Dark Lyrics


1. Yearly Dying

Find myself in a state
that always appears this time of year
Feels like I'm in a dark muddy hole
Where everything seems to far

Baby, maybe-time to go
Baby, baby-make me warm
I know, you know-something's wrong
Baby, maybe time to go...

Weakness... Concentrate...
I'm too cold to wanna reach anything
Grab my pen without strength
Alcohol becomes my saviour

Baby, maybe-time to go
Baby, baby-make me warm
I know, you know-something's wrong
Baby, maybe time to go home...

Rain... Falling outside...
Memories flashing behind my frightened eyes
safe from harm... Harmony
ease my head with another one

2. Pelekas

Here I am, standing in the middle of her heart
A year has gone by since I last kissed her love
Yeah, I'm standing with my beloved beer as the same feelings rush
I'm back to where life is life-Pelekas

I see another familiar face-it's Patric
Who I know won't have a shower until he's on the boat
My three soft singin' English birds are now four
And Cactus Marguerita my friend
Queen of it all

Yeah, I'm down here again
To get drunk with my friends
Yeah, I'm back here again
And I'm filled to the brim with love...

3. The Space Inbetween

Cold as a moon
Too late to turn now
Pictured this day so differently
Both sides of hope...
But the space inbetween is filling us an uncomfortable mood

Sorry... said the you think voice inside
But I don't think you will find it

How long do you think you'll keep it up?
(Well, I don't think you'll find it...)
A little conversation, maybe?
A different outflow of our minds
Happy faces, anyone
Insecurity... Shine through

4. If This Is All

Woke up this morning from a wonderful dream
A dream about a beatiful land where I could breathe
The only thing I wanted was to go back to sleep
and dream all day long... I was feeling rather down

If this is all...

I dream all day long about having it all
of being rich and famous and doing what I want
I don't think it'll solve all my problems...
You know it's only money, but lot's of fun

If this is all...
I don't want to stay!
Don't want to stay... Take me to another place

5. Under Silence

See days dawn under silence
Eyes cautiously follow face expressions

Well it's easy to live in a lie
but I guess it will be hard
to die with that wisdom

Bleeding, running blind
Dark meat rise
Eternal, the possible
Frozen under silence

It shines constantly inside the slaughterhouse
And from here I look out
Under silence

6. If You Should Leave

Baby, will you hold my hand, my head is haunted
I feel that the worst is to come
Oh baby warm me
Maybe if you hold me tight
I will be alright
I feel that my life is running out
Oh baby love me

Gone insane...
I remember how it all went away

And if you should leave me here alone now
I will open the door to the end...
so I won't be left again

Heal me, will you heal my wounds
I need your love babe
Even if you don't know me yet believe I love you
Guide me, will you lead me through the hungry forest
I know if we pull it through love will bloom

7. Magnificent Obsession

Who said death must be sad?
Let's go together, take my hand
Don't call me mad now 'cos I said so
I'll carry you across the deep black river

And as I lay you down
on the fresh green grass
I'll kiss your bloodred lips...

You know when night turns to day
and your head feels tired 'n heavy
When black and white emotions
turn to boring grey

We're together now and forever
we won't come back, no never
We're together now and forever
we won't come back... No...

1994 Music For Nations

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