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1. Every Time I Fall Asleep You Video Tape Me

[Peter Gibbons from Office Space:]
So I was sitting in my cubicle today and I realized,
ever since I've started working, um,
every single day of my life has been worse than the day before it.
So that means that every single day that you see me,
that's on the worst day of my life.

2. How Bout Them Yankees

Never again, never again.
I remember when I felt safe with you.
My eyes were blind by your lies
and that great spell you cast on me.
That makes me question my very existence
and created these demons inside of me.
These thoughts keep running through my head.
Should I end this life tonight
Should I give up without a fight.
I saw the light when I tried to find
the good in you and nothing was shining through
Now it's time to feed these demons
which I've come accustomed too.
I will see the sun rise again.
I will live to see tomorrow.
Mother's tears soaked government condolences,
that arrived in the mail this morning.
Some get richer, but that won't help the parents.
Their child is now confined to a tiny picture frame.
My eyes are open to these false words and emotions.
Truth will be our savior

3. I Saw The Creed Guy Eating Pigeons Last Night In Central Park

I realized today,
The roadside has become an endless string of neon lights.
Flashing and buzzing like an epileptic's bad dream.
We are fire stone tires, collapsing at high speeds..depress the brake.
Strangle the wheel.
Scream as we are dragged for the remainder of this climactic crash and burn.
Heads with rubber necks are glad it wasn't them.
But are we so helpless now?
So willing to kneel before the self-proclaimed kings?
So quick to look away from the slaughter?
When the wolves have gathered please scream.
Scream your fucking lungs out.
I pity the mute...
The silent are murderers too.

4. That Whole Thing About Helen Keller Was Horseshit

Your stare is like a gunshot wound
Warm, but fatal.
Even with prior knowledge of what is to come, I still press on
toward imminent danger.
I will be hurt again and again,
but still I find myself back where I always am...
miserable lashing out against those who mean no harm.
Rage overwhelms me quicker,
but less frequent than it use to.
I wish I knew which was the greater evil.
Do you see what you do to me?
As soon as I have you figured out.
You flip my world again.
You're everything i want and never hope to be.

5. Eat A Dwarf

Riddled by your actions.
Vexed by your words.
Pleased by your wounds.
Your screams will not be heard.
I'll be smiling when you die.
My teeth will gleam when I break your seams.
I bestow upon you the knife from my back.
Grotesque images invading my dreams.
Unaware of their cause still I act upon them.
My heart was been broken for the last time.

6. No One Cares, Bears Bears

The ultimate act of divinity as well as man's greatest contribution.
To society is doubtedly consumerism made more convenient.
So mold your truth for us.
Pretty shapes; appealing; accessible; consumable,
A wonderful commodity.
Feed us your hand made sculptures, all of us. Let's lineup at the trough.
Mass mastication. Grow fat.
Eat, work, sleep, work, buy, and work.
(When all of the sudden I just didn't feel like breathing anymore)
What a wonderful death we are born into.

7. Formaldehyde Kiss

There is a sentence
Sprawled on a single piece of paper
Beside a mattress assuring me that
My heart will never break
And I'm as dependent on it
As a hopeless addict
On the needle being clean
Broken framed photographs
Perched on aging furniture
Unconsciously reminding me
As does the shrapnel scar of
A wounded vet
You know its love when we
Dance without moving and converse
Without the lifting of tongues
Every silver will tarnish
Every flower will wither, but if
You part before one heart stops
With my last dying breath... I swear..
I would die a thousand deaths...
Before I let your lips touch mine...

8. Avon Addict

The new era of artist smiling wide with their skin as their own canvas.
The world is your catwalk.
So peer into the flash and sell yourself again.
The inside have rusted a withering heart with a mind in a crisis
dreading the day an empty bottle of Valium lies beside the carpet.
A young and beautiful cadaver she'll land on all front pages
her face remembered everything else forgotten.
Let's all hope your mortician is swift with his brushes.
Buy your beauty...Sell your soul

9. Captain Granville Vs. Sally Ruth The Battle Of The Mimi

We were promised weapons of untold horror.
Where did they go?
Or were they ever even there.
Maybe this wasn't about weapons.
Maybe this was about something else.
Maybe they died for darker skies.
Maybe they died for the rich to get richer.
Maybe they died for bigger cars and lower prices.
You are killing us all.

10. Godsend Of The Insomniac


11. Christopher Reeves Just Rolled In From Montana And Boy Is His Battery Tired

With each passing day I lose myself
More to the threat of foreshadowing Global chaos.
Greed, Corruption, Globalization.
These are the roots of this new era.
From the greed of a few many will suffer.
A money hungry land lord sits with his family
Celebrating their new found profit.
As a mother and child shiver in the cold
Because they couldn't pay the rent.
Through the tears of the masses
a revolution will be justified.
A revolution for the people, by the people
As a people, we must fight back.
In order to survive,
In order to save everything and everyone we hold dear
For this is God's will on us
He built a world
And we'll watch it burn.

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