Dark Lyrics


1. Hekki

2. Elixir Mystica

Shaped united dwelling
Down it was layed
As it runs wild, colourful
Full of signs of wisdom
Fly away into mystic dawn
Into mystic dawn away
Dive again into mystic dawn
Death for all again
Signs of pain, remarkable pain
For those who do not see
Scarved love deep into breed
Circle has turned, for the new so sweet
I laughed for the baptized
I gazed into hell's fire
Then my soul found peace
The chief saint cried and bleed
Here are men of the kind
Who beg no pardon
Here are the men of the kind
Themselves have loved with iron
Float for the taste, smell,
Let those emotions run free
As it runs in and out, love and death
Elixir so divine, shine I demand shine
On aika maistaa
kuoleman vasaraa
Oh taste so sweet
From me it breeds
Has broken what is left
The death is me
Oh so sweet it is...

3. Black Stone March

My blade shines as your sun
I am the man, only god
I fade, but still am, strongly
I feed the pale, with shadows of my fate
Black Stone March... Rage
For the forests of souls so divided
The rain of blood is to you to unite
My blade, shine of the messiah
Among shadows are the demons of your desire
Through the gates of the golden area
The dark hollowed faces crawl
With the might of darkened sorrow
Through the Black Stone March
Endless stars of purity
See how it conquers
Your mind, soul, body
Through the sign of ending
Endless stars of purity
Darkness, my wild beauty

4. HateLoveChaos

Got walls dwelling through my shivering chaotic blood
Heart stoned just deluxed for lust
My mind flying elsewhere
Body stoned
When love starts to fade
Sorrow, deep
In ruins of greed
Remains the strong
Got hate in the shining sickness called love
Still black still justified
What I felt was not ment to be
Stoned means of neverending fairytales
Northern Lights are sparkiling
Snowy wastes sigh
Then all is still
The stars of heaven are burning
Embracing kissing
The rapid's foam
In the morning sun's glare
Fairytales of so called eternal
Love, life, what a wonderful way it is
Death, lust and better is to be
Fluid of death in meaning of love
Gunned through the body so dead inside
Static thrilled what a wonderful world it is

5. Tearflower

To forest I yelled
Through forest I lived
All living I respected
Thy respected what I was
Why didn't you leave me alone
To stand proud on my own
But a murderer you made out of me
With the hand of your god on your cross
The death was me, revenge so sweet
With fire in my eyes thunder of the skies
I ran with the thousand flames
With the heart of growling bears
The greatest is
Darkness circle breed
Smallest is
Son. Moon Golden field
Empty is the universe. True winter alone is
emptiness. Unknown, frozen stilness
Thus we came
Thus we went
Where we spent the most time of ours

6. Shadowrain

Wizardous razorblades shadowed
Cutting the edge of time
leading me back
back to the flames
My bodily shell,
slowly eroding
Circulating through my every, vessel
Shall I stand up
and enter the circle
I struck the worm with my sword
The lizard slid in the rock
Fire spurted from the blade's path
The stone flew in two
I killed the smiling man
With my sword of flery edge
The flower of all christendom
The lizard slid in the rock
Deep in the soul and crawling inside
Into the pain
God shall bleed tonite
Sweet sickening lullabies
Of the fate undivine
Feel the fire inside you
Sealing the wounds you bleed
Sweet sickening lullabies
Seductive, glittering, destiny

7. Evolution

Stoned hills sermon to the skies
Cradle of heavenly cry
Seasons pass in rapid fierce
As one stands tall
As the ashes land grim chaos
The dark passage step one
Search for the barer for dark lust
To darken an angel to breed
I am the evolution
The de
Where I can fuck an angel
I am the creator
New pain, new joy
The season, the life, the dawn
I am in the revolution
Where the black is the pure
Where I can fuck an angel
I am the evolution
I am in the revolution
I am the creator, the holy one
Through my hands
Begins Sin to beauty, to love
To bowe to sacrifice worlds
For me for black
Nocturnal majestic twilight
Serenity never
Shades the brave
Now the revenge is truth
And the truth is mine
Enter into the gardens of eden
Sour seed bleeding black blood
Breaking the circle of innocence
As blood flys the ancient howl for freedom
Once angel, now pierced
As red floats between her tighs
The one is now in all
The new kingdom is to conquer

8. Grey Shades of Love

Slowly my mind whitters through the pain
Floating among the mist
Collapsing, rambling through the gates
Into the place, where none lives
Where flowers grow black
Where the frost is eternal
I see myself upon the grim smile
The past hunting and future escaping
What was shall not be
Forever shall I thicken this belief
Grey shades of love
Darkest is the path unknown
Where flowers grow black
Where the frost is eternal
Grey shades of love
Darker is the path unknown
Where the life stands still
Is the death smiling, laughing
Lost is the will to stand tall
The soul blackened love lost
Lowered is the shield of bravery
And all because of the one
Love united to the pain
Lost and now all is gone
And To the death shall I ride
Through the frost, through the stones,
through the gates of neverending rain

9. Kuun Lapset, Pime�n Voima

Min� auringon tapankin
Surmannen valon suuren
Y�n pyh�n nimess� yhden
Syd�ny�n synkeimm�n
N�kiv�t t�hden talvisen el�j�t
Kuun olen heimoa
Tuli tunturin laelle
Revontulen roihutessa
N�ki taivahan palavan,
Hyr�hti hymyhyn huuli
N�kiv�t t�hden talvisen el�j�t
Maasta kuolon mahtavasta
Kuun olen heimoa
Viha v�lkkyv�n ter�ksen
Kimmelsi ruoska y�ss�
Kuin kirot syd�men synk�n
Meri vankui valkeana
Niin kuin paatunut ajatus
Verta vaativi jumala
Lep�n luoja leppym�t�n
Palvotaan tulella
Jylin�ll� Pauannetta
Olen onneton olento
Osaan valoja, loitsuja
Usein kuljen muilla pihoilla
Asun yksin�in, muista erossa
Olen r�ytymyst� t�ynn�
N�en kummittelevia vainaita
Min� auringon tapankin
Surmannen valon suuren
Y�n pyh�n nimess� yhden
Syd�ny�n synkeimm�n

10. Earth Ghost Waltz

Unspoken were the words
When smile and croocked pain unite
Together they are the joy
Skinned through ultimate overdose
O'my mother who bore me
It is better if I flee
Better I go from these lands
Go to Kalma's grove
Unspoken were the words
When smile and croocked pain unite
Still gentle and so beautiful
Chained with the path of purity
Through the stone
My divine
Until the frolic cries
Chain me
My divine
Into the winter of the time
O'my mother who bore me
It is better if I flee
Better I go to Tuonela's yards
Where Earth-Ghost rises from the earth

11. Ugri the Key

Seeds of wisdom
Have been laid
Keys for the kingdom
Have been given
Where life ends
Where all begins
Keys for the kingdom
Have been given

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