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1. Through And Through

Will you ever know what I fell for you?
Can I express myself.
Is there any way to?
It moves through and through.
It moves through me...
Look into these eyes and tell me what you see.
I'll call truth and hapiness sealed by destiny...
Inside me...
Can you see me...
There is only one truth.

2. What Will Remain

What will remain of those days when it all meant something to you, the kid, and me.
It was more than just something, yes, but it's changed.
What will remain of those things that used to be?
Some say they're gone in me.
And I will remain to see those days again...
Like before when to me, it felt like something more.
It didn't die it's just been ignored,
what will remain of those days?
People change, time is rearranged,
lives and goals do not remain the same, nothing stays the same...
What will remain... I will remain

3. Lift

When narrow minds meet they will combine,
and bound by fear they will divide.
But seperation can only destroy what's left.
Ensuring the end of what's true to me.
True to me.
In spite of myself I will seclude myself.
In spite of what's right I will exclude you.
As it fliters into the hearts and minds.
Filter... I watch it die.
I need something to believe in... Lift!
A fear of what can't be seen, building on what it means...
Lift!...Lift my mind my body and my soul.
A fear of what can't be seen, barriers- Broken!

4. Still Rise

Stepping ground lost, fallen through the sands of time.
The security one know has been stripped back and exposed.
Strong hands which before expressed support have now faded from my sight.
Strong hands scorn my eyes to darken the light...
It just slips away... It burns in my heart...
I thought I knew what I was looling for.
I thought I knew what I would find.
I thought I knew what would become of me.
It feels like I knew nothing.
I figured out what went wrong.
It feels like I took too long... too long...
It burns in my heart

5. Face

Imperfection seems to have gotten the best of me.
I beat myself down in this frustration.
In unreal aspiration- never allowing progression to begin- sights set so far ahead.
Missing the start I fall once more.
I must try one step at a time.
Facing this path alone, I will begin again.
I will begin again.
Obstacles come from within!
Sometimes so strong you must wait.
Take the time to catch your breath.
Face the path alone and begin again...Begin again.
Never let yourself go astray!
Making a change will take some time.
But you've got the time, you've got the time.
Face the path alone- Begin again!
Face what is there- what is there.
I must realize what is there, face, confront and never give in.
I must try one day at a time.
Facing the path alone, I won't let it win.

6. Am I The Only One

Another day gone by with nothing said.
Another wish wasted, another thought dead.
Crying to myself am I the only one.
Trying within myself but what's done is done.
I once thought I knew a little bit, but now I know more about nothing...
Am I the only one?
Trying, trying not to lose what is gone.
Trying not to lose what is held dear- what is dear...
Trying, trying not to lose what is now gone.
Trying to avoid what I fear- what I fear...
Move a little closer, move a little further away from me.
Strip away what is held dear.
Move a little closer, move a little further away from me my friend.
Put me in this place you know I fear...
Am I the only one... YES.

7. Arms Of The Few

Reaching hands- circling down I see it twist to nothing.
Torn from what it meant, cut from existence...
My fingers bleed, but reaching hands are not weak.
The light that once burned so bright, has now been cast a dismal grey.
Fighting to keep the voice alive, I cannot let it end this way...
I'm held- in the arms of the few!
I walk in line with the sacred, never breaking my vow.
I swear to you.
A rise of commitment strong, a vision to which it belongs.
Purity of the mind and body, to keep the resistance moving on...

8. To The Surface

Breaking off a piece to big.
You've had it in from the beginning.
You couldn't handle what was created,
and now you're stuck with no way out...
Looking for something not there, expecting something else.
To the surface it will rise.
Losing faith in myself, but there is so much more, so much left.
Positioned it, to the side- but it's not lost, it's just confined...
And to the surface it will rise,
it's crawling back to haunt your mind.
It's a waste of time, wasted time.
No way out...
Past returns to take you right back to the surface.

9. Shadow's End

The shadow is taking over by acceptance...
The shadow is taking over.
The movement pulled below.
Stifled cries are thrown aside
but I am searching for hope once more.
Stagnation's end- rebirth, insurgence...
Confide in fear, locked inside here, alone but never lost.
Solitude is mine.
The answers to the questions that kills this will.
That boil in our blood...
The fate is never sealed.

10. Slipping

Just when it felt like these walls weren't so close,
and the grip of what held me tight was close enough for my escape...
I fell again, and where were you my crutch my need my everything.
There's not a question of sincerity, but a question of what used to be...
And for right now, I'm moving in the only way I know how.
And that's what I have to do.
An escape may never be but I must try... To be seen..
Once more I'm sorry for all that's been lost- promises broken...
I'm slipping away

11. Moments Lost

Minds decay for moments lost.
Nothing's done, nothing's said...
I won't let it go on.
I won't let you steal what's left inside.
I won't let it go on.
I won't let your actions go justified.

12. Question Mark

I lie in this bed of comfort so wide and so vast.
My fears and anxieties lead me to wonder, how long will it last...
Just ignore the problem, why don't we even care?
Never have felt the pain of poverty,
never have dealt with this reality.
Never given thanks or appreciation.
Never realized the wealth of my position... Never...
Question mark- Question mark in my head.

13. Inner Struggle

You condemn me for this life I chose,
just look at yourself and all those afflicted by your views.
You continue to act as if so pure,
when you just add to the problem excluding the real cure- the real cure...
I don't need it anymore.
You try and act but really ignore.
The true battle lies inside my friend,
and you'll change nothing until the inner struggle end- inner struggle.
Now you attack me with your shots,
that's alright I've got more than what you've got.
You'll change nothing until that shit stops.
I said you'll change nothing until the inner struggle is fought
until it's fought...I won't succomb.
I'll keep myself above the hate, set myself apart.

14. Calm The Fire

Sometimes I feel like I can't break away,
and I can ever get free from these chains...
It burns me up, it tears me up inside- inside...
My soul is forced to the ground, can the source ever be found...
Can I get free...
Struggling to calm the fire, with everyday it rises higher.
Face to face with my own hate, will it destroy me as it saves?
Calm the fire- can I calm this fire...
Now... Get Free!

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