Dark Lyrics


1. Witchfire

There they go the last two hundred
The fire is waiting
Silent eyes, watch them
The flames of power knew no hatred

But still they dance
Around the witchfire
Around & around, without fear
But fire comes ruining the truth

Love is the master of hate
The drums of death
Are soon to follow
They gave their blood for life

Burned, chased for holy reasons
Saving his people from evil

Where are the silent ones
Where are the traitors
Who told them lies
They saw the golden light

2. Reverse

Haunted Visions
Man chases his incompetence
Perceptions became philosophy
Philosophy became the truth
The truth killed millions of people
Man chases his incompetence
Haunted Visions

3. Purest Queen

Little mother why do you let them weep
What's the reason people put their faith in you
Purest Queen of Heaven

You can come out of purgatory
But never out of hell

You took their minds and turned them
Into emotional slaves, afraid to sin
So abandon me, let me think and act


4. Individual

I'll see the eyes, that looked in mine
Always hiding the truth from me
The spirit of the individual

Screaming with my mouth shut
Pretending nothing has happened
Cause there's no-one left to blame
Cruel images, clouding my vision
Am I what I planned to do
The haunt for contonent and mutual concessions
Or am I what I am competent of

Does life seem worth while to you
Looking for the dream that keeps coming back
The images of our desting oblivion
It should help me help myself
But my tortured brain tells me
I've reacked for the answers to soon

So don't follow me I'm lost too
The world expects a pose
I love a thousand yet none
One by one, alone in silence, we stand
In line
Screaming without making a sound

5. Aimless

We'll never break the chain
Of cirkles from beginnings and ends
Who is wondering why
Scared by visions of chaos
Visions of the future and the past

Behind their eyes, you can see the hope
What you'll see is sickened or dead
Why ask why
An answer, brings a dozen other questions

Who is wondering why
Theories as weak as life
The truth known only as a mythe
Fact and fiction strangled together
Existence is the perfect victim of reality

Fantasising there's a connection
A connection between heaven, earth and hell
A wanted explanation of naïve minds
Because there is no law for that
Why wonder why

Stuck with our conscious border
A body to body conversation
Of our innerselves
Humanity has no language for that

The Knowledge we'll never possess
Just another target to achieve
The spoken mind and reasons why
Are never obvious, a troubled portrait

6. Götterdämmerung

The human race existed
With the certain supposition
That his death as an individual
His mortal appearance
Was submitted to
The immortality
Of man as a specie
This changed with the opening

Of Pandora's Box
In Worldwar II
The validity of
The belief was withdrawn
We now live in borrowed time
The damaging of the opponent
Was restricted
Now ransom can be demanded

For earth's atmosphere
The most obvious clue
Of man's pathology
Is the opposition of
His unique
Technological mind
And his inability
To solve social problems

7. Verdict

Manslaughter, frenzied action, lost desires
Thus sentenced, time's slowed down since you're here
Fugitive existence, made way for apathetic waiting
Thoughts cross your mind, adrenaline excreted

Death's collecting, your time is gone now you're on
Dementing scare rips the hope, useless anyway
Indigestion, bile is all you taste
Heart pounding, perspiring body, muscles trembling

Lights slithering along you, when you pass the hallway
The room approaching, life's still strong but doubtful soon
Arms are clasped, tighting straps, poison prepared
Immunity is a joke, or would you prefer some volts

The needle penetrating, unleashing evil in your blood
Scorching it's way to your brain
Muscles, contracting, spinning eyeball
Afflicting your body, 'till last convulsion has gone

Thanks to deathmariachi for sending these lyrics.

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