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1. Past Centuries

I came through the fire of the past centuries
And now I'm here, my wills made of steel

2. A Great Adventure

I came through the fire of the past centuries
And now I'm here, my wills made of steel
Stories of forgotten realms live again
Just hear my words about freedom and course

Keep an eye on history
One day it will show your destiny

Let me tell about heroes of an ancient time
I know them all, glory and fall
And every stolen secret
Join me on this journey back in ancient times
Strife of the kings, heroic deeds
A great adventure waits for you

Say, have you ever been so close to your dreams?
The time is right, look into the light
Shadows of the fallen dance around the fire
Don't fear my friend, 'cause it's not the end

Are you ready for the ride?
Now will leave this darksome world behind

Just read the pages of dusty books
Glide on wings of the magical history
Seek the answers, the long lost roots
And you'll find yourself

3. For The Glory Of Worms (Siegfried's Song)

See those armies march away
Defeated men of yesterday
In their eyes is nothing but
Broken pride

Hear our song fly to the sun
The march of Glory's just begun
On blood-stained fields we do advance
And fate's our guide

See, here I stand
And under the sign of God
I'll carry on my way

We beat back Saxon and Danish men
They will not attack again
Gunther is our mighty king
He spares their lives

And I, I'm the one
Who found a better home
Behind these mighty walls

For the Glory of Worms I fight
I don't obey any masters
For this land I would give my life
'Cause it's the place where I can be free

So tell me, are you strong enough to ride with me
And to fight with me for the land and your king
And tell me, are you strong enough to leave your home
And not to know what tomorrow will bring

For the Glory...

I came to this land
To find the love
I was searching for
Through all those years

And now she's here
In my arms, my everything
And when I'm tired
She rocks me to sleep

Volker, raise our flag up high
Let it flatter in the sky
Hagen, I see in your eyes
The fire of war

They say I'm unbeatable
And I know, I will never fall
Until this power drives me on
And fills my soul

Friends, my dear love
I feel, I'm not a stranger
In this land anymore

For the Glory...

4. Land Of Ice

- I can already see the coast. It will be a hard challenge, I know.
Will you help me, when I need you?

- Yes, my king. You can always count on me. I'm your friend.

5. The Mission (Gunther's Song)

My heart's beating wild
'Cause I feel it's time
Time to live my dreams
We're setting the sail
Our ship will prevail
Over stormy waves

I've lived by the sword
My fate's been foretold
But noone rules my life
It will take a turn
The fire will burn
In this soul of mine

Far-far over the sea
Lives the one, who waits for me
And I swear by my life
I'll reach the coast
So what is destiny
All the riches and bravery
If I can't have her love
I will be lost

It's probably my end
But I can not wait any longer
I trust in my friend's helping hand
My way leads from darkness
Into the light of day
At the end of this mission
In pride I will stand

Hold on my friends
We're almost there
Dark clouds disappear
In this land of Ice
The strong can survive
So drive away your fear

Deep in my mind
A voice calling loud:
"Beware the beast in white!"
Her smile shows the pain
My true Hagen says:
"She's the devil's bride"

There's no way back for me
But it was my choice, so let me be
May she bring suffering
Peace or war
In the contest she gave me pain
But this journey wasn't in vain
I am trapped in her love

It's probably...

6. Conspiracy

- The stranger is sowing discord between us. There is no place for him in this land. He must die.

- But he's always been true to us. He risked his life in so many battles. There must be a better solutisn.

- I don't think so. Believe me, it's the best for us all.

7. Outrage (The Brave Die Hard)

With hands like iron he held his steel
The hero second to none
The dogs were restless, they smelled the wild
He's last adventure'd begun

Eagles circle the sky
Today the good-one must die

He chased the lion and killed the wolf
It was a succesful day
But shapeless forces lay in the mist
In wait for a royal prey

Conspiracy in the dark
The Evil's setting its mark

The Brave Die Hard, in your final hour
Don't cry for mercy
Don't scream out loud, don't let them see your pain
In your eyes the prophecy of fall and slavery
Just raise your head, you've always been so proud
The Brave Die Hard

He knelt to the water to slake his thirst
Oh, what a tormenting end!
The man, unbeaten in all those fights
Was dead, betrayed by his friends

The pike is crossing his heart
Contention's going to start

The Brave Die Hard...

8. The Sentinel (Hagen's Song)

Left alone in the wasteland of my memories
After all I have not lost my will
You took a life, they said, and that's a heavy crime
They've denied so fast their lust to kill!

I saw red, I already know
Where hatred dwells
But I must take care of my king
Oh, I'm the Sentinel

Who needs all those treasures of an outsider?
Let the holy foams engulf them all!
I am not a prophet, but I have to warn
A power's on the rise that makes us fall

Hear these words of a true man
Who serves you well
My duty's to watch, to protect this land
Oh, I'm the Sentinel

Prepare for the twilight
When creatures of Hell ride
Just pray to your Maker
But I'll be your saviour

I am your saviour

9. Couriers

- My king, such a terrible crime happened in the West! Siegfried, the great hero has been murdered. And his beautiful wife is locked in the tower of mourning.

- What a shame! Go back, my friends, and ask her, if she would like to come to me. I want to bring back the sun in, to her life.

10. Scourge Of God

Born from the dust of the glittering stars
Reinforced his soul in glorious wars
Ruling the countries by steel and the might
Scourge of God, bringer of light

Contract with powers of heaven he made
They give him force, control his fate
Surrounded by wisemen he gains mastery
Over the dark, eternally

Kings knelt down, and they gave their crown
To the ruler praised by all
The longest path leeds to victory
But he could not resist the call

Holy winds of pride
(Are) Blowing by your side
And taking you far, where the mystery hides
Where your bravemen ride
Night and day collide
You are the one, King of nomads

Men came from far, where the Sun meets the Earth
A story they've told about evil's birth
He send them back to the walls by the Rhein
To rescue the princess from all the crime

11. Longing To Fly (Kriemhild's Song)

Here in my room, in chains of tears and mourning
The endless pain is darkening every thought
Why? Why have you gone?
Why you left me here?
My heart is full of fear
My heart is full of fear

Deep in the night I hear a silent whisper
I see your face in the candlelight
Our time is running out, I know it well
There's so much more to tell
There's so much more to tell

And my heart is longing to fly
Over forests and hills to the misterious skies
And my heart is longing to fly
To the place where angels cry

And my heart is yearning to die
In that place where angels cry
In that place where heroes lie

12. One Dawn

- Wake up, brother. Saddle your horse. The time has come to leave. It's the king's command.

13. Farewell

The dawn is cold
The fire in the distant sky
Is taking my sight
All men in arms
We're waiting for a sign

I had a dream
A dream of running blood
I felt my body burning
I heard a voice
"Vengeance will be mine"

Into the Unknown we ride
Passing mountains, valleys
Searching for the way
Follow the leaders
Whatever it may take

I left my home
And held my crying wife and children
For a last time
I wish that I could wipe away their tears

The deadly sin, Siegfried's blood
Is screaming to the edge of heaven
The guilty souls are damned
For a million years

Farewell to the land of eternal glory
Where true hearts were united in peace
Farewell to the river of thousand fairytales
To the whispering warm summerbreeze

[Spoken words:]
It's an invitation - said the Ruler.
Fear spread its wings in the hearts of the followers.
In obdience to the command they all set out to the journey,
But for many of them it was clear, just like written words:
This could be a journey with no return.

Farewell to the land of eternal glory
Where true hearts were united in peace
Farewell to the river of thousand fairytales
To the whispering warm summerbreeze
The wheel of history's moving forward
A new chapter in life will begin
Farewell to the people, who are dear to me
I hope, I'll see you again will meet again

14. The Journey (On The Path Of The Damned)

Night turns to day, and the warriors
Are on the way again
Beyond the hills there's a place so unknown
What will they find there?
The question is written in the eyes
It seems so unreal, but the fear has been born

Go, don't look back, be yourself
As good as you can
When it's time to reveal
Die like a man

River of torments, they're reaching
The point of no return
Where is the man, who can help them to cross?
Waiting in patience, but anguish is
Burning in the hearts
Hagen is restless, the master of force

Go, don't look back...

All the rage's breaking loose
There is no way left to choose
Feel, the demon's alive
And only one will survive
On the path of the damned
Walk together 'till the end
Blinded by your useless pride
You will face the final fright

A prophecy of ageless witches, and into a passion he flies
He's acting like a god of thunder, hatred glows in his eyes
The ferryman is struggling hard, but the dark lord's taking his life
These bloody hands will show the only way to the other side

The crowded ferry's moving slow, and Hagen's playing rough games
Remembering the prophecy he throws the priest into (the) wawes
A guardian angel never leaves, so the priest is reaching the coast
He's the chosen one who gets away from the claws of

15. No Mercy

- The end is near, I can feel it. Once my brothers, now my enemies. I can give no mercy.

16. The Final Act (Steel Is The Law)

A guest for lost glory has come to the end
Far from the loved ones and far from the land
Fire of vengeance is melting the soul
Just one last meeting, you can't ask for more

Madness is growing inside of the brain
Can't wash your crimes down in this pouring rain
Inside the walls, where the silence's so great
The beast lies in wait

Power's so raw
Steel is the law
Into the dark you fly
Just like a crow
Your fate is sealed
Wounds can't be healed
Until the end of time
They have is bleed

Avenger in armour, she's cold like a stone
Thousands are with her, but she's so alone
Spilling the blood of the kings and the knights
Insanity guides


Darkness reaches so high
It turns the wind and kills the light
But somewhere out in the night
Hope's still alive; new heroes ride

Power's so raw
Steel is the law
Into the dark you fly
Just like a crow
On bended knee
Who sets you free?
Trust in the Holy One
Pray, and you'll see

17. Never To Be Forgotten

Well, this was the Lay of the Nibelungen.
It's not always like in fairytales;
Sometimes the darkness prevails over the light.
But not for ever. And the names of true heroes are never to be forgotten.

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