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1. Into War

Hear the calling of the horn it´s leading us to war.
The troops of Metal want you by their side.
You have sworn the oath once and today is the day
to prove that your heart is true as steel can be

March to the final battle legions in black
Raging Metal warriors gather for attack

Face the false ones on the field of honor,
make them pay in blood now for all their evil lies.
Smash those bastards with a fist of iron
As they cry for mercy let them taste your steel

March to the final battle legions of steel
Finding death or glory but we´ll never kneel

Hail to the ancient glory
Gods of war beware
Blood and steel ride by my side
There´s nothing left to fear
Into war

Providence appointed us to win this battle
Get your swords now this day will be ours

2. Sworn To Fight

Thunder and lightning are raging
A thunderstorm darkens the sky
The mighty returns from the land high above
Now unbelievers prepare to die

Out of the storm clouds the Thunderer appears
Holding his hammer up high
Descend from Valhalla the hall of the brave
Await my soul on that day I die

Sworn to fight for Metal
Fight or die in battle
Side by side

3. Route 666

Roaring thunder is calling from the sky
We´ve heard the tolling of thy bell
Pounding engines ride on glowing wheels
Heading for destination hell
Rush on faster there´s no turning back
Hell is for us the place to stay

Red hot iron swallows gasoline
The horizon is burning in the dark
Riding faster through the open gates
Knowing that Hades awaits

Route 666
On the road to hell
Route 666
Living fast dying young

Raise your heads and start to be alive
Feel the embrace of hell
Way down faster reach our promised land
And leave this world behind

Wind of eternity
You're the one to bring
Tunes of destiny
Which we live and sing

Stayin´ on the Route...

4. Metal Till Death

My life seemed senseless, boring and absurd.
But I knew that´s not a life for me
One day I´ve heard that song,
it was fast and loud and mean
and this song made a change deep in me
For all to see

Drinking ´n banging
And Metal to the end
So it´s got to be
Drinking ´n banging
And spit on every trend
Makes me know I´m free

Leather and spikes, tonight we strike
Gods of Metal hear my call
Patches and chains, music that maims
So catch your breath - Metal till death

Playing ´n banging
for you here tonight
Bangers side by side
Drinking ´n banging
I know you want the same
So let´s do it all damn night

5. Fire And Steel

Of darkness and evil I´m born to this world
Avenger out of the abyss of hell
Predator and god

Always fought always will
Feel the pleasure
The power to kill
Straight out of hell


I´m always behind you I come for your head
You have the chance to decide now
Be Metal or dead

6. Metal Forces

Can you feel the power inside you
Can you feel the fire in your soul
The flame of centuries

Can you hear the call of the wild
The savage within you
Primal fury

The secrets of Metal we will keep
It´s our guiding star
The kingdom of steel we´ll defend
Don´t you know who we are

Defenders of faith
The knights of our time
Eternal glory will always be mine
Keepers of power
The night will reveal
Metal forces rule the steel

See our brothers standing side by side
United we are strong
Power and glory

7. Story Of Steel

8. Messengers Of Steel

Drums like thunder shatter the still
A pulsing is shaking the ground
The gods of Metal have send us to you
To blow your ears with our sound

Messengers of steel we are tonight
Gathered in the circle of our might
Messengers of steel we are tonight
Fight to break our chains and reach the sky

The time has come for us to cross the line and break the seal
Come with us and join us on the road to our kingdom of steel.

Primal screams tear down the walls
Two axes will teach you fear
The taste of Metal is in the air
`cause now we are finally here

And here we stand preachers of steel
Spikes and leather our skin
The servants of Metal are here tonight
And now let me hear you sing

Line Up:
Vocals, Guitars : Jens "Preacher" Hübinger
Bass : Muskel
Drums : Hendrik Beerkiller

Thanks to sh_wildchild for sending these lyrics.

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