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1. Beyond The Twilight Hills


2. Army Of The Time

Vanished with the wind
The thunder's sons, now I can see
Four iron horses right on my way
Bringing war to this distant place

Sorcerers will damn us for thousand years
And now choose your side
Holding the candles our sacrifice
Beyond the sea

Frozen eyes, faces of many years of
Stormy fights
Glories taken by the wind
Hold the strength on your sword
Feel the magic all around us
Pray to your Lord
All you need is courage

Join us, and search
for the Mistland Power
Feed on all your dreams
And I'm here now
To ride through the time
With the legion
of these brave souls
And fight for all
Army of the Time!

[Solo: André]
[Solo: both]

3. Guardians Of The Desert Sea

Sailor, fast, put the sails on wind
Go ahead in your deadly course
Hurricanes don't throw fear on me
To cross the sea like a hunter wolf

Horizon or coast,
reflecting the light of lightnings
The mystical sea walled by the storm

Sailor fast punish waves strongly
Show to all the high dare's cost
I'm the only master of the sea
Your last chance to go back to shore

Horizon or coast,
reflecting the light of lightnings
The mystical sea walled by the storm
Load up the cannons,
show them a vision of hell
Spitting the fire, burning the night

The guardians of the desert sea
Violent curses always fight not flee
Hearts with these leather wings
Spreading fear to be free

[Solo: Boon]
[Solo: both]

4. Spell Of Witches' World

Come to listen to the thunder
preparing the storm
Winds of despair, the curse is done
Witches are coming from everywhere
Powerful ravens, don't you dare!

Magic and sorcery, phantoms over our lives
Daring warriors always ready to fight
War cries, the battle began


Spell of witches' world
Hunting our souls reaping lives
Creatures of night
Spell of witches' world
Magic and steel, they will fight
Secrets of life
Side by side

[Solo: Boon]
[Solo: both]
[Solo: Andre]

Clashing the blades, the hammers
'n weapons of steel
Lightnings of magic crossing the fields
Rising the glory lost in the past
Onward we charge, riding fast!
Back to the journey,
to find the exile of the king
Deep in the forest,
facing the curse of the mist
War cries, the witches are gone


5. Power Metal

A million brothers coming
to the steel crusade
They will arrive
Pure hearts are by our side
Ancient wisdom,
laws of truth will never fall
Always breaking the walls!

Thrones of gold
made to the metal gods
Are waiting for these kings
When the justice will be done
The victory of steel!

See the crowd pounding wild
True metal music will never die!

Demons and angels rule the night
Melting their souls with metal
Fighting to keep the flame alive
Feeling the strength:
The Power Metal!

[Solo: Andre]
[Solo: Boon]

6. Divine Wind Of Sho

Ready to fly
The time to die has come
Look into my eyes
The red sun is back again
Dreams will come true
We are defenders
The empire of doom
Never surrender

See the trail of blood,
staining red all the sky
In the rage of gods, flying too fast
This is my legacy, in bombs and fire
Divine wind of sho

Fight! Divine wind will take me through the
Night! Ravaging freedom dreams
Try! Face and destroy my soul of
Fire! Divine wind of sho

[Solo: both]

"Like a snowy white cherry flossom
In the time of spring
We shall befall
Unchanged and gleaming…"

[Solo: Andre]
[Solo: Boon]

1945 graves
Burying the sins and my courage
Spirits and lies
Flying samurais
Blood will wash my soul
When my "Zero" falls
Divine tears

7. The First Warrior

Ancient warrior your home is here
Your loyal sword always serving the king
Friend of the nomads, storms and winds
Words of wisdom are your legacy

Mountains of gold
never buy real pride
Come to the war, or die!
Honor are blades
slashing through evil blood
Fight like a man, or die!
Freedom to me has no price!

We are warriors of time and dimensions
And your wisdom revive us to fight
Always holding the flag of redemption
With the shine of the moon 'till we ride

[Solo: Boon]
[Solo: Andre]

Ancient warrior forgive our faults
My fight is your fight, your blood is my blood
We are stronger in the council of faith
Forever together, forever we stay!

8. When We Were Kings

Spirits of trees, keepers of the forest
Sweet companies, here in my exile
My lonely whisper, taken by the wind
Signs of my kingdom, far away from me

In the edge of dreams when I'm alone
A past of memories is gone
I live through this pain
Holding on forever
The warrior prays

Cold winds of truth, could I believe you?
I waste my life, bleeding in the sacrifice
Unholy prison, my faith is rusting in this chains
Praying for the fight, and waiting for this day

For all those years I felt the cold
The nights alone so far from home
The day I die again
Holding on forever

Hold the ashes of my life,
saddle horses to the fight
Where the eagles die
When we where kings
Every night after the storm
I see the gods playing in the stars
Shining skies
When we where kings through the times
The voices whispering my name
A king without the heroe's blade

[Solo: Boon]

The raging winter, it frozed all my tears
In this quiet exile, a heart of ice
Forgive me father,
my future now is in your hands
Try to heal my soul, I'm coming back!

[Solo: Deny]

9. Your Majesty's Return

Say to the crowd, beyond the horizon
There comes the king, the only and true
A new age of freedom in this holy reign
Raise our pride, forget the pain!

Faster than the eyes can see, running!
Unleashed from his exile
The distant forest in the mist

I broke the chains with my golden sword
I'm the whirlwind, sent from the Lord

Just stay the true ones, the council of faith
Soldiers defending my kingdom

A king shall be crowned with fire
And drink all the blood of the dragon
To die for the war, and live to the fight
The return of your majesty

Stronger than all in the universe
The will of the crowd
The scream of all voices
Are filling the hall

[Solo: Andre]
[Solo: Boon]
[Solo: Andre]
[Solo: Boon]
[Solo: both]

10. Farewell Ride

The time is right to get our swords
And cross this kingdom
through valleys of mist
Give me the bless of stormy Gods
To go beyond this Twilight Hills

Powerful wizard, give me the force
(Strength to go on)
The crowning of fire is done!

Guardians of Mistland, I say goodbye
The iron horses are back on the wind
Hold on your tears, warriors never cry
Fire and thunder, farewell ride!

[Solo: Andre]
[Solo: both]

Powerful wizard gave me the sword
(Strength to go on)
The warriors someday will return!

Guardians of Mistland, I say goodbye
The iron horses will ride to eternity
Hold on your tears, warriors never cry
Fire and thunder, farewell ride!

All music by Steel Warrior
All lyrics by André Fabian.

Thanks to sh_wildchild@yahoo.com for sending these lyrics.

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