Dark Lyrics


1. The Birth Of Newfound Death

"There are moments in death
where events transcend the expected
and can transform the very foundations
of our existence.
Where death flees the ones
who seek most to embrace it
only to return in another form,
so familiar to us all..."

A table set for two
The candles lit for one
In a reunion of the two
Drawn apart at the dawn when all life begun

Waking restless to dead hours
The world now feels a different place
Upon the fields of burning flowers
(lie) the monuments of our disgrace

The breaking down of old ideals
and fears too monstrous to be spoken of
And the crumbling of old laws
once thought that never could be broken

Broken down - and buried unto unshallow ground

Left are only broken beings
Souls merely filled with emptiness
Burning on the grips of an everlasting,
Ever-tightening cold caress

Caressed, unblessed to a morbid life in death
In a world where each breath is both mute and suppressed

Stealing empires from serpents no more
As our eleventh hour has struck twelve
After vain glories and false purgatories
We are left only with ourselves

I watch the world now turn as if it were the same
Beneath starplunging rain, under nightmares we crawl
Where all is lost and nothing gained
But a harsh newfound death now living deep within us all...

Where all is but a dream, a dream and yet so real
Within our Hell concealed, by this unlife reclaimed
I watch entire worlds fade away only to return the same...

A whole world once cut in two
Now entwined as one
And with breath we inhale
We both live and become undone...

2. Questions And Answers

Where all is lost and invaded
In a realm of dust and tarnished soil
Our minds and hearts outworn and jaded
Slowly turning to black as oil

Surpassed the filth of life once dear
Ventured far beyond hope and fear
With a sense of nothing drawing near
Where can one go from here?

No point left to go on from here...

For so long I knew the question
That in fear we dared not even ask
Hoping to never learn the answer
But it was out of our grasps...

Beyond worlds expired and graved
Past false hopes of being saved
Between life and death enslaved
We are the fallen

When all is lost and all is bound
In a broken world that keeps on turning
My feet still feel the ground
But my wings are already burning...

For now I know the answer
The one buried so deep beneath our shells
But now I know the answer
It will hurt like Hell

"The more we tried to hide, the clearer it became,
bashing down every door
And how can one prepare for a pain knowing
it will hurt like nothing before..."

3. Ghosts

Forged in the fires of our distorted selves
The burning victims of our self-proclaiming Hell

Invading, assailing
New darkness once more unveiling
Beneath the blanket of a thousand stars...

Condemned to a future that none foretold
In one perpetual midnight of the soul

Waning and cascading
Our strength is utterly failing
Beneath the cosmos of our shattered dreams

What brings the end
What will bring forth the Night
What kills the soul
Would surely be worth the fight

"What will be lost
What will remain
When life and death
Have become one and the same..."

We who once reached for the skies dreaming we could fly...

We welcome the darkness
We welcome the new age
We welcome all the throes from our past mistakes
As long as one day it will all end
For we are bound for death...

No more than fumes of the ires that once befell
No more than ghosts in the shells that we now dwell

Waning and cascading
The world beneath us is falling
Yet our grim cadavers continue marching on and on...

What brings the end
What will bring forth the Night
What kills the soul
Would surely be worth the fight

So we could leave
This Hell called life
This undying world
Finally behind

4. Scars Aligned

In a world where life now slumbers
To a lullaby without a sound
Roads once leading to brighter futures
Now all lead us further down

In a world that tears apart
Even the strongest and the best
What hope can there be
...for the rest?

We were dreaming in the darkness
When we fell into the light
Ethereal and corrupting
It burned anew our sight

Now bound for absolution
Something we will never find
Our hearts the shape of shadows
Burning with scars aligned

"Lay the burden finally down
and let your fears cave-in
Lay your burden finally down
and embrace the newfound sin"

Once dreaming in the darkness
We fell into the light
Violent and unyielding
It tore away our sight

Yet still we search for something
Something we can never find
Our dreams have long since withered
Along with our scars aligned...

5. The Silence Of The Storm

Burning through the pages of history
Ruthless like an ancient plague on words
Onwards with our tales of inglory
Infecting worlds beneath our herds

Burning! Ruthless! Onwards!
Infecting worlds beneath our herds...

But now the silence has spoken
The curtains drawn to reveal a whole new play
Play no more with your games of war
For we all in Death's sweet lullaby...now sway

The warmth, the light, the joy, all the love and the care
The cold, the dark, the grim, all the death and despair
Within these walls they have all turned the same
And with eyes aflame we cast around the blame...

Burning - with flames long died out
Ruthless - with no one to cast down
Onwards - on a road long dried out
Infecting - the dead with life newfound

Burning... Restless... Onwards...
Infected by this death unbound...

This is not the calm before the storm
For they have now become as one
Fix your eyes from the outworn
To see what this world has become...

This is not the odd outside the norm
For this is all we'll ever be
So feast your eyes upon the swarm
And let it all devour thee

Awake! Sleeping through the ages
In dark dreams that go on for days
Grim sights in these slow hours
We pray the soul within us would slay...

The warmth, the light, the joy, all the love and the care
The cold, the dark, the grim, all the death and despair
Within our hearts we know who are to blame
And long ago we have learned to curse our names...

6. Cold Beneath The Sun

The strike of midnight
All is silent, all is Hell
The dream evades us
In this endless nightmare cell

The stones lie forsaken
Only shadows here collide
Once more the world has turned
And left its children aside

"Even the crows have long since fled these tombstones..."

The crows have long since fled these tombstones
No fresh meat left for the beasts of the earth
Our throes have led us to new dimensions (of death)
Further away each day from joy and mirth

Lightless is the path, on this forlorn trail
Bleak are the days, full of death and travail

After battles lost that no one won
Still cold beneath the Sun

Our woes have long since fled these tombstones
The last signs of life left on this earth
Echoes resounding through empty halls and thrones
Deeper each day into our monstrous birth

"Further away from joy and mirth
Deeper into the arms of this monstrous birth..."

Despite the promise of fire
Still cold beneath the Sun
Depths of this Hell transpired
Our salvation remains undone

7. Dead And Dying

Stormbound is our world, seething and confined
Profound is this Hell, draconian in design
Arise from slumber to the call of the awaker
Renounce your leaders and lead me to your undertaker

Deep in Death's realm we still lay hiding
For despite our demise we still keep dying

A dystopia formed from the traits of our kind
Incarceration unfitting our crime
Recall ideals we once held so uphigh
But the die was cast and we were all cast to die...

Lost in Death's realm we continue trying
For despite our demise we still keep dying

Dead and dying
Lifeless yet espying

Trapped in Death's realm we carry on denying
For despite our demise we still keep dying
In spite our cries the truth remains binding

Dead and dying
Deceased yet defying

8. Bring Me My Demons

Never have I seen thee in these cold rooms of the night
Never felt thy presence amidst the horror and blight
It is but ourselves we have to face in the end
When there are no depths left for us to descend

Gone past the shades of god and the gods of shades
Embraced morbid flesh with brand new blades
Explored dimensions of death in a thousand ways
In this unlife that begun with the end of days

The stage lies abandoned
The actors all gone to their graves
The curtains remain undrawn
and none of us saved...

Bring me my demons!
I am now ready to face
For I have crossed rivers of denial

Bring me my shadows!
Stripped from all traces of grace
I am prepared to begin my trial

Souls long lost and forgotten somehow
Past all life only the dead can save me now

Bring me my demons!
All Hell I am ready to face
Grown so weary from all this denial

Bring me my shadows!
Stripped from all traces of grace
I am now ready to begin my trial

So go and gather all the children of Hell
The story is ending, the book will soon be shelved
This undying final chapter in the tale of our kind
Once it was our world but we gave it to the blind

So go and gather all the children of Hell
The story is ending, the book will soon be shelved

So go and gather all the sons of men left behind
For once it was our world but we gave it to the blind...

9. At The Heart Of Dying

I have lost myself within a curse
And must become someone else, someone worse...

I have lost the track of days for a night has fallen upon me
A darkness too thick for all light to penetrate
My eyes have grown to wear the dark yet still I cannot see
No strength left in this shell to rise from my ill-fate

It feels like ages since I've last spoken
It feels like aeons since I last slept
But in this silence there is no comfort
Nothing to dry the rivers I have wept

I barely remember what joy felt like
Hardly recall what it was once to live
Drowning ever deeper into the dark despite for ages
This wretched soul has had nothing more to give

And forgive me for holding you too tight
That just to breathe you had push yourself away
And forgive me for far too long stealing your eyes
That without sight you were bound to walk away

For what is given can never be returned
A heart, a life, a shell now broken, incomplete
Like a world far too long allowed to burn
Nothing left to salvage, nothing left to keep

And forgive me for all my dreams
That far too long kept you awake
And forgive me for replacing the Sun with you
Leaving you in the dark, too dense for you to take

Now at the heart of dying, from the depths I dwell
I grant thee heaven, and for myself I reserve only Hell...

Like all flowers too fair for this world
Draw near the beasts to devour and to rend
Then how could a love far too fair for this cold world
Do nothing more but end

And in my heart the memories of those years
I would cherish and I would hold
But without one there is nothing left to do
But to succumb to the bleak and cold...

And forgive me for all my crimes
Unforgive me for all these lines...

Aapeli Kivimäki ‒ Guitars
Simo Rahikainen ‒ Guitars
Kai Leikola ‒ Vocals
Matti Auerkallio ‒ Drums
Jarno Laittinen ‒ Bass
Antti Simonen ‒ Keyboards

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