Dark Lyrics


1. Red Antlered Radiant

Heir to us trust oh highest
Gods & forevermore speak
In the coloured serpent dialect
Of first flock and watery origins

Stirreth clay to broil and
Breathe bountiful angels

To never, tread stale waters &
Scavenge among buzzard
Is righteous; foremost to
Proper exultation
Exalt in the heaven
The earth & the just

Conciliate the primeval
Pact in horns
Sprint alike fevered,
Demented beasts
Onto rusty, shodden gates
Behind which hide wights
Brandishing ignorant evils

So the tempered fury erupts
With swirling moons to crush
Tsunami warmongers salute
The sun & submerge
Elliptical floods purify & purge

Red redemption
Contorts a vastness
A fatal creatrix swallows the sky
Smokey talons smite
Vicarious Inner gongs peal
In maddened pitch

Affluent in all highest
The wraith of wrathful lights
Streams into the fore

2. Passing Stone - Into The Greater Sun

Mass atop, to below
A tower of cities
Aground upon, a barren abyss
Unseemly, yet once almighty

Glyphs traced in the
Salty stone, history
Of flourishing gnome
Aborted, crucified and conquered
In momentary glory,
Now varnished in occult, in verse
Colossal splendor, plummeting

With flickering lantern in hand
I descend into the earth
Passing stone to sun
They shall witness I Martyr
United with our world

Choke the sulphur
It blackens my face, my tears

Sightless, yet the know me
Hate me

3. Pypes Of Psychosomatis

I brushed past a willow
And aught night be
Blackest pitch
It decided not its fare
Settling quietly
Back in commune

For the Song had changed
This hour
Father, thy sacred breath brings
Colors to my ears

I inspire of your creations

Golden demeans
The greatest treasures
Lay green and such
Tended by elfin hands
Lives blown in his harmonies

Aura and spine vibrate
In choral voice
Lattice-like pitches pass through
And build me a living ley
My being, the fabric
The point of return

4. Refractive Convex Continuum

When the world shared
A dream of deaths
The elderly tugged at
The sleeves of children
Begging opulent
Enlightenment and
Faraway redemption

In a form, young, and cast
By the sun of a new age
Those whom live the
Renewed continuum

The first breath
Of the newborn
Sweetest, dense in
Sapience, in purity
A prize vapor stored
A grail alchemically adored

Hear me, people of wires
Of device, machinations
The division grows
Widened to an horrific gulf

Commit ye to Man, the beast
Or drown naked
The infallible pandemonium
That runs course from
Wounds, of the World's
And thy own dissipating aura
The Way of the World
Is thy Way

Refractive convex continuum

5. Chase For The Serpentsong

Shrunken rune
They called God-sent
Drags irreverently in tow
Their hisses draw close,
Stop & turn
Dematerialized again!

I know the secret path,
They could not follow
Searing chord
Umbilical to me, and this...

Where is the sign?
Damn the Scripts
This mud so thick

A stone wound in the marsh,
Here it ends

The watery concave
Cut in granite
Into which I dive, psychic sight,
awash in waves

Blind serpents clasp my form
The water speaks; I scream
Serpent song

Vile curtain luminous
Bore down against the axis
Portrait in magnetic hues

Now sung
The white being aborted
Ancestors, it says
Takes my hands
Three hearts
Unsung drown

6. The Morbid Slither, The Sinner Slough

Slit wings of despondency
Simian strings in woe
The hushed choir that insist
Horn-white demons
Behold they slough

Vista steeped in Chitauri luster
Interrupts my angel and heart
In that palpitating bliss
True life was, remiss

Who would raise this
Shell from the granite slab
Faithless vultures circle slowly,
Madly in this stark,
Stony desert
One could forget, humanity

Creepers blanket and shadow
As thick black lichen
Store my fats
Black magikkians pass
Libate partly unto
Sorrow and horror
Fearing the weep
Incensed by the presence of
Their parent demons

Purge flesh, of the serpent's kiss
Urge flesh and splintered child
From its aeons embrace

7. Hue-Man-King

I am of infinitesimal cells
In each lies a world
My blood
A swirling vortex of space

Through it,
Life moves at constants
Greater than minds conceive
King of the World
Banish this spirit,
And those of my brothers
Of demons and hexes

Black eyes demons
Who speak and act
Through the ghastly
Deeds of man
Glib tongued demons
Afoul, afoot

Carve them unto my heart
A devic libation
At the sculpted fountain
Glaring and powerful
Above the entrance
To the monastery of my selves

Father Dragon
Father Gnosis
Father Fore
Father Wise

8. Formless Face Of The Timeless Faceless

Sail the vast and great under-keep
Immaculate citadel
Spills a steady seep
Psychic dark,
Thick as wine a starry weep

Faceless purveyors
From golden angles
Steal into within
Formless composite, unreal

A stolen glance brings fever, distress
Lunatic choir, glow-eyed marionettes
Lost to abandon and a wild jig

Inter-dimensional carrion birds prey
Ablative skins out of time
Pray for my spirit out of time!
Re-animate through
Dead orgone pulses
This vortex spun weaves of
Chaotic, negative force
A new pantheon takes shape
In sulphur scented shadows!

Undead lords on high
Wreak rotting intrigue
Monsters of Delta-Time

I ran hard, I rode pale
Those creatures in myth
They were to hunt me now
But my escape,
Would they haunt me ever, over?
They haunt me ever, over...

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