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1. Darkness And Stars

Grotesque awakening in filthy embrace
With the cradle of existence eye to eye
A moonlit reflection shows a tortured face
It must be mine, I can't deny

Black night - darkness and stars
Outcast and forsaken in this hostile place
No past - frozen memories
Lost in the abyss between time and space

"You feel as if you were completely newborn
Your amnesia has wiped away your personality
But the embers of your true self are still burning
Brighter than ever before"

Deceptions flash like lightnings
Don't know what life is about
Is this just illusion?
A hidden sense I doubt
Creeping through the shadows
Cannot ease my pain
A life without a meaning
Makes me grow insane

Grotesque vegetating in filthy embrace
With my inner dark side eye to eye
A moonlit reflection shows a restless face
I must find the truth behind this lie

2. The Mind's Eye

There is something deep inside me
That I don't dare to control, a mystique moulding of my soul
Caught within sensoric twilight
All I see is deja-vu, unknown chaos yet nothing new

"Between the worlds you are wandering
Your powers are still too weak to let you distinguish
But if you seek for the answer in the outside world
You will never unveil the secrets of your mind's eye"

I know the key to time is in my mind
Time is the ground of reason
Supreme enlightenment will lay in my hand
If I can only find myself

Lord of a thousand nightmares, longing for my sanity
Why should I trust in your voice, vanish away and set me free
"I am the voice you want to hear, just as demonic as you are
I am the core you can't deny, so face the truth, it's a healing jar"

3. Shadows In My Heart

As the shadows rise from my heart
A chilling storm of evil temptation unbound
Embraces my soul and tears it apart
The worlds are shaken by an agonizing sound

The shadows in my heart
Light turns to dark

The will to eradicate is possessing me
Like a supernova afterglow
I cannot resist this raging drive to break free
The metamorphosis, it shall rise and grow

Cruel charm, lust for harm
Damage done, I am a son of axe and sword
Fallen lord, take away the light of day


"Blindfolded destruction shall pave the way
For the dominion of the wicked
Impure we are...
Overcasting the lands with an image of war and terror
Those who dare to refuse shall be erased and forgotten"

The more I burn, the more I yearn
For power and glory instead of harmony
Shades of insanity make me feel dazed
The shadows in my heart are consuming energy

4. Astronomica

"Ancient Alexandria,
Site of cumulative knowledge, cradle of enlightenment
Levelled to the ground by the children of the crucified one,
Wiped away in blindness..."

The library, I have seen its shade
Wittnessed how dignity and wisdom did fade

Ignorance! The flames of arrogance...
An act of indifference towards what was in our hands
And turned to dust

Look to the stars, the mirror of the past
Now you seek to learn what in those flames did burn

The cosmic secrets will be revealed to me
The pyramides donate their knowledge of eternity
At astronomical dimensions I have glanced
We will regain it when mankind has advanced

5. Distant Spheres

I am reborn from my demise
In astral spheres and unknown skies
My soul is wandering aimlessly
No calming influence in me

I am behind the shores of time
Where day is night and all entwines
A flickering of eternal flames
In distant spheres lost powers tames

Strange visions in groundless void
Bring forth an image of entirety
Silent forces have gained control
It is all within, the gate to infinity

6. Frozen Tears

In the dephts of infinity
Invisible, the shadowgate
Of dark matter is the key
To reveal the ancient's fate

Frozen tears on marble ground
Atmospheres reflecting darkened void
Sunlight gone to utter black
I am one with this desert of frost

Stars drown when aeons have passed
Falling down to the everlast
Time bleeds and tears will remain
Death needs to end my pain

The final singularity
Time and space are heading to one
An heir of cosmic legacy
Is ready to be gone

The absolute zero point
A statue of the universe
I am lord of creation
Paralyzed in permafrost

7. The Eternal Slumber

Alpha is omega, rising is descent
Eternal enigma, from beginning to end

All that remains is gloom...

"Welcome to the shadowland
There is no escape from this place
No one is there to hold my hand
Find your own way through this maze"

The force of time, it strikes me down
My mind, reduced to an ageless loop
I am marching on without a sound
A warrior of the cosmic troop

I feel like a chess piece, there's no release
From this grotesque tragedy
All I can see is the lethargy of an eternal slumber

Via aeternitatis
Ad caelastis
Origo profundis
Astris in extremis

Eternal slumber - no restless wonder
Sinister silence - oppressive confinement

8. Destination: Infinity

Born out of clouds of stardust
The cosmic void markes my grave
Homewards to eternity...
My visions are carved in stone
And planets retain my pride
Dissolved into the galaxy...

A dream from a shadow of smoke
Formed a fragile being
Mind shall fade and dust remains
The cosmic heart unveiling

Lords of terrestrial domains
Shall vanish as frail thrones fade
Nothing shall remain...
My struggling emotions return
To the place where time is born
The stars shall drown my pain...

Through spectres of time to horizons of space
At the utter eternity's ground you will gaze
Millions of splinters shall melt into one
Borders unite, all structures are gone

Trapped in a room without walls you have been
The Veil of Maya, deceptive and mean
Now that a thousand stars twinkle in your eyes
Mediocrity fades, let infinity rise!

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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