Dark Lyrics


1. The Great Disconnect

There is no place for any mindless actions
Go ahead, think you're eternal
Light becomes shadows
And darkness will swallow us whole

Love life
A value worthwhile

Don't waste the one thing you can't replace
Bad fate, sending you to an early grave
Don't waste the one thing you can't replace
In a mindless haze, these are dark days

How can you take your life for granted?
Only fools believe in second chances

Learn constraint
Let go of the inner child
You've only got one shot

Take back control, think it through
Your actions decide, your existence denied

Take back control, think it through
Don't make the same mistake
You never listen, I never listened too

Instead of running face first into a fucking brick wall
We've got rot

2. 13/04

Staring at the sky, thoughtless
The joys of life
Close friends by my side

I can, I can feel it all
The grass slipping between my toes

One single second, it all stops
This is where it ends
One single second, it all stops
Ignorance is dead
Wake up


Blazing inferno
Consuming what was and is yet to come
I stand on the edge of the abyss
With a pale skin I behold the pale horse

Here to take me away, I am a dead end, there's no saving me
But you won't let my life burn out
Help, help is on its way

I can't feel a thing
My life is in your hands
Save me from my decay

I can't feel a thing
Cover me beneath your wings
Secured in desolation

3. White Chains

Waking up, I open my eyes
Where am I?

Images of that one day
Flashing through my mind
It all starts to make sense now
It starts to become clear

Bandages, needed comfort
Are but white-colored chains
Sleep, eat, suffer, repeat

Is this real?
Open my eyes
Too blind to see

Nightmares chasing me
Pain is taking over, please treat me
Take me along with you
Destination unknown
For now, I only have one option
Travel along, hope to hold on

It never ends, this vicious cycle
Counting down, going blank again

Bounce back

White chains remain
Patience, the key, slowly reveals the new me

4. Infinite

My artificial life is over now
White chains dissolve
And I, the fallen, will rise again
Survival, against all odds

The fallen will rise again

I will rebuild these bridges
That were swept away by the current
But where do I start?

What is the point of living, if you don't have hope?
This life on earth, too short to resign yourself to fate
Why keep holding on, if you're not even trying?
This time, you better not let inertia win the day

One step at a time
Small victories (small victories)
My limbs are trembling
And I just can't keep, I can't keep my legs from collapsing
Am I this fucking weak? Am I this fucking weak?

"You don't walk this path alone"
My shining beacon, you are my torch in the darkness
Don't dare to cave in now
Keep a positive mindset


It's not that easy, it's not that easy
The road to recovery

You're not there yet, where you want to be
But neither are you where you used to be
I focus on the here and now and where I want to go

5. Acceptance

Thinking back
The way I used to be
Nothing left, nothing remains
The shade of my former self
Only ashes still haunt my mind now

Nothing left, nothing remains
Forget the past, it's not the same

Now come your words of understanding
"Everything is fine" you said, "glad you're alright"
Ignorance is bliss

Fuck you
You don't have a clue what I've been through
Your perception, a veil that deludes you
A veil of ignorance, you can't look beyond
Don't even try to comprehend what I've felt
I hope you'll never know

There is much more to me than meets the eye
Fragments I accept I've lost
Fragments I've lost for good
Through the struggle I've learned who I am today

Shed my skin, letting go was never easy
Overcome what I've become

It remains a burden I accept
Maybe the past will haunt the future
How will I cope?
Am I redefined?

Maarten Janssen: vocals
Fr├ęderic Roekens: guitar
Stef Oosterbos: guitar
Lieven Casters: bass
Simon Janssen: drums

All music and lyrics written by Strains.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Aljoscha Sieg at Pitchback Studios.
Post-production by David Beule at Pitchback Studios.

Thanks to info for sending these lyrics.

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