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1. A Deathscene On Delay


2. Shitty City Groove

Let us find peace in the discord...

3. Wait To Exhale

I've written your name a thousand times on paper meant for love letters since I could never seem to find the right words to place my heart next to yours. So I've given up on trying and given you the time to notice when I am missing. Until then, I'll be burning pages marked with memories. Patience is a virtue they say, but I'm so sick of the waiting when even conversations seem so far away. Give me a better reason on why I should stay.
The pages; they meant nothing to me, yet somehow these ashes still mean everything. They've managed to keep their meaning, and keep constant while we are sleeping. Speak softly so they can't hear a thing. There was a time we had our chance, instead we kept affairs behind turned backs ashamed of our romance. A love like that could never last, but I won't settle for you to become just another part of my past. Strangers always try to take the pain away (pain away) but what the fuck do they know about a heart that's not their own?
This is foreign to me. I'd usually forget a name like yours by now... except you're more than just a pretty face I fooled and left too far from their closure. You seem worth the trouble, and if that means sacrificing friendships to see this through, then that's what we'll do. I'll hold my breath until I'm holding you. For the sake of our love, breathe in. In the end our hearts lie side by side. What's a tragedy if Romeo's afraid to die? I will wait to exhale.

4. If Words Aren't Enough

Someone once told me friends "come and go," then they turned their back and walked away so I guess that makes it so. By the way, how much time did it take convincing my past to profess it's fucking love to me? Did you really think some easy sluts could get the best of
me? I called your bluff, now make your next fucking move. You're playing games with someone who plays them better than you. I do admit I was repulsed those nights outside my house when you would brag about the things that no one else should know. Flaunting the disgusting
imagery of her body's perfect symmetry sprawled across the bedsheets with you lying where I should be. But it's nothing compared to what she shares with me. To be her first was all you dreamt to be, but now your dreams of her are filled with me. All my friends turned out
to be fake, but you I truly have to thank. I thank you for ending something I thought was what I needed. I was cheated, and lied to me was all that "she" did...but at the time my life was seemingly perfect and you wanted to change that. Look where that's left us now. I
remember relating to every sad song that came on the radio, and clenching teeth when thinking of how much I fucking hated you. I promised myself you'd feel the misery that you put me through. The one she wants is still me, so I guess you'll have to kill me fucker.

5. Hearts Made Of Wax

Hearts made of wax long for flames that will last long enough to collapse our chests into our backs. Melting away all that was keeping it safe. Another sanctuary broken. Concaved chest left to be gaping wide open. In other words hearts are meant for breaking, seeing as how everything we know will someday die out. Oh god. Help me to feel something that's real because there's got to be a spark before our bodies collide. Lie to me lying on sheets as lust synchs our heartbeats. Hold my hand. Let's pretend that things are better. Now whisper to me something sweet and I will act like I'm flattered. With these torn paper wings on our backs we can convince one another of our faith in each other, and how we couldn't ever dream of any other lover...but really when I am dreaming, I'm only dreaming of 'her.' Love songs and inexpensive drugs won't paint the picture quite as perfectly as they should, so take your time counting petals as I remain to you misunderstood. I don't want to be held liable for ending this, but I'm up against the wall since "I love yous" are meaningless. I told myself I'd never believe this, but we've fallen out of love and fallen to pieces.

6. Denouement

I'm finished feeling sorry for the ghost that still haunts me, sitting in it's corner cracking smiles while it taunts me. This guilt's become so daunting. Why you're still playing games with misery's beyond me. Leave me to lay alone with heartless thoughts looking at a poorly drawn portrait of a former self. I always knew that Eden wasn't too far from Hell. So let me look back at a time when I had the whole world in front of me. A time that once was, but could never be. Nobody told you to stop breathing. Nobody asked you to stop your heart from beating. So pathetic, living your life's every second like we're actors in a movie, but we don't have a happy ending do we? Take a second to think this through before you choke on those pills you threw down your throat to turn your pale face blue. Just to get me feeling sorry for you. I guess I should've known this was some shit you'd do. Don't forget to wrap my ambitions around your body and drag them down with you to the deepest sea. Where open arms welcome broken hearts is where you'll find me.

7. The Tear-Away Face

I've placed the pieces behind the shelf. If ever inclined to find them, they'll serve their purpose to remind myself of where I've been...so I can tell them to never believe in someone who doesn't believe in anything at all. They're only living life waiting for the sun
to rise and fall. There's no guilt in the pleasure when morals have no mother fucking measure. I am a skin-bag stretched beyond reason. One filled with fragile, aching bones of glass. Aching bones of glass bursting at the seams and ready to be seen. Ready to just break
and bleed. Ready to be anything. Ready to be anything but what this world has shown me. Fuck humanity. Proceed to breathe only to eat, sleep and breed? [x2] This world's got us pressed against the walls. Our backs decorated with every lie given in the fashion of blades
and daggers. The most honest words to ever be spoken: I am a liar, and I am a deadly sinner. I was bred to broken. I was made to be dislocated.
Tear away the loose skin and bare wounds of an honest man.

8. Red Walls Behind Closed Doors

Failure followed me along with memories of wasted youth; scared and crying.
I forgot to live my life when I was too busy with dying. [x2]
What's the sense in trying if we all end up deceased?
Left alone to rot in peace.
Until then, I'll be keeping conversations with hedges and stone pretending I'm not really alone and talking to a casket that's six feet below.
You're not missing out on anything, but we miss you at home. Overwhelmed by life and death, or am I just being realistic?
Diverting my attention to lust painted with lipstick. Distraction is my one perversion. Distraction is my one and only perversion.
You could never understand what's left of this person. I've come to terms with this prison in all of my self-loathing.
My mind wanders in places I'd rather forget, for these answers never seem to keep me content. I'll be just fine.
I just need some time to clear my mind. To clear my head. Show me something you will never see. Tell me something you will never know.
If eyes are open windows to our souls, then look inside mine as nothing but cold wind blows.
I can hear the laughter coming from the walls as my life comes undone. Once filled with ambition, now left with none.
I should figure out why this life's become so cumbersome. I should figure why my life's become so cumbersome...
I'm losing staring contests with the barrel of a gun instead. Now, please excuse me as I take the time to clear my head.

9. Peace In The Dicord


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