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1. Genesis


2. War Of Troy

Ooh Eris Goddess of war
A golden apple a fruit of discord!
Zeus said Paris will choose!
Blickering Gods the Troyans will lose!

Helen was gone before the morning sun!
Thousands of ships set sail for Troy!

War of Troy! King priams fall!
Cassandra was ignored
The fall of Troy!

They followed their Hearts!
Watched by the Gods!
They opened the Gates! A burning fate!

Just behind the whispering wall
Many Legions prepared for the war
The seige of Troy lasted Ten years
A wooden Horse that no one feared

Thousands of Ships quietly returned
Warriors of Troy soon learned.

3. The Man Behind The Iron Mask

In 1698 a man with a different fate
Was imprisoned in the Bastille
The prisoner was forced to wear
(guarded by two Musketeers!)
A solid Iron Mask!

He could never be released!
He remained a Mystery!

Who will find the man behind
The Iron mask? Respected by the guards!
A son of the King that no one ' d seen!?
Dressed in lace without a face!

Even at the Royal court
No one knew & no one saw
The twin of the sun King!
The governor of Saint-Marguerite
Kept the secret in his sleer
He even called him " My Prince "!

The King never let him Free!
He remained a Mystery!

4. Reflections

Where 's the Truth behind that black wall?
Why living in a Dream that I recall?
Why do I feel anxious & afraid?
Seeking a reason to betray?

I'm chasing reasons, against the clock
All the Memories are coming back
I reveal the Secrets in my Mind
Memories that I deny!

Soon the words of Truth shook the Air
You never tried to hide your despair!
You 're the Treasure of my Heart & Soul
Like the Seasons change & the River flows

I'm chasing reasons, against the clock
All the Memories is coming back!
I reveal the Secrets in my Mind
Memories that I deny!

Reflections of Reality
I will never be too blind to see!
In all my Hopes & fears
Are You the one that I hold Dear!

Wings of tomorrow!
No prayer of my sorrow!
No reason to hide!
Leave my Memories behind!

5. Illusion

Only I alone can decide my fate
I've got to hold on before it's too late
Without sheding a Tear over your despair
Without showing my fear could life be fair

I conquer haste! I lead my fate!
I'm not afraid to find the Way!

With Light as my guide I will Master my fears
See through the Eyes of a New Life!
I have opened the Gates!
Now my Vision is clear! I will re-live
The Illusion! Once again!

The tunnel of Light leads to another Life
The circle is drawn with Eternity's knife!
The Wheel of Time is in perpetual motion
I dive (recklessly) into the Life giving Ocean!

I conquer haste! I lead my fate!
I'm not afraid... to find the Way!

6. Golden Tears

Before the dawn closes in
Before the Sun begins to rise again
Without fear it's all so clear
Pieces of a broken Heart
Ended where it should start!

Golden Tears! Of a broken Dream
Was it all meant to be?

No more Tears! I still can see
And my Spirit sets me Free!

Raindrops are falling gentle in Paris
Why couldn't things be easy & fair
I even thought I saw through your lies
Living without taking care!
Hiding all my deep despair!

7. Queen Of Nine Days

The king is dead! Long live the Queen!
Lady Jane was lead to the throne
Everyone bowed & curtisied to her
Jane began to shake, realized her fate!

The Duke made his speech
Announced the new Queen!
Jane dropped to her knees

Queen! Queen for nine days!
With such Spirit & Grace!
May I govern to thy Glory!
This crown was never meant for me!

Queen! Queen for nine days!
Despite Mary's rage & tears
The nervous council was hiding their fears!
Lady Mary was the rightful heir!

She took her throne
Those present kissed her hand!
She prayed for guidance
Her people were entranced!
Lady Mary claimed her Throne
& raised an army of her own!

The Duke made his speech
Announced the New Queen!
Jane dropped to her knees!!

8. Dynasty

Without fear
Without guidance from the Stars!
A thousand years reign
Of a single Dynasty!
Through the Fire
Through dark periods of war!
They hold their fortress & their Rock!

Throughout Centuries, Their Principality
Kept their identity, always Free!

Destiny of a Dynasty!
Loyalty kept them Free!
Through the guidance & Trust
Of it's Princes!

Destiny of a Dynasty!
Centuries of Liberty!
A Golden Flame & Spirit
Protected their shields!

They ruled their Land
With Passion in their Hearts
What goes around always comes around!
At the threshold of the third Millenium
It will Celebrate their Loyalty

Throughout Centuries, Their Principality
Kept their identity, Always Free!

9. Assassin Of Honour

She's got the biggest brown Pocahontas eyes
Ripping my Soul with sorrows when she cries
Knows what she want's
She's out for my Love but she can't get it out
Of her Heart (in Shalah!)

Dreaming a Dream
Exploring her life for Real
For the Warlord her masters starts to Kneel
Running in circles
Trapped in a cage
Searching the code to her Soul

(And she's Flying) away on her Dream
Of Tomorrow
Shattered by silly traditions & Prophets
Of Lies

(Run) She 's running for Freedom
Don't turn around cause you're chased by
(Run) Seaking your Passion
Risking her life
For assassin of Honour!

She's at the crossroad
Don't know how to choose
Pride or Love
Whatever she will lose
Trapped in darkness
Far from the Light
Searching the Strength to breakout

(And they're trying) to kill all her dreams of tomorrow
Protecting, detecting they watch every step she takes

No red Roses on white lace
And evil sin
Makes him wonder where she's been?

10. Ramses

The slaves were begging for their
While they built his Empire
Gods messanger received the ten commandments
While the people lived in sin

Ramses said:
In the Eyes of Ra!
An Empire to die for!

Ooh Pharao! Ramses is gone!
(Let it be heard!)
The Royal Falcon...
Fled into the Sun!

Who can forget when the parchments were found!?
The Words of Wisdom were revealed!
Even the Church feared
The message of the Gospel!
A Revelation of mankind!

Let it be written... Let it be done!

11. Tears Of Passion

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