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1. Slave To The Cross

I turn on the TV and your face just makes me sick
Your robe is branded with a cross
You keep on talking, self-pleased to the bone
On through the day

You're preaching poorness, richness is a sin
But you give a helping hand
So you're not greedy, you just save their souls
Slave to the cross

Hold on to your power - sanity's your loss

You're preaching war
You're teaching hate
Get you gone you lunatic
And leave us to our fate
No more rules
We don't need your lies
Narrow-minded maniac
Devil in disguise

Slave to the cross

Born to disperse mischief, holding back the truth
You rig the crowd skillful tongue
You make them willingly pay ransom to you
Under your spell

Keep them dumb and anxious threaten them with hell

Fraud, lies and hidebound to the core
Orders and commandments - won't take it anymore
But when you see us coming, living OUR ideal
You're the one to kneel and pray and die by bloody steel

2. Hammered And Down

You tell me to cut my hair and get a job
Fancy clothes, polite friends and finally grow up (LISTEN)
I will live my life my way and take it day by day
And I won't change a single thing, not matter what you say

Don't you stop
Drink until you drop
Hear our call
Together we drink, united we fall

You will find me, yes you'll find me...

Hammered and down
Hammered and down
Hammered and down

If you feel like we do, our Metal's just for you
Won't spare a single beer 'cause we're the drinking crew (and if)
You're addicted to school stuff and haven't changed in years
You're the keepers of the faith, to you we raise your beers

Beer's up high
Drink until you die
Bang your head
Don't you stop until you're dead

Till they find you, they'll find you...

3. Blame It On Booze

The week is over the work is done
It's time to rock and have so fun
So I gather all my dole
Hit my favourite drinking-hole

It's time to see
What you've got for me
Baby I'm born to lose
Don't blame me just
Blame it on booze

Beer is fine but even quicker
Does the job a glass of liquor
With the will to succeed
I increase my drinking speed

Blame it on booze
When I'm gettin' corny
Blame it on booze
When I'm gettin' mad
Blame it on booze
When I'm gettin' horny
Blame it on booze
When my breath is bad
Blame it on booze

...when you're down on your knees
For it was me who cut the cheese

I overdraw the farting game
I shit my pants - oh what a shame

4. ...Of War And Vengeance

Riding through woods at night
Enraged I spur my horse
The shining moon's the only light
I'll kill without remorse

They will die by my sword

I know where to ride, and I'll make them die
They shall pay for their raid
All my clan, my friends, my wife
Be avenged by my blade

Revenge be mine!

Out of the shadows arises the swordsman
Wrath and justice fulfil his heart
Guided by vengeance battles the swordsman
Take on your victims and tear them apart

I feel a flame ignite my soul
an unhuman gloom
I am their foe, their fate, their death
the bringer of their doom

Feel the darkness arise

I'll cut their throats and I'll lance their hearts
Crushing skulls and bones
Embodiment of hate and pain
A torturer of souls

Death'll be no relief

Coated in shadows arises the swordsman
Anguish and vengeance fulfil his soul
Controlled by fury rages the swordsman
Women and children - kill them all

One with the shadows arises the swordsman
Blood lust and madness made his soul burn
Possessed by darkness rages the demon
A soul pledged to darkness, there's no return

5. D.O.A. (Drunk On Arrival)

Headin' for a show, we start our drive
Had some beers too much when we arrive
Empty bottles are falling off the car
Hit the stage, you know we are...

We are D - O - D.O.A.
We are Drunk on arrival, so they say

Party time tonight, but still got time
Gettin' on the edge and start to pine
It is one idea of a kind:
To get some beers and gettin' blind...

We are D - O - D.O.A.
We are Drunk on arrival, so they say

Wanna ride my bike tonight
And to drown my spite
Drink some booze till I lost my sight
And take a trip in the dead of night

When I hit that truck I feel no pain
From above I see my bike - and brain
My funeral looks quiet bizarre
'Cause all my friends are here, they are...

6. Strung Out

7. Hooked On Metal

Dressed to kill with chains and spikes
Out for beer'n booze and things we like

But where to go on a Saturday night ?
Good holes are hard to find when you're...

Hooked hooked Hooked hooked
Loaded as hell - feeling quiet well
Hooked hooked Hooked hooked
Down of the floor - still need some more
Hooked hooked Hooked hooked
That's the price when you're hooked
Hooked on Metal ha ha ha...

Hit the bar, but there're no chicks
Just nerds and scum and poser pricks

So let us brawl on this Saturday night
Wimps are not hard to grind when you're...

Make them run, poser scum - Hooked on Metal
Bang your head, blood and sweat - Hooked on Metal
Carnage site, Metal fight - Hooked on Metal
No esteem, make them scream - Hooked on Metal

8. No One Knows...

9. Hell Bent For Beer

Thank you all for being here, to us it means a lot
So shoot your wife, get a beer and give us all you got
I say: Don't sway - call it Rock'n Roll !

Bang your head, raise your fist, let the beer be cold
Don't think of the future now we're not getting old
'cause of - my friend call it alcohol

Don't get sober, don't you stray
Heavy Metal is our fucking way

Bang your heads and raise your glass
So move your ass
Being a drunkard takes it's toll
But that's how it goes when you play
Rock'n Roll

Come on all you metalheads, this one's for your ears
Your liver hurts? Give it some more beers
Do it all day - drinkin' alcohol !

If you wake up weary and you don't feel so well
Get some friends, get some beer - start to drink like hell
If your neighbours tell you, your metal makes them mad
Shoot them too, play it loud and bang your fuckin' head

10. Drinking With The Devil

I have claimed this live my own
I can't help but feel I'm not alone
And I don't give a fuck about what you say

They say Satan waits for me
I say HELL YEAH - so let it be
because he's the only one that gets me right

Don't you try to stop me
I've made a choice that's far beyond what's right or wrong
I know that you won't understand
But hell's the place that I belong

Drinking with the devil
Party in hell
Drinking with the devil
Why don't you be there as well

Sitting here and drink a lot
Meet Paul Baloff and Bon Scott
So tell me, how much better could it possibly be?

We're running try, but don't get bored
Depredate Satan's private hoard
You know, the hotter the place - the colder the beer

Come with us, hold on tight
We start raising hell and we do it on site....

Jens "Preacher" Hübinger : Vocals / Guitars
Muskel : Bass
Hendrik Beerkiller : Drums

Thanks to sh_wildchild for sending these lyrics.

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