Dark Lyrics


1. Meteor

This atmosphere hangs so heavy
Pirouetting silhouettes
A thousand thoughts dance in my head
Constellation spiderwebs entangle me
Choking on this rosary
Coughing up prayers like a plague
Longing for just one more fever dream
Longing for just one more fever dream to never wake up

Don't wake me up
Let me bathe in the mist of the morning star
Drifting away
Clinging to the tomb of my childhood heart
Seasons in verse
Autumn winds cut to the bone
As they wish me away
Shivering cold, I am a birth defect

I am awake
I cannot breathe
Put me to sleep
Give me to dreams

2. Wildfires

I fell asleep on the forest floor
And when I opened my eyes there were fireflies
I saw your smile in the velvet sky
And it felt like heaven
Sent shivers splintering like a forest chorus
Or a hallelujah roar born from a fever dream
An errant heat that I just cant sweat out

I fell asleep for a little more
And when I opened my eyes my world was on fire
I felt the smoke burn the back of my throat
And I taste no heaven cause there's no heaven
Sore eyelids blistering I stumble blindly
For the softness of your song born of a fever dream
From an errant heat that burned my forest down

Misery, will we fade into nothing?
Misery, does this all mean nothing?
Why do fireflies die? why do wildfires wither away?

3. Ultima

A spell reciting incantations
A spark igniting oil consecrations
A candle burning violently on both of its ends
Flickering wildly like a dying constellation

Its true, I never felt more alone
The room drowned in everlasting dial tone
The spark quelled, that once burned on in infinite
A youth squandered, swallowed in this anxiousness

Give me a sign that youth never dies
That its just buried deep in atrophied dreams

I wish I could turn it off
Kaleidascoping blinding lights
This silence is deafening
I'm lost in my apathy

Stomp me out cause I'm burning at both ends
Stomp me out cause I'm burning on infinite

4. Stalagmites

our wishes on dead stars
are echoing incessantly
so desperately its haunting me
enduring existence
resonating tirelessly
a tangled mess of circuitry
i admit it; i'm a mess
of unwavering uncertainty
just forget it
because you'll never ever know
how it feels to resonate so desperately

lost in haunted memories
given to dreams
and drowned in endless apathy
baptized in the glow of the evening star
i turn away, nothing is real
i close my eyes and feel my body slip from me

5. Diamond Dust

they're blurring together
sun dogs in diamond dust and coastal fog
i'll try to sleep with my arms crossed
to hold it together
these glacier walls that scratch at my skin
and let the dreams of winter creep in
i am an avalanche swallowing everything
i am an avalanche burying myself alive
and i feel just fine

cause i'm just a mote in a sunbeam
nobody loves me, floating in crystal seas
bathed in uncertainty, lost in eternity
sunspots will swallow me
i'm just a mote in a sunbeam
baptized in mercury, rewire my circuitry
we wish impossible things and sink into nervous energies
wishing impossible things

6. Disintegration

i guess that faith was just a seed
that never planted in me
quelling capricorns dreams
close your tired eyes, they're dilated
so pull the dirt from my lungs
and feel the jagged pulse in my skin
as i fall into astral rifts
and feel my body slip in disintegration

staring deep into forever
my wishes resigned
apparitions dance in me
as i welcome in their teeth
maybe someday i will feel
the light in me rebuild and illuminate me
illuminating every single fang that sank into the vein
every single fang i felt disintegrate in me

i feel so empty
the universe inside of me has faded
it just drifts away
our bodies age and entropy
everything that is will disintegrate

7. Spectral

emotions hide
crystals splinter winter nights
like harsh starlight
watercolor seas
a dream that blooms so endlessly
from a single seed
the autumn strangled
the roots unfold aimlessly
entangling me
the garden wilts
the roots unfold so aimlessly
strangling me

we seem so human
withered hollow vessels wrapped in paper thin skin
lost in the brilliance
drowned in water color astral waves and time
we seem so human

8. Incantations

I’m painting mountains across timeless passions
I climbed the tops of trees but all I saw in me
Were just cloud mouthed storm fronts clouding crystal visions
A ruined painting disintegrating
I will never be forgiven for the spiderwebs I’ve woven
When the light goes out is it really the end?
Peel back the scab, let it all breathe in
Temporary spirit energies dance under our skin
Shivers splinter in my chest
And spill the bilge flowing in my head
I’m just a ruined painting, I’m just a wish resigned
I’m just a wolf in shepherd’s skin and I’ll eat myself alive

9. Luminaria

falling star dew drops on the rearview mirror
disconnect from the self
suffocating slowly in subconscious dilation
peeling scabs with my teeth
i read the verdict in my palms
certain futures lost in present tense
another lump in my throat
another fortune lost to wishing wells

my heart is a desolate peak
life is a lonely disease
embedding splinters in me
life is a lonely disease

wound tight like tourniquets
splinters embedded in consciousness
spiders shedding webs from their spinnerets
sinking their fangs, this brittle husk just isn't permanent

10. Amalgamation

blue burning orange
vespertine, my eyes drown in the evening glow
swallow shooting stars like a sacrament
and burning leaves just like some ancient prayer
from autumns swollen tapestry
a quilt so faded and torn to threads
i struck a match just to light my way
and burned my fingers instead

now the forest is gone
the ashes fall like snow
when winter sank in the soil
the garden just wouldn't grow
now the forest is gone
the ashes fall like snow
we tie our tourniquets tight
our bitter blood stops to flow
we built the funeral pyre
the ashes fall like snow

we held a seance inside ourselves

11. Old Wounds

a sirens whisper echoes through my head
a fleeting feeling slipping through my hands
a ghost-like beauty and splendor
a vespertine sweet surrender
but all it left me was a burning bed
and in the ashes were seeds of regret
so i planted gardens in glass realms
embedded splinters in myself
cause young love feels like its all teeth
and i wanted something that feels real

we pulled the earth from the bone and emptied the vein
when the dust settled an ocean remained and in its waves
old wounds reopened
our hopes drowned in the ocean

Thanks to iamjonnyross for sending these lyrics.

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