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1. Transcendence


2. Lost Awakening

Rise from the ocean of my dreams. Hear my voice, it's silent. Trapped in my mind, searching endlessly for what I am inside. Isolated memories, hostage to my sanity. Free me. Lost in the motion. Living through the scenes. Rising from the ocean. Waves can't drown the screams. Light hits my eyes and reveals the solitary cell from my eyes. Death escapes. Postulated truth becomes my ignorance, I'm blind. Eluding the ideals of cognitive thought and left to die. I'm confined, awaiting the facets to build my self realization. Cast away from everything, I escaped my destiny. Existence begs for questioning. Finding what is real from what I know, truth lies in the darkness. Truth lies in the darkness. Who am I?

3. Memories

Earth... it seems so far away. Uncertainty saturates my mind. Space, alone it welcomes me. Floating astray... aimlessly in time. Memory, the blinding face. Memory, a world away. Memory, a past mistake. Memory, I can't escape. Memory, a deeper place. Memory, in dreams awake. Darkness feels cold against my skin. Alive, I don't know how I came to be. I'm reaching. A single hole shows endless space, I strain to see the light. Moving on to some place unknown... unseen. Living through my faded dreams. Finding my identity. Moments... Deep inside... All of this... died... Questioning everything... Left behind... Why am I lost?

4. Parallel Futures

No sound, just everlasting pain. The flicker of eyes remain. A pale face blaming everything. Guilt maintains. A sound escapes. Calling me... It's calling for me... Ending lives are reaching for me. Calling me... They're calling for me. Reaching down, I close my eyes. I hope for death... fear subsides. And the shadows encompass all of this, and I awaken. The voices always carry. Calling me... Calling for me... Calling me... They're calling for me... In the wake, I survive everything that I try. I'm awake, millions die. Is this truth, or do I die?

5. Gravity's Pull

I lied to myself. I know where I'm going to end. I'm staring ahead as it burns me. I don't know what can save us now, I know that we're falling into the sun. I wake up when I close my eyes, escaping reality. Going back is all I know, my consciousness is my nightmare. I don't know what can save me now, I know that I'm falling into the sun. I'm lost in the melancholy thought, trying to reason through. Visions keep running through my head, but something evades me always. Where did I go wrong? Now we burn ourselves to learn ourselves. Waiting for my death, reflections in my eyes. Only one hope left to live on inside me. I don't know what can save us now, I know that we're falling into the sun. I wake up when I close my eyes, escaping reality. Going back is all I know, my conciousness is my nightmare. We must learn ourselves to earn ourselves.

6. Imprisoned

Hold me down, chains that bind me, as they scream murder. What have I done? Mortified... I can't see the blood. Something seems wrong... I know their faces, they burn. They haunt me from within. In a distant dream I was set free. I wanted to save them. I can see the eyes of the children. I can feel the pain rushing back as if I was there. Nothing separates this dream from reality beyond my own confused volition. Slave to my own vision, how could it be I haven't woken up? A year passes in a second but it still feels endless. The ending with no beginning is what will destroy me. Yet I sit in silence, floating in a void... weightless... and timeless. How could it be? I haven't given up.

Searching... always come up empty. Feeling conciousness betray me.

Reaching... always touching nothing. Sleeping doesn't make it better.

Losing everything I've known. Losing everything I've been. Losing everything I've done. Come to life inside my head.

I lie awake.

7. Astral Revelations

Silence encumbers me like the smell after the rain. Darkness is all I see. All I feel is pain. I'm waiting for life to show itself. I'm waiting for time to pass. I'm sick of this lifeless prison cell. I'm sick of this timeless mass. Closer, drift towards the light. No way out... No way to fight. Desolate, impeding light. This vision has stole my sight. Empty hearts and empty souls. Precious life, just burning coals. Is this all I have to show for a life I've never known? Closer, drift towards the light. No way out... no way to fight. Desolate, impeding light. This vision has stole my sight.

8. Exiled

Flash before my eyes. I'm awake. I'm alive. I remember the sky. Moments left behind. Buried. Returning to who I am. Connecting everything. Everything connecting. Memories exile me. Sent away to die. Reversed dreams manifest to life. Time, the constant restraint. Pulling me closer... If only I had control. Walls contain my fate, and inside I'll find escape. Dead ends lead to nowhere. Reaching destitution. Pausing self destruction. Climbing for a future. Death becomes a clubhouse needing a new member. Sealed in the container, thrown into the embers. Tracing every thought I've had through my life. I've seen it all. Exiled, reliving everything as it was. Not as I saw. I lived a lie, and now I'm free from me. Tracing every thought I had through my life. Changed me. Awake and rethinking everything that I was. Defined my life. I saw, I lived a lie and now I'm free... from me

9. Dreams Reversed

Something tears the fabric of my truth. Nothing feels right (you've got to grasp what you have lost). Forcing into darkness for the answers. I've only fooled myself. Universe... Welcoming... (look past what you have known) Memories... Distancing... (so unaware) Universe... Collapsing... (look past what you have known) Memories... Reversing... If I have known my life, what are these gaps that cloud my reason and take hold of me? Where is the light? Why am I suffering?

Wake me up

So hard to take, my life is breaking. So hard to fake, my mind is waking.

Backward thought, forward thinking. Forward though, backward thinking.

Help, I don't want to believe. Finding that what I've seen is calling me, testing me, redefining everything I've been. Nothing is the same anymore, I'm a prisoner sent away from myself. Saving the fallen, they blame me. They're calling. I'm reaching for something. It's all coming from nothing I've known. Rebuild the past into something that's new. Truth is not something I've seen. Changing my mind about me. Feeling my pride die. Changing my life finally. This feeling inside lied to me.

10. Skyline

(Reflects off my eyes) Tragic nightmares so familiar. Endless taunting, cries from nowhere. (A place I recognize) Pain that led to chaos, hear the masses crying out for help. Losing my life. Burning skyline blinding. (Reflects off my eyes) Through the window I see clearly. In the window, I see me. And out of the darkness of my mind, I've uncovered the things I hoped I'd never find. A mystery solved, I don't want to accept my death. I know I'm being punished. Losing my life. Burning skyline bleeding me. By my hand, I wiped away humanity willfully. I scarred their faces. I drank their blood and left them bleeding. I stole their lives. I cleansed the Earth. I tore this whole thing down. Lies, I've been living all this time. I'm tired of forgetting... all my life... all this time (and I rise). Rise. Rise from the ocean. Conceal my screams. Lost in the motion. Dying silent.

11. Final Moments Of A Dying Sun

A distant flicker in a silent universe. A fading glimpse of passing time expiring. Beyond all reach and forgotten in the ruin, a star dies out... and no one knows. A lonely soul, not a martyr not a savior. Now there's nothing left but time expiring. A man that's saved. On the inside I'm forgiven, and I cry out... but no one knows. Found determination. I've found the will to live. I remember what I am, and why. Gaining speed as I fall into oblivion. The destination fades to black. Expiring. Across dimensions I can feel the rift embracing. A star dies out and leaves a hole. Lost determination. I've lost the chance to live. I remember who I am, and why. Why? I changed who I was, but am I good enough to try? I learned who I am, but am I strong enough to fly?


Josh DeShazo — Guitars, Vocals
Dan Forbrich — Guitars, Vocals
Phil Willmarth — Bass, Vocals

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