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1. Alpha & Omega

I am the earth and sky
I am the low and high
I am the snowflake in the winter evening
I am the birth and death
I am your final breath
I am the one that gave you life and freedom
Choosing your own way

Everything you've ever known
Every seed that you have sown
Came from me I made you
My creation is supreme
This is all my perfect dream
No mistakes in God's great perfect cosmic play

I am the Alpha I am the Omega
I am the beginning and the end of time
I am the Alpha I am the Omega
My whole creation stands before me tonight

I am the dark and light
I am the day and night
I am the mirage
I am the echo
I am the fear and anger
I am a familiar stranger
I am the shadow I m a star that guides you
Until the end of time.

2. I Walk To My Own Song

I'm walking the streets and I hear what you say
Advising me tilling me how to play
I know your name it's called Mr.Mean
One thing I've learned you don't know beans

High I fly
I touch the sky
Far above the frozen hearts
You can't kill my dreams
You can't kill my spirit
I was born to be free

I walk to my own song
Every day the power grows stronger in me
I walk to my own song
Head up proud
I'm the master of my own destiny

You think you know what is better for me
Holding me lectures of how I should be
Shrugging my shoulders I leave you behind
Anyway I look at it you are blind

3. I'm Still Alive

Look around turn around
You just might fall to the ground
Sail away break away
Damage done nothing to say
All my life I've felt like an outcast
But not anymore, a thing of the past
Feel the sun, got to run
Feels like life has just begun
All is new, different view
so many things that I will do
I'm leaving behind the things I don't need
and with confidence I'm planting the seed

I'm still alive
I'm ready to feel the wind in my hair
And I know there are so many things to share
I will write my story again
Masterplan of a new kind
I was lost but now I'm found
I'm still alive

4. Season Of Faith's Perfection

Seasons they come seasons they go
Observing them in their perfect flow
Changing my life as they pass me by
Drying my tears letting them die
In the sunrise I am born again
In the sunset I die again

What will you do when all fails?
When you feel like a ship without sails
When desperation fills your mind
And the pain makes you blind
In my silent truth I scream these words
Never give up

Season of faith's perfection
Hold on to your good thing
Every day there's a new chance
To start once again
Season of faith's perfection
Forgive yourself
Let go of the past
Be gentle, understand...

5. Awaken The Giant

I'm staring at the wall
Sick and tired of all
Manic depression makes me crawl
It makes me small
I need some peace of mind
The pressure makes me blind
The labyrinth of pain, the exit I must find
It's all inside of me, the answers lie within
And all that I can win I take for myself
I'm the one who holds the key
To all that I can be
My spirit yearns for truth,
It's learning to be free

Through the years
I was doing things the wrong way
But now I've changed it is time to say

Awaken the giant
Don't let it sleep
Awaken the giant
Look deep within

I won't give up the fight
Until I see the light
I won't give in
To the gloominess of life
The end is in my sight
In the middle of darkest night
I see my future's bright
I'm reaching for new heights

6. Know The Difference

To see the things in a brand new light
Not to give up without a fight
To surrender is not in my sight
I'm a child of the universe
In the noisy confusion of life
Where uncertainty rules my way
It's so easy to go astray
I got to keep strong and bold

Give me a way to accept things
I cannot change anymore
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference

In the midst of the darkness
There's a voice that you know so well
Lifts you up from the madness where you dwell
Don't give in to the hopelessness
Keep the innocence in your heart
And the end before your start
Be the warrior of the light
Don't give up without a fight

7. Luminous

Luminous we shine
Like the stars on the evening sky
Through the universe
And centuries
They are calling
Hear them calling
Luminous moonshine
Is guiding my travel through life
Through the wind sometime
I hear angels calling
Hear them calling

No tree has branches so foolish
As to fight among themselves
We share the same biology
We are one
We are luminous

Luminous when we die
We return to the great ocean
Of the living energy
It is calling
Hear it calling
Luminous my life
A breath in the cosmic play
Without reason or rhyme
It is calling
Hear it calling

No tree has branches so foolish
As to fight among themselves
We share the same biology
We are one
We are luminous

8. Dreamweaver

Lying alone in your bed
Images from the past filling your head
You try to run, you try to hide
But there is no escape, your eyes are open wide
Long time ago you felt alive
Now only emptiness is blackening your life
The time has come to break away
Or you go astray

Dreamweaver - there is so much more to see
Dreamweaver - There is a deeper way to feel
Dreamweaver - misery takes a hold of you paralyzes your soul
Dreamweaver - find a way to understand
Dreamweaver - You hold your fate in your own hand
Dreamweaver - break your chains and make your move
Or you might just see a dreamweaver's fall

Things that you started
Are still undone
While you are wasting you precious life
The sleepless nights
Won't leave you be
You're going astray

9. Liberty

Sun is shining
Sky is so blue
I'm filled with hope
It's promising
The course my life is taking
Searching of my truth has brought me here
Facing things with confidence
That all will be OK
Past is gone
Life goes on
Memories remain
I break the chain of misery and pain

Marching to a different drum
Shines my liberty
It's growing stronger every day
I feel it in me
Leading me to a different world
Freedom shows the way
It's there for you and me to find
It's heaven on earth

I'm standing here today and understand
There is no reason to hide anymore
So many things to see so many things to gain
My life is not in vain

10. Ride Like The Wind

[Japanese Bonus Track]

[Music & Lyrics by Jens Johansson]

A house made of cards and no time to run
Unfolding the path before me
Together with you and not making sense

And slid from my grasp, that moment in time
When everything stood to reason
The clarity gone, I wait for my fate

Black clouds gathering
Wind, carry the word of my fate

Ride, ride like the wind

It's fanning my flame, too bright to be real
It's burning my eyes to ashes
I'm one with the steel, too bright to be real

Black clouds gathering
Wind, carry the word of my fate

Ride, ride like the wind

11. Vapaus (Demo Version)

[Japanese Bonus Track]

[Music and lyrics by Timo Tolkki]

Hiljaa, hiljaa kuulen kutsun tän
Pidän kiinni nyt mä palleistain, ne on mun ystäväin
Kuulen kutsun peniskateuden
Kun en pysty edes kusemaan katsomatta viereen
Painan pään ulko... hihihih, vittu!
Muista pyyhkii aina Embolla tai susi sinut vie

Mar... vittu... marssin tahtiin Timo Tolkin paikkaan jumalan
Kun kuoli sinun puolesta ja voitti humalan
Helvetti sua odottaa, raukka syntinen
Sun luojaas täytyy pelätä ja kunnioittaa

Viimein vaihdoin sukupuoleni
Naisen ruumiissa on kivempi maassa tallustaa
Ystäväni on Chris Owen
Mäkin kirjan kohta julkaisen ja paljastan mä poveni
Painan pään ulkokäymälään
Muista pyyhkii aina Embolla tai susi ja Pekka sinut vie

Laulu tää on vailla merkitystä
Sanat soljuu itsestään
Nettiriippuvuus on huono ystävä
Nopee yhteys on ainoo ratkaisu

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