Dark Lyrics


1. Visions Of Demise

So cold, so dark, this lonely place
It bends my mind; it numbs my senses and my soul
And now I’ve lost my will to live
Since there’s no happy ending in my book

I’ve drunk myself till I felt dead
My heart then stopped, it turned to stone
There’s something there, I see it in my haze
I try to reach for it but it moves away

It is inside the stories of our lives
In books of sorrow, my visions of demise

2. Silence Is Breaking

Doubt is in your mind, darkness in your thoughts
Searching deep inside, searching in your soul

The truth can set you free; it hides in your dreams
Love will ease your pain, but you have never known her name

You’ll wander off in vain; they’ll help you clear your way
You know, you feel it’s safe and then all meaning blows away

Silence is breaking and I keep on fading

Doubt is in your mind, darkness in your thoughts
Searching deep inside, searching in your soul

Sometimes the dark transforms into a spark of light
Sometimes the light sinks into the dark

3. Black Sky

Keep pushing all the way
Keep pushing on

The sky is black over my head and it’s breaking up
Voices screaming in my head, tearing me apart

It’s coming down
Burning pieces of a dying world
Wings are broken, won’t fly no more

4. Last Of The Fools

Missing something inside, living with no disguise
Giving away so much but it looks like you still finish last

Feeling always alone, thinking there is no hope
Knowing all that surrounds me is false and I’ve been on this road far too long

I am the last one; I am the last of the fools

Keeping fear in my soul, struggling with the unknown
Falling out of your orb and you’re already so far from home

Drowning; so many thoughts, watching heaven come down
Feeling betrayed by man and there’s nothing that can be done

5. Lower Ahead

It used to make me feel alright
It used to hurt me deep inside
I put a stick right through my heart
Lower and ahead

I always look so kind
When I’m breaking through your mind
Pretend to be so nice
When I’m messing with your soul

You neglect me, always leaving me behind
You disrespect me; it’s in your kind
So I reject you
No more talk; I’ll go away

6. As Night Becomes Day

Couldn’t believe the things you said
And now the words fly over my head
Your treason eyes are chasing me down

And I could find a million thoughts
A million causes and a long pause
To throw my anger straight to your face

So now I wait and so I wait
To hear your lies all over again
And I will take them straight to my heart

And when the night becomes the day
The moon pushes my light and sun away
I go to sleep never to wake up

7. Evil Spirits (Of The Mind)

There’s no sign of remorse, there’s no sign that they’re going to stop
You tried to look the other way, but they will keep coming out of the cave
And it’s going out of hand; which feels you rage
And it’s going out of hand; I see them making way, coming straight for you

They’re heading straight for you
no matter what you do
And there is no more time for saving yourself
They will reside in you; they will mess with your head
And you will end up to be hating yourself

This is all going to get worse
there is no reason so don’t try to talk
You have the taste in your mouth
You think you’re strong but you know it’s all fake
It’s still going out of hand; you think you’re free
you think you’re safe
But you are drowning in remorse; you feed the beast with all your hate

8. Blood Of The Innocent

I’ll slay your innocence; I’ll burn your faith
I’ll tear your heart right out; I will endorse your pain

Burn it. Burn your faith

They drained all life from me; they have fed me hate

The blood of all the innocent
Will paint the doors to redemption
And when hell is full again
The dead will walk the earth again

I have become man’s destructive nature
I’ll never cease to exist in here
I will survive apocalypse
I will become the slave of saints

9. (Food) For The Wolves

I’m sick of your depression, your insecurity
Ain’t drinking no more sorrow, ain’t smoking no more pain
You say I should feel lucky, you say I cannot see
When all inside is aching, when all I hurt is me….and I’m…

I’m gonna take you inside, I’m gonna take you through hell for a ride

The moon is always high, the sun will never rise
I don’t believe in stories, invented to misguide
The moon will stay up high, my sun will never shine
And now I have it me, I’ll leave you all behind

I’m gonna leave you behind and let the wolves devour your kind

10. Along The Mindfields

Every time I do this I use no anesthetic
And every time I feel it I recognize it is my hate
I keep on bending on feelings and I just keep on feeling the heat
A big rush conquers my spirit and it fills up every inch of my head

Drug it out of my head, spit it right out

Cruise amongst the mindfields searching inside my wicked thoughts
That’s murder of my worries and I don’t feel any regrets
Lonesome as I am feeling and fearful as best friend’s death
I take it all right in me and spit it, throw it right out of my head.

11. Doors To Redemption


Costas P. – Guitars
Nick D. – Drums
Nick K. – Bass
John T. – Guitars

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