Dark Lyrics


1. The Fading Light


2. As Darkness Falls

[Lyrics by Gabriel Franco, Tyler Loney]

As darkness falls there’s a fire born within
Seeds of a black earth are growing again
Screams heard through time as the futures made the past
Our broken world, real at last

and from the grave, the dead are staring up at you
at you.

Like a million voices in the night
They call to me
Like a million voices singing bright
They call to me

As darkness falls

As darkness falls those who departed bleed once more
Up from their sleep reborn in the storm
A silver lining in the book of creation
Those who have sinned, sin again

No matter the distance
Close to the heart
Drawing together
And ripping apart

As darkness falls

3. Bound

[Lyrics by Spellcaster]
Fallen victim to the night
Voices from the shadows you cannot
You cannot hide

Into the night I fall
Lucid dreams
Turn around

Reaching, I reach but I find nothings there
Silence echoes through the walls of my mind

Nightmares, specters of the past
Forever bound to me at last
At last

4. Ghost Of My Memory

[Lyrics by Gabriel Franco & Tyler Loney]

Noises, a distant cry a quiver in my spine
Vivid phantoms haunting me
So many years have passed that time cannot forgive
I wake up screaming in the night

And from the darkness you return to me
So cold, so real
Are you a ghost or just a memory
Living through me

Enter, your silhouette is looming at the door
Dark empty eyes are watching me
Closer life and death are not so far apart
There’s nothing left but the soul

5. Premonition


6. Haunted

[Lyrics By Gabriel Franco, Cory Boyd, Tyler Loney]

On the sea of night I drift away to shores within my mind
Blinded by the sight, the thought of what I had, but lost in time

I drift away
In my mind
What I had
Was never mine

So in the dead of night
I hear you calling
Every night you come back just the same to me

And in the moonlight
Your eyes are burning
Darkness guides your footsteps falling free
Haunting me

When I wake up and the world is dead
There are no more memories
You’ll never know that I still search above the earth in which you lie

The fire sings sweet melodies
Burning strong here with me
We turn to ash
And drift miles away
To sweet summer lands
Golden and green

7. Run Away

[Lyrics By Gabriel Franco & Tyler Loney]

Frozen in time but changing in motion
Screaming, my body’s on fire
Here yesterday but so far away now
Your blood rides the veins to my heart

Run away

In shadows I gaze
A man in a mirror
Far off and fallen behind
You always appear
Drawing me near
Reaching your soul out to mine

Run away

Dark hands burning
To touch your soul

So little time, just scraping the surface
Who is to say what is real
Maybe I have some kind of purpose
I cannot deny what I feel

Run away

Dark hands burning
To touch your soul

8. Eyes Of Black

[Lyrics by Tyler Loney]

Open these closed doors and see
Shine a light on this cold dark night
This fortress stands
That was the plan
Watch it fall
Disguised envy behind these walls

Caught here stuck in my mind
Which path to take I cannot find
Eyes turn grey
My conscience fades
Left alone
Still nowhere to call home

In this life you’re forced to fade
Dim the lights as you decay
Tossed and turned in my own grave
Eyes of black are blinding me

I’ve followed you all of these years
Through every broken truth and every fallen tear
Who are you, the queen of this land?
No mistake no trace
Another lie instead of your faith

Eyes of black are blinding me

9. Clockwork

[Lyrics by Gabriel Franco & Tyler Loney]

Under your spell, in a trance i see you
Young and full of life
As pure as snow, or the mark of a blood red wine
But you live no more

At midnight I take you away
Beneath the barren sky
To the arms of the earth we return
Together lost in time

Lying beside you, once as always
Dreaming through a broken eye
A thin beam of moonlight bleeds through the darkness
Gazing on where we lie

10. Voyage

[Lyrics by Gabriel Franco and Tyler Loney]

Another day has gone away
I remember when you used to dream
When visions seemed to manifest
Endless realities
But still it seems for all the effort you struggle inside
It seems to me its left to chance this time
Look into yourself

Your finger points
Your judgment is written in stone
You think you’re free but cant you see
You are the one who’s alone
Promises and secrets you said you would keep for me
But empty words die before you speak

All you are comes back to me

A voyage on a changing sea
Where I go a mystery
All the stars they seem to fade
I close my eyes and drift away

The winds of time come in crashing
Your body decaying in age
How do you feel
Can you even say how you’ve drifted away
And in the dark
There’s no one there you’ll remember
You see the stars grow dim and cold and fade
Fade away

All you are comes back to me

A voyage on a changing sea
Where I go a mystery
All the stars they seem to fade
I close my eyes and drift away

Gabe Franco — Bass
Tyler Loney — Guitars, Vocals
Cory Boyd — Guitars
Colin Vranizan — Drums
Bryce Adams Vanhoosen — Guitars

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