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1. Welcome


2. Convalescent

I've paid my dues, and this is what I've come to live for?

3. Foundation

Face to face, oceans overwhelm us, decomposing our tender love.
Because every time I see your face I fall to my knees and become weak to it.
Was this your outline? If so good luck.

This is a constant battle between beating hearts
When will you learn to sit the fuck down?

Day and night I think of it, it's haunting all of my nightmares. This is something so disturbing. It is weak yet it's consuming.

Throw out the intentions of bettering yourself, you can go ahead and
cross those morals off your list....

but then you'll beg again and again
for my weakened craving,.. lonesome heart.
Fuck, there is no other solution to this.
Welcome to your abyss.

There it goes again and again, terrorizing. Because in every collision there's always a mismatch. So go ahead and tell them that I did you wrong, when you know you were immoral, so I look damn guilty.

Face to face, oceans overwhelm us, decomposing our tender love.
Standing still, knowing nothing of this, we make each other look like fucking fools. I can't even imagine what this would be like without the sin of lust.

Just the thought of you with him makes me fucking sick. Why the fuck do you still dwell in my dreams? Leave my life for good this time, slut.

4. Despise

You've proven nothing to anyone...yet you continue to exist in your own made up world where people give a shit about what you have to say.
Well, I won't partake in this fantasy any longer.
No, not tomorrow, not today.
You heard that we were dead? Well, we're still fucking breathing. Still living.
All you are is another joke following every single trend to be something you will never be, so you still have to pretend.
I will not be conducted by your wishes or demands.
There is no one else in this fucked up world that I hate more than you.
You try so fucking hard to be something that you're not.
You go around giving them false impressions of yourself, but I can see your reality.
Where is your self-respect?
Go ahead, keep telling them that we are dead, you could be doing something better with your time instead [2x]
Close the God-damn curtains. I've seen enough of it.
Drop the God-damn act. This audience is unimpressed.
I've given all I could.
I've put too much work into this, to let you run with it.
You're so desperate for attention, you've gone and lost yourself.
So take a good look at yourself and see where you're standing. Now bow down and look up to me.
I'm so fed up with this, it's gotten old so quick [4x]
Fuck what you heard, this is our empire [1000x]

5. Bedlam

I'll be the witness of your death and the host of your flesh [2x]
I don't give a fuck about you.
Time is passing by. Your pulse has slowed down. You've met your fucking end. [2x]
I'd love to see you pray. You'll never be heard from the skies above [2x]
How can you believe in after-life, when your so-called "God" has let you sink this low?
I said I'd be the witness of your death. I'm the host of your flesh. [2x]
I begin to break you piece by piece, only to leave your bones forgotten.
I begin to break you piece by piece, only to leave your flesh for rotting.[2x]
I'll be sure to dig your body up.
We'll be seeing your face all over the news.
I'll be sure to dig your body up. [2x]
Your body will never be found.

6. Malice

Do you remember the letter you wrote? Just try and read it after I've slit your throat.
Everyone will have forgotten you. You were such a waste of life. [2x]
How can you sleep at night without me by your side? Did you ever realize how hard I'd tried?
I never thought things would ever get this bad. [2x]
So I guess this is what it comes down to...my knife and the chair you've been bound to. [2x]
In your last fucking moment, look me straight in the eyes.
You're the one who fucking chose this. Shut your mouth, save your lies.
You were such a waste of time.

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Thanks to lambofbud for sending track #4 lyrics.

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