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1. Machiavellian Night Descends


2. Third Day Of The Eclipse

On that eve the rain fell like knives
As clouds of dark condensed above her
Yet in bliss unaware, they loved without care
Not knowing this night would devour the other

By morn' she was drawn to silence
As ignorance now flamed inside her
A mind lost in these acts of violence
Within walls of cold white that surround her

Falling walls of cold night that now bound her...

So steal a line, recite a verse
from the poet's play, but none could heal her from her curse
Like a helpless child, she was held at bay
For she wished to leave but the world stood in her way

To her comfort then came the rain
Playing a tune against her window
But in death unaware, her mind was not there
But halfway to a world she now craved to go...

In dreams awake she prayed for release
If only this scarred heart could finally cease
Enough nightmares (for a lifetime) she had now seen...

And no hope is born from this eclipse
For the world will remain as cold as it is,
Cold as it's always been...

And I stole a line, but she could not hear,
The voice of her love nor the end drawing near...

"Follow me"
Spake the crow
In tongues of old
And she followed him

And on the dawn of the third day
She left behind this world of grey
And even the rain froze to mourn as she slipped away...

"So fragile is our slumber
Awakened only by death's cold gleam
For what are we but dreamers
On the sharp end of a broken dream..."

3. Expiration

"To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour..."
[William Blake]

...but the poet failed
And the carsons withered
No more than earth upon my grave

For what can there be left
of our time bereft
When all but life is slain

And the hours were always against us
Night and day,
could not be bent to prolong our stay

And despite our countless efforts
to dethrone the reign of time
The hour came that we so feared
And now the light escaped my eye
As your words is strength escape my ear

For now I know...

That this is no test of courage
No purpose left for all this pain
To which a fool would only adhere to
When there's no prizes left to claim

And 'neath these ever-longing shadows
Your loving words I cannot hear
For my flame has died
and the beasts are drawing near...

With an expired flame I shan't go on
This time I'll let the swans sing my song...

4. Like Beasts Upon Their Prey

"for all men are evil and will always
act according to the wickedness of
their spirits whenever the chance."
[Niccolò Machiavelli]

In the darkened corners of your mind did you ever wonder
That the pain just might be more than you could bear
the the path you chose might tear you asunder
As it led to the fall of all that you once cared

Then reality came,
Unveiled the facade, you felt betrayed
As dreams were torn and a cruel world remained

I never claimed to be a saviour
I never asked to be your god
And your fate will only portray us
At heart what beasts men are...

It was all a dream, and thus it could not last
and the embers forgotten once the light has passed
You never saw it coming, and now it's all too clear
and there's no return for the ghosts are all here

I never claimed to be righteous
I never asked you to crawl
And in this world such a leap of faith
Is soon followed by a fall...

Just remember, that your kind, they'll fall upon you
Like beasts upon their prey
Just remember, that if you let them,
You'll never see another day

So at your last hour
if you need someone to blame
Blame it on the rules
and not the one who played (the game)

I never claimed to be a saviour
I never asked to be your god
Your death will only portray us
At heart what beasts men are...

5. Withdrawal


6. Another Pariah

Crownless - I see you standing in dissent beneath a liar's throne
Lifeless - Enslaved by a grave new world you never claimed your own

So rise above this deafening silence
Cleanse Gaia's blood in an act of violence
Become the storm upon the welkin
And blacken the Sun with your mouth of sin

with flies from your mouth of sin...

Take the sword from where it fell
Come join me in my private hell
The world could use another pariah
An outcast of a dead empire...

So paint the world with a scarlet brush
Exhuming the strength of primordial lust
In the final stand of a broken culture
Where death itself devoures the vultures

Take the sword from where it fell
And join me in my private hell
All it takes is another pariah
Spawned from this dead empire

Raise - the Sword
And become - the One
Who undoes the Sun
And what the world has become

Expire the words to make the world expire...

7. Death Of The Tyrant

"The light grew old
and the hour itself reeked of pure finality..."

The air was still, breathing unease
of oblivion's glacial release
And a promise of gravecold serenity

Among the lost, the tombless few
granted a sight, a perfect view
To feast our eyes on a world scale demise

For what were we if not mere flies
upon a storm bound to arise
Set to unfold from the very tomb of Time

I witnessed the Death of the Tyrant
sans fear beheld the fading light

Bereft and left for the death to take us
'cross distances unseen,
To world's beyond this ether
on the broken wings of a dream
For the hour is upon us
Cimmerian night unveiled
And all shall be redone
where past creators failed

Lay down and embrace the deathlong sleep
For time has come for this crop to be reaped

8. I Am Becoming

Unrestrained by the illusions
that hold a world at bay
Unbaptized in flames of delusion
For me the world was but a grave

The time is nigh for another revolution
As the sun gives away to greater light
Just a leap in a private evolution
A crop laid out for the reaping,
with a global scythe

Fear not the world falling at your feet
For there are greater things coming to be

The time is ripe for this transformation
As all good talks must come to an end
And where life will greet its negation
And upon this soil no Sun will ever ascend

For I am becoming...
and I'll grow my wings before the fall

As it comes forth from primordial darkness
And takes only what needs to be reclaimed
These slumbering aeons will bear as witness
To the beauty of a world dressed in flame...

9. No More Than Thieves

This night another circle closes in a line of thousands
But the beast within us can never evolve
Never can we be more than what is human
And in the cold light our masks dissolve

This night a part of me I leave behind
As naught but few tears remain undrained
And knowing that our hearts will deceive us
Still we choose to stand in the rain

You could always steal the waters from my eye
But our flame never reached the night I hold inside

And these bestial hearts, they can never thaw
It was only the absence of love that you saw

And these bestial hearts, bow down to none
What you saw was no more than a shade
in the absence of the Sun...

No more than thieves
Kings in the arms of night
No more than shadows
Escaping from breaking light...

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