Dark Lyrics


1. Black Gammon

Perched on bones of dissent
Interloper from the Fourth
Sate, desire to sicken
Born of the Source

Faith weighs a blade
Segregating the human congregate

Masked, sallow, His face
Waxes and wanes
Flaxen and feign

All our wayward have truly lost their way
Suffer the lost, the procured children
All prayers to the Lord, retract them now
The Lord is one mask
Masque of Gammon!

2. Old Tea

Antiquial light shed with a wave of lichen hand
An ancient tress, a wooden pulse
Varnish reeks, shadows creak
A stale grace, old tea, old tea

Here, lies power dormant, undying light
Aether moves as blown dust correlates
Elder light suffused in the cold
Glazing grey permeates all corner

A jurisdiction passed on the immaterial
Can here, not dream death on life

Otherworldy shan't call the living
With falsities
Material silence
Utter and complete

They disperse from the unmistaken
Corporeal manifest
Dry rot
Old tea

3. An Earth Rides Its Endless Carousel

The man's wizened stance
And his knotted thunder staff
Reducing man and beast to naught
Magick that diseases steel
For be (and they) cannot return

A vacuum only prime man sees
A universal war left us stranded by decree
In fear of reprisals, we hallowed this earth
A geocentric kiss, a taint of our deepest skin

The Greyed swords, bejewelled in two black orbs
Those gods in turning fires
You partook of their essence

An oblivion and chaos rife, flesh in turmoil
A bond in whoredom, man
Whoredom by the hands of these
Emblazoned mastery, flyers of the Wheel

Serpent sigil aloft on stolen wings
They dare speak unto us as gods
Draw us from the earth in droves
Our minds bent back wards

4. A Merging To The Boundless

Multifarious anthropos

Zodiacal chi absorbs and focus aligns
White skinned, purple pulsed monarch
Emerges of the House

One a warrior
One a mediator
One lay weary to die my death
One born of my rib to learn again

Toads infect this cosmic stream
Goading, mimic-king
Gloat alike
Wretched in their wanton pedigree

Wields energy beaming down
Light from the outer spheres

5. The Grand Equalizer

His slovenly lordship, spits phlegmy ages
Yawns the weary aches
Of Death, from his bones
An evil olde sol was he

Woe a black skull ensconced in bones
Insinuating One
He who hammers myth hard on the forge

Woe the ages, so many weary moons
Petrified him, inside to out

From one church, through temples
A winding trail
Gloriou gold paved roads
So many sacrifices

All love became sand
Outside the hourglass
Poured into the palm
Slips surely through frail fingers

That blazing sun under my lids, behind my teeth
Lay dead on the precipice of the abyss

Creeping up to engulf mine eye
To steal my vision complete
To steal all colours
One by one

6. Ride The Everglade Of Reogniroro

The oceans of Leviathan
Bathed in permanance
Drowned in the formaldehyde
He exists in the deep un-fathomed light

I am sworn to incubate the messiash
Of the final transgression

Enslaved in glacial bonds
Though delivered, to taxiderm
The conclusive race
First and last creation

Pursuing the trivial ageing in pre-meditation

Poltergeist spawn on the tree of life
Scars will aflame, stiches will bust
As physical holocaust is rehearsed

Lord of the everglade
Reogniroro will hatch
Hierarchy and scum will end

The ultimate knowledge is death
Infinite is existence, until reached, is this

7. Incense And Aeolian Chaos

I play for them
A sermon
To summon

Lurch through planes
Folding spatial time

They saith I play with passions unbound
Voyce thy silent choir,
Alien harmonies I'll not hear, here
Lest they will it, in slumber, in trance
And tumult have.

Parasites, dictates, ghostly masons
Coalesce in corners of this abode
Swirling, deepening, downewards, darknesse
Night weary shadows


Sing to me
I learn, I scribe
Belated realisation of
Concealed magick!

Bless me, ye!
Secretion of lack, and light
To tame the wild
Ghostly traffick!

The Great Righteous Destroyer — Bass, Vocals
Selenium — Drums
The Serpent Inquisitor — Guitars, Vocals

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