Dark Lyrics


1. Cage

Throughout the illusions of life
Mindsweep of everlasting
The good and evil, is where it dwells
Of so pale wisdom over rated
Soul polution and destruction
are those they call solutions
Marked chaos for the slime crusade
inside the twilight of inner revenge
You see the ghosts ...freedom
Now let me go ...freedom
Do I believe? ....freedom
No, let me go
father sin, father delight
I insist on winning, I have won before
Thrill me with unspoken wisdom of bizarre
cage is in the crooked overdose of love
How the man of god
Can feel the pain and be one
How the dead shall speak for the wholehearted
When there is none
My voice is my god my mind is my weapon
Tell me you holy man of twisted mind
Is the voice you hear still around
When our unbaptised times arrive
Can you hear the screams of your weak divine

2. Rememberance Through Deep Red Masquerade

Shade shivers riot through my veins
Shattered memories of lust divine
When red turns black and god is me
Holding down the light of life
Blades wisdom of bizarre running wild
Thousands of stars float inside
Life melts molds into me wildside
Power, when blood spills deep
Brave runs the sky so red and high
Sweet emotions of reborn twilight
Rememberance through masquerade
Rise again the graceful death
Bloodlust hellspawn glidence
I am the truth the evidence

3. Across The Field Of Thought

Dying matters whitter for the minding thought
Love, hate, birth, death
Mirrors I bleed among
Through lust through pain molded ,united
Nothingness only dust seeded
Blank soul breed
Into the pit of forbidden
choaking breath by breath
Sweet emotions of solid dark
Light has weight, nevermore
meaningless wonder dustwar
Across the field of thought
Old man scarves creatures
Molds them into emotions
Wice is he ,only he knows
But more is and more were ,evermore
My wisdom flys beyond
The gates of golden lakes
The dark waves of pleasure
The light for the evermore

4. Harsh Mother Time (Saapas)

The young men of the clan slid out of their sins
Tied on the tree on snow frozen silver-hard
Word is death for the falsehearted
God is in steel and blood is running black
Harsh Mother Time yelled
Wellcome o'dreadful ones
Long now I have watched for you
Harsh Mother Time howled
Her voice rang out
from death's night
From under tree
Under pine
From the forest's empty depths

"Life cares about the morrow,
Mana conjures up the past
The grim way down to Tuoni
Life harsher than the death"
As men so proud yelled fire to the Gods
Bleed for the motherland
The battle axe is ringing over these murmuring rivers,
Over these unbaptised lands
As men so proud yelled fire to the Gods
Bleed for the motherland
She walked towards what she heard
She obeyd what her eyes saw
She went where her mind bade her
And she came to the seashore
The great mind's estuary
Where god is man

5. Secrecy Supreme

Our deeds our mind through the thousands years
None of those jehovian lies as cross fades
We hold the key of sign the lightning of life
As we ride the years again and again
Marked chaos of the crusade is to come
We hold the key of secrecy supreme
Mighty ways of skies above
hen the day and night unite
For the strong the life howls ( ei ekassa )
As the truth of our times ( ei ekassa )
Warriors hear the whisper of wind
When you ride through the skies
You are the ones, ones to die
And the heart of pagan fire
None of these borders, where the sky bleeds red
Will be praised by the unnamed gods
Our minds our souls will be the ones
The ones who rule after the time has come
When the fire is ice, it is time
To revial, secrecy supreme


6. Pagan Pride

Moments of purity, the feel of divine
As wind floats free
Goodness of darkness, light of fire
Mind stands still, loving through hate
Inside is the truth, life as it seems
But still we are as we've always been
From the heart, from the soul
Not polluted with the thoughts of greed
Pagan pride
The weak shall not rise
Last rites, dark and wise
Pagan pride
We as masters of North
Last and proud
We as masters of all
Silence is the music, inspiration
Before the storm so divine
Return of the ancient, second dawn
This moment, gone and yet to come
The filthy path of not understanding
To those under the lies
Suffering for the sake of the others
Our circle, is the truth is the mind

Chain me, lust and blood
With pagan pride
Let me, proud and loud
Be your god
Chain me, lust and blood
With pagan pride
Feel me, bleed me, sign me
We are the gods

7. Black Lust & Flower Mystica

Skin deep magnificent sickness
Surrounding the mind I dwell in
Pictures of heaven in my dreams
Nails and pain come through my needs
Love is leather death is forever
My love through you is deep red
Your sweetness melts through pain
You little flower are ready for the black rain
Nails pounding into vains lust through the gods
Realms of damned ways
Riot is running red down the flowery fields of emotions
Minds sweeps the dust of weak trance pain war fate
Into one we unite
Red is the kindness the cry of me and you
Justified divine overdose
Realm of pleasure bizarre
Leather blood and raising hell
Time of my kind is here
Rose is river darkness
Thorn is sadness
Battle is the water
Before the storm we unite
Rode with the black wings
For my destiny
Through the forever pain
Before the storm we unite

8. Kalma

Kuolon hetki koittaa
Tappaa tuskan elämän
Viiltää haavan antavan
Kostajan päivä on tänään
Repii kappaleen kauneinta
Tekee siitä kauniimman
Näin on kalma voittanut
Tappanut ja antanut
Portti tulevaisuuden
On pimeyden ystävä
Sydän voittajan raastava
Ei ristiä ei kantajaa
Kosto raivon raiskatun
Luonnon mielen tuhotun
Koittaa aamu uusi
Kun kaatuu raja valkoinen
Kaatuu kivet, merkit vihatut
Kalman käsi verta syleilee
Repii juurineen sielut heikot
Voiton hetki lähestyy
Syntymä elämä kuolema
On kädessä veren tahriman
Näin nousee merkki kuolon
On päivä se tänään
Peto pahin on poissa
Tuo raja ihmismielen
Mielen virta vapaa
On päivä se tänään

9. Seed (A Sermon In Stone)

Inside the deepest frost of silence
Lays the forlorn and majestic
Mortals are those who do not see
The ways of understanding
The stars of heaven are burning
My pain is burning more
A scream rings through the cold
Lay down the seed
Praise the sermon in stone
Forlorn and majestic
New breed of evermore
Darkest is the path down to Tuoni
Brightest is the moment
Creation with no regret
Depression given to life
Eternal blackhearted winds
Flared wisdom of reverse creation
Through this path of the strong
I wellcome the sign
Rising winds and light
When the masters are among
And chosen ones unite
No tears brake man?s spirit
Heaven's lightning does not strike
Then all once more,
...stll, reborn

10. Goatride

I am, your horned
God of desire and destruction
Pleasure king of pain
I am the ride to the mountain of bizarre ways
Wings darkened lustful moarn
black rainbow
Come to the beginning
As I shiver your brain and mold it into mine
The blood is black for the marked ones
The souls fed with molded flesh of cross
The culture underworld rapid fire
The sign is truth and truth is me
I am the one I am the god I am the king of bizarre
I am the one I am the god slavery is yours
Bizarre ways of love divine
My life's on your hands
Welcome to the goatride
My heart and soul to unite
Pleasures of unknown
Welcome to the goatride
Feel my pain my beloved one
The steel and coldness of me
I am your brain you loved one
Brothers of pain will us unite
Prepare the goat for the meal
No more vivid daydreams

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