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1. Tex Willer

Yellow shirt now stands
guarding bold the boundaries of hell
Fiery winds blow from depths of the south
two Colt 45 in hand

Under a Stetson hat,
watchful eyes are peering at the dawn
Ride the wild steed, Dynamite its name
two that stand as one

Brave man that no one can overcome
Tireless sentinel
Justice walks these lands

And then it takes just the time of a breath
before the guns intonate a song of death
In a blink of an eye every duel ends
A bearer of hope in a lawless far west

Chief of Navajo tribe,
called by them as "eagle of the night"
A dark shadow has settled on your love
A fierce vengeance to consume

Army of four parts
Tiger Jack your brother of blood
Carson the old friend who never let you down
your son Kit, the little hawk

Brave men that no one can overcome
Fearless sentinels
Justice walks this lands

And then it takes just [?]

2. Wyatt Earp

It was the second half
Of the nineteenth century
The old West story was written
With pickaxe and guns.
Three brothers born under
The star of the law, a shiny one

Scene of this battle
Was a town named Tombstone
Silver and lead were pulled
Out with profusion
The first came from veins,
While the other one from corpses

Upright into the gunfights
Gunpowder fills the air
Bold and without mercy
The deadly arm of the law

The sun was shining high
In the sky that afternoon
Dressed in black
Four men walked down the road
Not a single sound came from the streets,
The calm before the storm

Thirty gunshots
Shook down the Ok Corral
Thirty seconds
To reap their sinner's souls
The scum from Arizona
Has been swept out
From Cochise county

Upright into the gunfights

The doctor at his side
A brother to avenge
The last charge
Of Wyatt's Immortals

With fire in their eyes
And thunder in their hands
The last charge
Of Wyatt's Immortals

3. Billy The Kid

A stupid joke has dragged your life
Into a hunt and you were the prey
Hangin' you it was the plan
But first they had to catch you

An escape artist
Perhaps a steel cell can stop your run
Left-Handed Gun
An old picture has created a fake tale

Terror running down the streets
Of Lincoln's county
They call you Billy the Kid,
A bounty on your head
Terror running down the streets
Of Lincoln's county
They call you Billy the Kid,
A killer on the run

At that time, justice and law
Where so far to be synonymous
A bunch of cowboys grab their guns
Just a wrongdoing to face toward

A furious chase
Conducted along a paved road of hate
In vengeance's name
Righteous lives got blasted by your slugs

Terror running down the streets
Not afraid to die like a man
Fighting as I'm standing above snakes
I won't die while crying for my life
Crawling in the dust like a dog unarmed

Terror running down the streets

4. Jesse James

A nation set on fire
A war that has been lost
Months spent with bushwhackers,
Had forged your skills

From Confederate fighter
To heroic outlaw
The speed of the thunder
The eyes of the hawk

Icon of the rebels' grudge,
Punisher of the Union
Your peacemaker deal death
To those who stand against you

Like a modern Robin Hood
Crusader without bless
Heal with your bullets
The wounded heart of the South

Jesse James
The ecstasy of gold
Runs through your veins
Jesse James
Your legend has been carved
In gold and blood.

While the whip was painting
Scars of hate on your skin
The tears of your mother
Were falling harsh

Chased by the Union army,
Threatened by the Pinkertons
Your run had found an end
From a cheap shot

Icon of the rebels' grudge
Jesse James

Striking like a storm
A thunder in the rain
Gazes of marvel follow
Your fleeting shadow

Hunted by the best ones
On barren lands you sleep
Gunshots in the distance
Then ride into the sunset

Jesse James

5. Sitting Bull

We're the quiet flow of river
the deafening tumble of waterfall
the wisdom of the elder white owl
the enormous strength of the brown bear

We are the harmonious flight of the swallow
the implacable swoop of golden eagle
the crisp breeze that blows at dawn
the lashing storm that sweeps the plain

Dancing 'round the sacred tree
blood and sweat now soak the ground
We thank you for the gift of life
bless our people Thunderbird

We are the shared ceremonial stone pipe
the solemn smoke preluding war
the healing sand paintings of our tribe
the cold cutting of tomahawk

we are the nimble leap of the squirrel
the silent snake with deadly bite
the lone wolf howling at moon
the wild pack going on the prowl

Dancing 'round the sacred tree

Wearing white we please the spirits
tongues of fire bring ghosts to life
bless our people Thunderbird

Dancing 'round the sacred tree

6. William Lewis Manly

Soon winter will fall
We can't waste another day
From Salt Lake we will leave
Head to Californian gold fields

A slow draining march
On the Old Spanish Trail
The wobbling pioneers' wagons
Were carrying our hopes

Mile after mile
With the sunset light in the eyes
Our shadows were growing longer
Towards the place that we used to call home

The promise of a new life
Bewitched by the glaring yellow stones
Consuming mud and spitting blood
To shine that dream of liberty

The promise of a new life
Bewitched by the glaring yellow stones
Consuming mud and spitting blood
To turn the page

Once left the main road
Impatience moves our slow-paced gait
Only the bravest dare
To climb the arduous Walker's pass

Desert in front of us
Frost on the snow-capped peaks
One last desperate march
In the deep valley to avoid death

Mile after mile
Alone with the burden of many
Our shadows were growing longer
Towards the place where we can not return

The promise of a new life

7. Crazy Horse

He was born free, wild, among the trees
Washed by his father's blood
Fed with hate against the white man
Revenge at any cost

The Great Spirit has touched his fierce soul
Now he leads the clans
A scarlet shade soon will wet our lands
It's pale faces' end

Great thunder rides upon your face
From the high sky hailstone protects you

Hoka hey! The river will turn red
Fellows, today is a good day to die
Hoka hey! Let's fight without regrets,
The Great Spirit embraces us all

"My lands are where my dead lie buried"
In this you believed
Your spirit rides free like the wind
Without chains

A white owl is watching over you
Crazy horse the one who will be carved in stone

Hoka hey! The river will turn red

8. Goblins In Deadwood

Every night before bed time
My father sang a song that told of his land
When he fled the famine and arrived
Here in South Dakota, the wild far west

He was young, alone in this world
For two years the harvest went wrong
Winter was knocking angry at the door,
But he did not answered and sailed far away.

And when the night is crawling dark
You feel you're going to fall apart
Just close your eyes and don't forget
This song I'm singing in your bed
Don't be afraid, don't lose control now
My voice will guide you through
No matter what tomorrow bring ya
Their eyes are upon you

He has always loved his freedom
The herdsman life was made for him
He has been charmed by the eyes of a doe
And his days of wandering came to an end.

Then he opened the barber downtown
Evenings spent here at the saloon
Whistling this song while coming home
Suddenly in the dark he disappeared

And when the night is crawling dark

9. William Barret Travis

A red flag waves in the wind
General Sant Anna's army is here
Their force exceeded ten times
Words have failed
We will try with cannon shots

Besieged by a rain of bombs
No one was killed, we're blessed by God
We are too few to succeed
But they'll remember the Alamo for sure

As united we soar
Our rifles will roar
The Mexican lead won't tear this wall
Side by side
With a dream in our heart
A newborn Republic will soon arise from us

Now they're trying to approach
Our requests for help were answered not
And we were left here alone
To fight a battle that we cannot tell

As united we soar

Victory or death
We know no retreat
The Texas Republic will soon be free
We've given our lives
Pierced by their swords
To remind us that blood is the price for freedom

10. Wanted Dead Or Alive

[originally by Bon Jovi]

It's all the same, only the names will change
Everyday, it seems we're wastin' away
Another place where the faces are so cold
I drive all night just to get back home
I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride
I'm wanted dead or alive
Wanted dead or alive
Sometimes I sleep, sometimes it's not for days
The people I meet always go their separate ways
Sometimes you tell the day
By the bottle that you drink
And times when you're all alone all you do is think
I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride
I'm wanted (wanted) dead or alive
Wanted (wanted) dead or alive
Oh, and I ride
Oh, and I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride
I'm wanted dead or alive
I walk these streets
A loaded six-string on my back
I play for keeps 'cause I might not make it back
I been…

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