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1. Where Splendid Corpses Are Towering Towards the Sun

I'll ravish through your world like a god
As the stoning of all
harmony commences
Disrupter! Destructor!
I'll grab the snake by it's tail

This rabid fever,
like churning the fires of hell
I came on slaughterwings,
I cam with death

Hear the snapping of their
skeletons like branches
The path lies paved with broken bones
Their human flesh curls up like
autumn leaves in fire
Their human flesh turns sweet
when left to rot

Kiss of perdition, thy kingdom come
Harvest depravity, thy will be done

(From the depths of my heart,
going on forever,
In the image of God, it is completed,
Let it be everlasting)

Savage is a heart untouched
Squandering from the cup of hope
Plurge into the craving of the dark
Dance with the fucking beast
and unleash the fire!

Their carnal vessels
lay forgotten in the wind
In utmost submission at the tiding
of their great redeemer

Kiss of perdition, thy kingdom come
Harvest depravity, thy will be done

Whatever comes forth
from the ruins at my departure
Shall thicken the skies
with the smell of death
Grace unheared at the dawn
from a sulpherous horizon
Where splendid corpses are
towering towards the sun

This rabid fever, like churning
the fire of hell
I came on slaughterwings

2. The Blood Ascendant

My youth melts as it degrades
My spirit lingers
To perish or to proceed?
At the devil's apex
I bestow
To the devil
To the devil
The pact
Uplift me now
At the edge of your sword
No doubt lies buried
No grace hath come

On the edge of the blade
There's only one way to go
Downwards, at both sides
Yet, as one I shall fall

The blood ascendant!

If there is nothing inside of me
I was already there
Before the waking dream
As one, we will become,
The all seeing eye, the thrust of the scythe

The wavering truth, it's cracks they shine
Upon my opened veins they slide
My veins spread out like angelwings
My eyes, the gates to lightless bliss

As one, we will become
the all seeing eye at the thrust of the scythe
On the edge of the blade
There's only one way to go

Downwards, at both sides
Yet, as one I shall fall

The blood ascendant!

Before the waking dream
A faith like dust, it never made me

Look all around from where you are
From the north to the south,
From the west to the eastern relics
When all is unclean,
Only the glutting of swords
can redeem
All rejoicing, the whores at play
The new wine shall not be dissapointing

Before the waking dream
The blood ascendant

3. Howling At The Heart Of Death

The lightning that was cast from
the skies while you slept
Fed the fever that arose from your slumber
A deadthdealing darkness comes crawling
from your skies
Your voice filled with deafening thunder
This might it awakes as it creeps from within
Like millions of insects copulating

At the heart of death is where
the howling begins
Mankind's to become an abortion
from a worn out crackwhore's womb
Hallucinate on the fumes
Envision the surreal ...All to real

All deflowerer
All consuming
Spectral demon
Nightfilled semen
Spill your deathstars
And drain the light

Transform yourself to the sight of a corpse
Let the withering flesh inspire it's cause
Murder your feelings and kill all regret
Become the god you'd never had

Blind your senses
Drink from the self divine
If you cannot cast your skin you have to die

So deep lay the roots like vomit on bones
Did you really think eartblue
was your colour?
Fuck off with every single moral phrase
That I can no longer withdrawal
Emptiness has got in to me
As it already was and always has been
The only true light that ever touched me
Was the flame of my own depravity

4. As Cold As Heavens' Slain

Where are the leading gods
that once stood loyal at the threshold of it all
Grand in absence
Smothered lay their vessels
All draped like molten shrines

I can taste the rot from their profound smiles

Where are the vices of men
That once shook the pedestal of meaning
That once cleansed the dreams of the rightious

Now pour your bewildered blood
On the plains of slaughtered truth
Goddamned be this fucking world

The birth of a new dawn unsung

Blackened rain thicks as tar
suffocates the moisty ground

Fields of the lifeless
From where I stretch an endless gaze
As cold as heavens' slain
As cold as heavens' slain

The death of heaven is a goddess
Her hand reaches from the ghastly deep
A vision of unearthed beauty
Lurks me into endless bliss

In a whirlwind of inverted prayers
No soul is left to keep
Already dead before the wake
No god, no soul, nothing to take

5. Withering Nights

"The law of time it demands
All flesh to bow and to crumble"

Expanding the downfall in stop motion
Is to destroy the conscious
and free the converse of thought

Now inhale the triumph from
the incense of ashen orchids

From the sunless dawn that has risen
from the vaults of the mind's eye
At the core of a brand new awareness
On the deathbed of morrow's

Here is where I will grow my misfortune
In the density of despair

Upon those
Who cannot see
Who cannot hear
Who cannot feel
And never will

Let us chant
at the dying heartbeat of children
in their immaculate defeat
And smoke out these pathetic virtues
from the fleshsly void in thee

For these are withering nights
Just like the one from which I was born
For these are withering nights

For these are withering nights
And no one shall escape
For these are withering nights
Leading astray

Let us dissolve in purest of will
into a womb of nothingness
Upon the bridge that was built
between stone and stellar
In dialogue with the godless foreverness

From the sunless dawn
that has risen from the vaults
of the mind's eye
At the core of a brandnew awareness
On the deathbed of morrow's

For these are withering nights

6. The Torch

Ye' barren soil in ever thirst
My breath sweeps dust
from your plains like a
faith drained from it's temple
A drought that leaves
but fire from a tragic sun
Inhale the fire from it's fertile womb
and immolate
What struggle are you
holding up to?

I am the key!

I am the faith caught in ruins
like you beseeched
Drink my blood as boiling light
Light the torch from the inside,
live and incinerate!
Ground be your idol
With roots that shook the deep

Flaming force of illuminated sin
Set thy fatherless burdens ablaze
No shadow was ever deeper
within the spectre of your soul
No nightmare ever so real within
the fear that makes the glow

Malkuth - Yesod
Hod - Netzach
Tiphereth - Geburah - Chesed
Da'ath - Binah

Drink it! Inhale it!
Like a burning rabid fever
of all consuming fire
Drink it! - The fire from sin
Inhale it! - The ashes within
Rupture and release in utter devotion

"Shaped through an astral landslide
colossal horns rise from above
An all consuming blackness, bereft
the day from it's nourishing light"

Herehafter wherein we dwell
Oh how I feel your presence now
In this magnetic field of
a death to come, you draw me ever closer
Mountains of flesh abide
under the will of men
Draining rivers of blood sparkle
in utter bliss before the throne of hell
Already there to catch the scorched
feathers from the angels burning
Already there at your lefthand path

Hear these words echo
as the sky cracks with fear:

7. Spirited Asunder

And from the depth a light was seen
A cold infinite star gazing into the mind's eye
In contradiciton with the gods
A grand reflection of spawned
out mystery mirrors me
Arise forever - spirited asunder

A light that springs eternally from shadows
And eternally lay caughtin the
reflections of mine
Unveil the cemeteries we've lost by this
Narrow life - spirited asunder

And the dead is to be furtile
from it's radiating void
Distill my blood into it's
mystifying reign
To surpass the end is to
Rise once more - spirited asunder

As we fall from grace
I'll cut the wings of your belief
And drape them around your rotting grave
Left with nothing but the musty vapour of
a death in flight - spiritied asunder

It shall cleanse the meaning
of God's own being
In a triple rupture of the soul
Love, hope and faith lie scattered
upon the altar of doubt, now
shine in redemption - spirited asuner

And in this temple we copulate
on the corpse of our deity
Blessed be the black of
heart for thy seed is night
Impregnating shadows in the cunt of twilight
Forever in lust - spirited asunder

We cannot be denied, nor can we be proved
As we rape the innocence from your vanity
It shall come to thee as you believed it would
Dead forever - spirited asunder

Those who make their gods
become like unto them
And all they that put their trust in them
All so blessed all so pure of heart
As in the bile that errupts
within there body temples
They all shall see God - spiritied asunder

I am the absolute I am without reality
I am without light
Thus the word of worms reveal to me
Bind together - spirited asunder

Now descend into the works of darkness
Those without doubt those without fear
Transform thyself in visions
of flame and thunder
My brethern of the new race
Rise together - spirited asunder

We are angels like nightmares of wonder
Whom scatter the scorched flesh of grace
We shall lift the eyelid from the wordly dream
While our hands choke the throat of harmony
By the devil - spirited asunder

Unveiled in adoraiton
we slip into thy fall
Blessed in thy suffering
and in thy glory
Fall forever - spirited asunder

8. Diary Of A Reaper (Outro)

E. Daniels: guitars
B. Bagchus: drums
T. v. Geel: vocals, bass
R. Kreft: guitars

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