all over, bigger fishes fry tonight

5. Drawing Blood

Slit the wrist, the devil's kiss
Evil days it slips

I loathe them and hate them for
Their sickly toxic presence
For the country I love they
Show no god damn reverence
No character, no pride
A man without a sense of dignity
Collectivist mindset, a danger to our liberty

I feel the need to kill the seed
To bleed the breed of this disease
I feel the need to kill the seed
To bring relief from this disease

Happiness and ignorance as long
As he can pay the rent
Until the day that freedom's gone
Utopian society, a welfare state for you and me
Until the day that freedom's gone

I smell it, I taste it
It runs through my blood, I'm free
I see the fear in your eyes
I'm not afraid to bleed
Survivalist of the apocalypse
Fingertips my freedom grip
Slit the wrist, the devil's kiss
Evil days it slips

I feel the need to kill the seed
To bring relief from this disease
I feel the need to kill the seed
To bring relief from this disease

Happiness and ignorance as long
As he can pay the rent
Until the day that freedom's gone
Utopian society, a welfare state for you and me
Until the day that freedom's gone

I feel the need to kill the seed
To bring relief from this disease
I feel the need to kill the seed
To bring relief from this disease

Happiness and ignorance as long
As he can pay the rent
Until the day that freedom's gone
Utopian society, a welfare state for you and me
Until the day that freedom's gone

Until the day that freedom's gone

6. An Open Letter

An open letter to the Rev. Jesse Jackson

We, the members of the Mojo family,
feel that your actions and retoric as a self professed leader
of the black community are in fact detrimental to the very
people you claim to represent.
We also feel that as a result you do much to undermind the well-being
and harmony of the United States as a whole. You kind of work for
the advancement of the black community and you speak from a position
that the black population cannot advance itself socialy, politically
or economically because an immovable object, the white establishment,
forever blocks its path
Yet you preach further support such as welfare and affirmative action
that put members of the population in a position of dependancy and
reliance on the establishment
You bask in the glow of the media spot light, you passionately decree
that racism and prejudice are alive today as they were four hundred
years ago, but does this do anything to reverse it's effect?
No one with the intellegence will deny that a great atrocity was commited
against the black race at the hands of white settlers of this country,
but a wound cannot heal if it is continuously re-opened
That is to say, that it will heal but it will take much longer and the
scar it leaves will be grotesque and raise high on the skin
A true leader leads by example and the example you have shown is not one
of stregnth of character, self-reliance, commentment to excellence or
personal accountability
It's these traits that are necessary to advace oneself as an individual
It is only as strong curagous and moral individuals that any race can
live the quality of life that it chooses
We give our deepest respect to the true leaders:
Alan Keys, J.C. Watts, Tony Brown, and Dr. Walter Williams
Men who never deny their heritege but are proud to be first and
foremost a part of the human race

7. Give War A Chance

All in the name of war

We crave it, we need it
We watch it on our TV sets
We wage it, we breed it
Then spilling blood with no regrets
Senorita glad to meet ya'
We kill your people as we greet ya'
Our wars define our place in time
Resolved by feud for all mankind

Man's destiny
Man's suffering

Fuck it!
Give war a chance

Embedded internal
We know that it's our destiny
Internalized paralyze
The thirst for war, the killing seed
In the jungle by the river
Death for sale
We will deliver
Our wars define our place in time
Resolve by feud for all mankind

8. Feel It Comin' Down

I feel it comin' down
I see it all around me
Must break the cycle down
Will we ever see the truth

It's an apocalyptic time
An apocalyptic era
Days of autmn near
Hands shake in terror
Quivering, shivering, it's the start of the ice age
A hate, fear mixture starts the public outrage
123 class warfare the enemy
Fueling the fire with a single parent family
Disbelievers turn to welfare receivers
Underachievers, currupted leaders

I feel it comin' down
Let their heads roll
I feel it comin' down
Now who sold their soul

Spent your life all chilled-out on sedatives
The common man doesn't even know his congressman
Simple man, simple mind, a cog in the sprocket
So stay in your boat and don't try to rock it
Get up, stand up, put up or shut up
Time is now so run before the door shuts
You're only free if your open to see
Without a flag and a gun there's no liberty

Have some pride and you'll be all right
Search inside and you'll be all right
See the sign and you'll be all right
Break the binds and you'll be all right

9. The One

This lesson starts with some wisdom
A king must build himself a kingdom
Predatory instinctive, creature admired
And my people's teacher
An Alpha male with a focus
Easily angered like a swarm of locust
Affiliation to no groups or milita
Like a sniper, I won't miss ya

Fruitless attempt to be a man, you don't understand
No pride, no respect
Where you stand defines the man
So put yourself in check

The one is here now bow down, you want to be like me
Live it - love it - be it
You want to be like me
King of kings so step off
You want to be like me
The one is here now bow down

Sketchy twitchy little person
Woody Allen, a famous version
Of what this tale is about
Heed the word and shut the mouth
Go and hide run for shelter
Forget your girl, you couldn't help her
Strong surviving, the weak be eaten
Rise up or start retreating

A jelly fish in stature
Focused on things that just don't matter
A skinny, pathetic, gutless creature
Respected like a molesting preacher
Lonely, and it's the best thing for ya'
Family, but they all deplore ya'
Search to find that deep inside
There's no place to hide

10. Evilution

I watch you be consumed by your own weakness
It's a sickness and I've been a witness
No pride no respect the image you project
It's a sickness and I've been a witness

The sickness inside of you
It eats you deletes you
The haze that you live in
It rapes you it breaks you

I watch you travel down the path of evilution
Your words they sicken me
Where's the solution
The life you lead is soulless pollution
You seem to live your life in total confusion

Step up, you can front if you want to

You're a slave and a slug to your favorite drug
You're half a man, your own biggest fan
I often visualize this world
Without your filthy presence
And I stand pissin' on your grave
Without a sense of reverence

A disease of society
Stranger to sobriety
You're half a man, your own biggest fan

11. Declaration

Events of recent history indicate that Americans are setting a course
for the end of their own great nation. The ever growing trend in
this country is to judge people, not by their individual character,
but by their identity as a member of a specific group
No one has ever succeeded or failed in life as a result of their
group affiliation
A person's success or failure is also not based on luck, but on the
sum total of the decisions that they have made. Those who succeed
do so through good work ethic and their wise use of their power to choose
The opposite is true for those who fail
The ideals of individual accountability and responsibility in the
United States are dying everyday. A gun cannot be responsible for
a death, just as a shovel cannot be responsible for digging a ditch
Both are only tools, that have no will of their own
Responsibility is an adjunct through conscious choice and is the price
we pay for freedom
Freedom is also a tool
It is an essential tool needed by human beings if they are to prosper,
rather than to merely survive. Yet there are those who would rather
trade their freedom for security
Some believe that it is the responsibility of government to provide for you
In truth, we form government to ensure and protect the freedom
that is already inherently ours

12. The Ward Is My Shepherd


13. Walk The Line

I live for the hunt
I thirst for the kill
I lust and I eat
I sleep where I will
Love the thrill - take the pill
Standing still and growing ill
Gun owner and I carry
Carjack proof so punks be wary
Seeds we sew - to and fro
Compromised and here we go

Only the righteous on the light side
Changing seasons along for the ride
I search for purpose, do you?
Fear surrendered

Walk the line, come one and do it
Walk the line, don't act like you knew it

I can be a motherfuckin' dick
Got a temper and it'll flare up real quick
Talk the shit - run the lip
Nervous tick - hear the click
Emperor of this world
King of the planet
Sinner by trade
Creature by habit
Have the gall - climb the wall
Want it all - never fall

14. Hatebreed

I lived beyond my fears
Until my years
Have withered me, delivered me
Divinity and you'll
Never catch me on my knees
Ride upon my horse so mighty
Hated both the black and white
Always constant never falter
Rage like fire move like water

(This hate makes me a better man
My hate helps me take a stand)
Strong inside, clear of purpose
Heart of stone, never nervous

Never hidden never ran
So hate me with all you can
Hate Breed (I've fallen in with the hate breed)

You wanna feel the rush until the crush
has beat you down spins you around
The hate you found and your rage
will never let you down
Strike them down with all your fury
Judged with hate the acting jury
Always swift with no deliberation justice
done purification

15. Reborn

[Bonus Track]

Attitude adjustments
Everything's clear
Bringing in a new life
So I have plenty of fears
Feelin' all good about my groove right now
Positive energies all around, wow!
People use the debt, try to sale
We survive like a Rocky bout
Ill feelins not me
Do I hold a grudge, you can be the judge

Now they keep talkin' bout this crazy world we're livin' in
I'm like a Phoenix reborn to rock on
It ain't over to the trooper, but Mojo lives on
Now they keep talkin' bout it, how sensitive to the skin

New visions, live my life reborn, life as I know it

Nothing to have
Another life I'd live
I learn from all the silly things I did
I learn from all the crazy things I did

Light at the end of my tunnel
Forming the funnel
Storm blown over getting drenched like
Got ink on my covers
Start brand new revived my groove
Looking for that push ready
So I can feed my seed to grow like me
And live care free
Set the foundations all around the nation
Same town, same place, just different stations

Bonz: vocals;
Rich Ward: guitar;
Dan Dryden: bass;
Bud Fontsere: drums.

Thanks to sta-me for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to vlad.84 for correcting track #5 lyrics.

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