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1. Homage To The Betrayed

Someone bring me the wine!
Well you know, know what you came for
Are you still blinded by hate

well I try and I do understand you
never met a woman that hasn't betrayed me

You sit and you wait by the phone
You sure gonna gun down that whore

well I try and I do understand you
never me a woman that hasn't betrayed me

Someone bring me the wine!
Well you did, you did what you came for
said it was a voice in your head

well I try and I do understand you
But can't you tell a demon from a friend

2. Monster Astronaut

Take me to the river
Dance with the demons inside
Put me in the mist wait for the golden twist
Fly me to the moon we got enough of fuel
Dark moving shadows once got a hold of you
well I won't be back there

I won't be back there
No way
Tripping with my baby she's got a taste for fun
Dance a little dance
Twist into the magic trance
Monster astronauts semen of the sun
Monster astronauts now we're leaving ground

And we won't be back there

We won't be back there
No way

3. Euphoria

The sun is high and so am I
The plant in the hole starts to rise
Thoughts of the moon rotating in the room
I'm floating down a river without you
Smoke me baby, boil my soul
Let your wet pieces warm my bones
Ocean wide smell of freedom
Ocean wide taste of joy

I'm thirsting for euphoria
I'm drowning in this ocean of doubts
I'm fighting with my phobia
I'm thirsting for euphoria

Planets circulate around our heads
Listen carefully and you hear them say
Life is love and together we are God
Hold me tight, warm my bones, take me home

4. Broken Morning

Echos from a sweating sky
My fingers dancing cos I'm a liar
Beyond the mountains I gaze a jewel
Behind my eyes its june
Broken morning tears drop cold
My throat kiss pills of gold
Sad sun watch clouds make love
Sad soul watch me get stoned

5. Lack Of Prozac

You see me as a looser
You see me as a clown
You see me as a drinker
Well I see you as a whore
She runs after signs
She runs with a lie
She said she needed space
But that was just an excuse to run away
I had swallowed too much pain
I had to ventilate some hate
Amongst sissy pop-rock stars
My fist started to talk

6. Superbossanova


7. Bad Karma

Bad karma, bad life
Magic wonders is a horse without a head
No sign of hope, my soul miss home
Pills and booze become my lullaby

I'm singing to you
Don't give me your truth
Divine woman, blackhearted lady
Tenderness turns to a holy mess
Sence of chaos, a broken song
Find myself in the worse mess I've been

Bad karma, bad life
Magic wonders ain't made for you and me
But inside charmers make me breathe
They tell me stories of why I have to bleed

8. Send Me A Smile

Nominate myself for what I want to achive
Form my surroundings in relation to the seed
Smiles swims in a muddy breath
thirsting pulsating blood
What else can I do, than to feed me with a bigger thirst

But I wonder why tears run dry
Mind control
well I think I've lost mine
Let's climb the holy mountain
and eat the stars

Under the wisdom tree
we'll drink the weeping grass
I need my fire drug
to feel the flood
I'm selfdestructive baby
But a friendly one

You better leave me here alone
I need this night to heal my world
Send me a smile and I'll get bye

But let me drink my wine tonight
Too late to turn back pages
ambush, a part of my life
Nowdays the sun won't shine
Cos like my head, its lost in a cloud
My heart is broken baby
but still it's pounding
Too long with pills and booze
my short-memory ain't what it should

9. Cosmic Romance

Power up the electric lady
lick her spasmic skin
stick one finger into her mouth
wet her up for a carneval
Let luna set fire to our souls
Red wine won't escape our tounges
kiss scars of yesterday goodbye
let the romance kick off
Our minds are cristal clear
don't mind the silver lace
there's no limit for souls in love
cosmic romance kick off

10. Inside Charmers

I feel so lonely in my own born shoes
I've tried so hard to be happy like you
Hold me
somebody hold me
Drowning, I think I'm drowning
I can not bring myselt to break out of this blue
It's cutting deeper and it's eating me numb
Save me
somebody save me
Drowning, I think I'm drowning

But I feel fine today
cos I've got friends inside my head
They tell me stories about
the world within ourselves
...and watch me get high
I shocked the Midnight Lady
fucked her lazy head
I took the ride to disaster
gave birth to a ghost

The world belongs to the weak
the strong ones have commited suicide
I wear my dirty black jeans
right into a dream

11. Sad Queen Boogie

Fine woman won't you buy me another drink
I'm broke but not tired
you can pour all your problems on me

Smoke queen mama kiss me so sweet
Licker King papa make me feel free

Take me away baby
let us loose ourselves
Fine Lady will you sail away with me
Let's climb to the top of my magic tree

We're getting bye baby
just buy me another pint of hell
Take my hand baby
we'll find a better way
You're such a sad looking Lady
come onboard, join the show

12. Mushroom Tea Girl

I've ended the vision of being sane
Tucked the image into bed
I'm sweating denials from the tip of my tongue
You wouldn't belive this nation of pills
Shaking water, my head in a haze
Taste me baby, but you can't save my head
Bring a cup of mushroom tea
Take a swim inside of me

13. The Band Is Playing

[bonus track]

Pass me the wine... gotta, gotta warm up my spine
It's what I need to carry on...
So many people have come down to see the show
seems to be a fine day for Rock'n' Roll!

The band is playing
The girls are swingin'
Booze is flowing and we are loaded

(Bring out the band...)

There's that hazy bird with diamond eyes
she always swings like a crazy cat
shes a woman of the first division
she's filled with the holy ghost of rock'n'roll

Pass me the wine... gotta, gotta warm up my spine
It's what I need to carry on... honey
Tonight's the night, gonna give you what you want
Fill you souls with good old rock'n'roll, c'mon!

14. If You Should Leave

[bonus track]

Baby, will you hold my hand, my head is haunted
I feel that the worst is to come
Oh baby warm me
Maybe if you hold me tight
I will be alright
I feel that my life is running out
Oh baby love me

Gone insane...
I remember how it all went away

And if you should leave me here alone now
I will open the door to the end...
so I won't be left again

Heal me, will you heal my wounds
I need your love babe
Even if you don't know me yet believe I love you
Guide me, will you lead me through the hungry forest
I know if we pull it through love will bloom

1998 Music For Nations

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