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1. Something More

Get out of my way
I am living my life
Got no time to stay
No more time to sacrifice

My dreams are alive
The World open to my eyes
Like Icarus'flight but
Sun won't take my wings

Oh how I look down on people
Who are afraid
To forge their destiny

What did you say?
Words like needles to my face
I'm burning with hate
The same that's behind your eyes

Pointless masquerade
Losers part in the great play
More grimace than smile
You can't buy this lie

Oh how I despite myself
I dare not to face you
To says what's real to me

I'm afraid it's too late
To get you back into my life
Our game
It failed, made us suffer
All the crimes I still hide
Have taken you so far
Should I try
If we still can have something more

2. Out Of These Streets

So many days I have
Been so weak and confused
If I will try harder
I will find words to scream

So many days I have
Been fading to oblivion
Somedays there will be more
And now I know the Truth

So these years do not matter
After all I see it so clear
If these steps I took open another
Door to see something real

Too many days we have
Lived in this room together
How many days have we
Search for another truth?

Too many, too much
Your blindness made me give up
My mistake, my promise
I will give up again

So I tried to find another way
Out of this reality
Maybe someday I'll find someone other
Who helps me out of here
Away from these streets
Out of these streets
Out of these streets

You think you'll find the way
But you have toy stay
You have to stay

3. Stand And Think

Here I am
I writing this letter alone
I'm sorry that it's stained
By my tears

These words I wrote
Brought up the pain again
Memories still haunting me
I can't get Through at all

You better stand and think for a while
Read through these word I wrote
I've never begged you stay before
Is there a time to look behind?

Its too late
To bring you back into my life
Since I have dwelled
In my sorrow

My greatest fall
Was that I let you go
I hope there is sometime
Something more

Oh no

4. Masquerade

I've been waited for years
To open up my mind
I've been held back by fears
Before I opened up my eyes

Maybe tomorrow will answer my call
I will follow you until I fall

I've been cheated with tears
Before I learned to recognize
You have played this masquerade
I can see it now with clear eyes

You can hold on
And steal my dreams
Hide 'em in the shadows
And make believe
Fed by your lies, tied down by deceit
Do you hear my scream?
I'm so scared

5. Fade Away

Hello, good morning.
Wake up and have a smile
A day to feel my life
And a story that reminds me

There's something in my past,
I can't leave or ever hide
Like ink inside my skin
I'm carrying this weight of pride

Just another day
Face the fears, I'm realizing
There's a different play
Which we can play united

But you're on the other side
I can see it now, my baby

Is there any other way
To get us re-united?
I wanna hold you in my life
I can't walk alone
Still we have something to hold on

I beg and bleed in my life
Ink and scars you can see
On my knees I cry
And wish for my dreams to fade away

In shadows in whispers
I can feel again steps beside me
Maybe another way
Through the crossroads.

But don't know where to go
This blindness in my eyes
My dreams are alive
I can feel your breath again

Maybe tomorrow
Show me the way, another way
I'm Dwelling in my sorrow
It makes me feel so sick and tired

Memories I hide
Turned my mind so dark and whispers?
It's telling me the way
Which way to go

I tried

6. Machine

Walking onwards through my life
Bitter, grim smile upon my face
Climbing up while I'm sinking down
Still never gaining ground

Step by step, inch by inch
Pressing forwards, fighting on
Deafened by the roaring wind
Brought back from walk to crawl

Striving to display my worth
Live the dream, I've been told
Glory is within my reach
Lust and greed, I'm unbound

Shackled down into my chair
Transparent walls are caving in
Keep on running, there's no time
No time to look behind

Like a drone I turn this wheel
Outstanding results: faster, more
Exalted part of winning team
Improve before you fall

I'm tired to display my worth
Live your dreams like you told
Always staying out of reach
Too much speed, crashing down

Reaching towards the burning sun
Ashes in ground
I'm falling away but wheels still turn
Spare parts eager to fix the machine
They will be tomorrow
Consumed by the names of your desire

7. Dialog

[Act I]

Is it all over
Have we finally crossed the line?
I still want to hold you
But there's not a chance to even try

Last words were so cold an mean
What you said to me
Turned me into darkness
Now I'm waiting all alone
I need to know
Where are you?

I can't wait to see you again
My mind in a storm of uncertainty
I must have been a fool
What a fool

Too much pride to swallow

In the name of a lie we part our ways
With a woeful cry I call your name
In this hatred our hearts will burn and die
I'll never
I'll never forgive or cry

In our conviction we are
Held hostage by our mind
I lack the strength to break away
Or to try another day

I feel like we are caught in a web
We have been hanging for eternity
No way out without going down
We'll go down

[Act II]

All the fighting
All the lies
All the words
All the crimes

Days go by
I need to see
Where is the line
Where is my peace

In my mind
In my soul
You left me crying
I'm all alone

[Act III]

Are you fading away from my life?
Longing for you words
I'm not ready for goodbyes
Waiting for you to come
I am waiting for the day
When I can tell you why

8. Blinded

[Japan bonus track]

In the shadows
I've been waiting
Waited so long
And attended the line

My frozen tears like
Diamonds they shimmer
In my eyes
Now I've lost all of my pride

These years have
Blinded my eyes
Like flames they burn inside
All of my fears have
Opened up my eyes
To see the truth of believing

My broken dreams are
Made of sorrow
I can hide them nowhere else
Than in my memories
These stories of life
Believing and waiting
Do i have the time to across the line

These tears have
Blinded my eyes
Like the flames they burn inside
All of my years have
Opened up my eyes
To realize the truth of believing

The truth of believing

These years have
Blinded my eyes
In the flames
I'll burn inside
All of my fears have
Made me realize
What's the truth of believing

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