Dark Lyrics


1. The Dreamweaver

The clock strikes midnight
Darkness all around
But you don't close your eyes
You know I'm waiting
Hungry for your soul
Fear your demise

Feel your end's drawing near
The dreamweaver
I'm your master of fear
I feast on your pain
The dreamweaver
I kill or drive you insane
The dreamweaver's reign

Hellcome to dream-world let the fun begin
I just want to hear you scream
So why don't you just start to realize
This is more than just a dream

There's a world inside your my mind
A place behind your eyes
Where dreams become reality
And nightmares come to life

They won't leave me
They won't leave me alone

2. We Want Metal (We Want Beer)

Oh for many years now we have been around
We've played every stage in every town
This is what we love this is what we do
Bringing heavy metal and beer to you

I say - hey come on
Now it's time to rock and fuckin' go insane
Don't slow down - now it's time to drink
And shake your fuckin' brain

The only reason we are here
We want metal we want beer
So make your stand and let it hear
We want metal we want beer

Nowadays music is nothing but shit
Makes you wanna cry makes you wanna spit
The people wanna rock the people wanna roll
The people want some music played
With heart and soul

Heavy metal maniacs are filling up the halls
Blowing off the roof tearing down the walls
Wanna hear the screams the roaring of the crowd
Wanna hear some metal and I want it really loud

3. Give 'em Hell

See no fear in my eyes cause I was born to fight
The spotlight is on me the crowd is going wild

And you know here comes the pain
And you'll never be the same
Feel trembling start again

Give 'em hell
Give them hell

I sacrifice my body
Each and every night
Blood and sweat and tears
Living for the fight

And you'll know I am the game
And you'll never be the same
Feel trembling start again

Give 'em hell - with all my body
Give 'em hell - with all my soul
Give 'em hell - with all my mind
Give 'em hell - you've got me whole
Give 'em hell - my greatest pleasure
Give 'em hell - my greatest pain
Give 'em hell - a body wasted
Give 'em hell - a life in vain

4. Forces Of Hell

Do you fear the end of the dying day
When warmth and light are fading away
When shadows of night lead you astray
And creatures from hell are stalking their prey

All hope is gone forever
When they strike it's your final farewell
See the angels flee in terror
They will fall to the forces of hell

The legions of dark have come for your soul
Take it to hell and burn to coal
The end's drawing near and there's no return
Say your last prayer - get ready to burn

Hellfire you shall know my name
Riding thy winds one with the flame
Hellfire ruthless be thy reign
The legions from hell shall rise again

From the abyss of the underworld
Rise the lost - in fire reborn
Fearless souls reforged in fire and flame
They will take all heaven by storm

All light is gone forever
As their souls fall under our spell
See the angels fade into darkness
As they fall to the forces
They won't stand the forces
Yes we are the forces of hell

5. Route 666 (Re-Recording)

Roaring thunder is calling from the sky
We've heared the tolling of thy bell
Pounding engines ride on glowing wheels
Heading for destination hell
Rush on faster there's no turning back
Hell is for us the place to stay

Red hot iron swallows gasoline
The horizon is burning in the dark
Riding faster through the open gates
Knowing that Hades awaits

Route 666
On the road to hell
Route 666
Living fast dying young

Raise your heads and start to be alive
Feel the embrace of hell
Way down faster reach our promised land
And leave this world behind

Wind of eternity
You're the one to bring
Tunes of destiny
Which we live and sing

6. To Hell And Back

Can't stand this life no more
Hear my wicked engine roar
And you know you know I have to go
Make you cry making you bleed
Hell knows I'm addicted to speed
And you know you know I won't let go

Kickstart my lust for life
And I am on my way

And then you see me ride into the night
The open road is our delight
I wanna ride - riding tonight
Riding hard side by side
Just let me ride - into the night
Riding fast running wild
I wanna ride - riding tonight
You better jump the track
We ride to hell and back

Ride for the thrills searching for kicks
On the route six six six
And I grin as I'm increasing pace
As I ride it comes to me I shout
Hell yeah I'm wild and free
And I laugh as hell winds twist my face

Don't you know the time has come for me
Start your life and ride to hell and back
With me tonight

7. Locked And Loaded

We're drinking hard from nine to five
We drink as long as we're alive
The party is on, it's half past four
But there's trouble at my door

Party time ain't no crime
Pulling jokes on cops is wasted time

Oh oh I'm locked and loaded
Heavy drinking ain't no crime
Oh oh I'm locked and loaded
Locked and loaded for a time

Arrest and cuffs won't stop the fun
This fuckin' party has just begun
The night's still young - just five o'clock
So we start the jailhouse rock

Party time ain't no crime
Offering beer to cops is wasted time

8. Atlantean Dawn

Gazing at sea restless I stare night and day
Longing for home for too long I've been away
I don't fear no storm
Or the beasts of the wild raging sea
Lurking in the darkness
Cast off the ropes we're setting the sails
The trade winds will carry us home to

Ivory shores touching a crystal horizon
A city of silver and gold - Atlantean dawn
Keeper of power and wisdom untold
Far beyond the western sky
The ocean empire thrones - for evermore
All hopes and dreams a lying ashore
Atlantean dawn

I have been sent to subdue the wild savage lands
God I've been called, but they just don't understand
Teaching the wild and thus the seed has been sown
Growing in the darkness
Cast off the ropes we're leaving this lands
The trade winds will carry us home to

No thunderstorm or rogue wave will ever keep me
Away from home - where I belong...

Endless waves touching a blackened horizon
No city no silver no shore - atlantean dawn
Where is the island that I'm searching for
Drown into a hell of water
An ocean empire lost - for evermore
A kingdom forgotten, a legend not more
Atlantean dawn

9. Hellraiser

Goin' to the city
It's been a long day
Still I'm feeling shitty
But in five beers I'm gonna be ok

Living on the fast lane
Tomorrow I could be dead
Won't regret or complain
Play it loud I wanna bang my head

Get down - hellraiser
Raising hell tonight
Live fast - hellraiser
You know it's gonna be
It's gonna be alright

All I really know
I don't need much in life
Trends they come and go
But heavy metal it will survive

Never gonna give in
That's not the way for me
Life is just for living
I was born to be wild and free

Hellraiser - bang your head shake your brain
Hellraiser - born to raise some hell
Hellraiser - metal overkill
Hellraiser - raisin' hell tonight

10. Bitchcraft

You came tonight to see our show
Looking for some meat to blow
You see me - you see me
Nothing but a common slut
Looking for someone to fuck
You want me - you want me

Don't you call it esteem
Don't you call it wet dream
Because to me it is nothing but

Just to see me play and sweat
Is enough to make you wet
You want me - you want me
You would sell you heart and soul
Just to stuff your filthy hole
You need me - you need me

Sleazy hair and cheap perfumes
Getting balled in backstage rooms
Nymphomaniac in the buff
Getting screwed by everyone
Is bitchcraft in the rough

Teasing squeezing hold me tight
You just want get laid tonight
You need me - you need me
Just a walking S.T.D.
A gonorrhoea guarantee
So leave me - so leave me

11. Heavy Metal Hunter

[originally by Metalucifer]

… And The angels were made of steel for the metal kiss of steel
Heavy metal machine into the RIOT, fight of the warriors of thunder steel
I have a metal heart, I’m a breaker, ACCEPT-ed FACT, Heavy metal power play
Seek & destroy, rock until you drop with RAVEN, mind over metal

Heavy metal bomber - fever
Heavy Metal soldiers - attack
Heavy metal warriors - maniac
I’m a hunter, heavy metal hunter

Metal attack of the battle, swords & axes & OVERDRIVE burn in hell
HEAVY METAL ARMY form medieval, IRON MAIDEN to the golden Zipangu
Iron dogs ‘re pounding metal, EXCITER & invasion waiting in the dark
Headbanging man wanna rock you, Heavy metal breakdown by GRAVE DIGGER

Heavy metal drill - deadly
Heavy metal chainsaw - raisin' hell
Heavy metal bulldozer - kickin' ass
I’m a hunter, heavy metal hunter

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