Dark Lyrics


1. Seven


2. May You Live Forever

don't try to hide
this inner pain remains

in fact you have
to live with this
this silence will keep you awake

true colors
appear with agony
I'd give my final words for you
you'd never
do the same for me
now I'm helpless left behind

forgive me
I've been so blind
these are the words
I can't hear anymore
those were the days
you can't die for

forever you shall stay
in fire
you shouldn't dig a grave
with no return
my helping hand you can't
may you live with
this fault eternally

3. Chained

broken and torn
in shackles being held
the time has come to
free myself from you

I'm done with being pushed
my actions will no longer
be unseen and
I will
no longer be kept down

in my mind
confined by your commands

never feel too save
this will not be my end
I'll keep my head up
even if I'm chained

there is no way
to calm the storm
history showed
every chain will break
I will remain
through dark and day
remember my name

4. Nothing To Lose

why give up and try
try another way
crossroads stops our view
and all our faith is gone

they say I'll never pass this life
cause all our future dreams are lies

whenever the chance is there
grab your life to take the perfect way

tattoos of our hope
burnt inside our veins
no more chance to live
I'll save this life

no victim
awakened sounds of an ancient faith
no victim
endless ways
nothing to lose

a broken pride
anchor-less I ride
through a silent sea
there is no end in sight

I am a rock
in this storm
a silent scream
of hope

out of a fire I rise
through a storm I fall
into a new born world
I always carried inside

I am hope, I am faith
tears of the desperate
no pain anymore
no silent life at last

5. An Ember Awakes

It makes no sense
to keep myself alive
an ember awakes
by killing fire

I am forever
I am an open scar
I've been forgotten
reborn in endless pain

We never see
all our possible ways
never see
blinded by me
I just gave up myself
I gave up myself

I burn
I'm burning deep inside
I hate being helpless

My ashes are here to remain
still blind
trying to find
this life
once again I will feel alive
suffering all alone

I'd be there for every soul
that burns with me
I'm too far away
I fall

6. Rise Of The Fire

a perfect world
a perfect day
to live in this cage you call your life
a human aim
to be unseen
believing the voices of sorted men

borrowed decisions that ended in ruin
arrive in mystery
follow the pain
searching for answers
claws deep in my skin

was it worth it
to die for when everything
you have believed in
falls to dust
a sacrifice
of reckless fate
through the hand of a liar

dying words
regret a mistake
so obvious to understand
I'm merciless
when weakness grows
a habit so easy to lead
the only way
to meet the truth
is walking on
when falling down

once again I speak
this was for the weak

7. Secrets In Graves

whisper in the silence
for all I've lost
can you hear me?

The final words we say
turning the face
behind the truth
I'm hiding inside
the dreams that ain't my own
I swear
I will
define my lines
and keep my will

I suffer inside 'til the day I'm gone
growing a nightmare created for you
through dust and bones I crawl to you
solutions are hidden in a deeper fate
betraying myself I have to stay

only you stop my pain
the things I said
going through my head
rather cry all alone
than share it with you

save me from this
I bury my secrets in graves
can you be mine?
the darkness is calling my name

turning my back to a truth I fear
smiling polite to a face so near
last chance, last way
I'll have to leave
no road to return

whenever I decide
whenever I decide

8. Voices

a blast of my existence
keeping my head clean for pain
through all the days
and the nights I'm alone
finally I come home

waste of patience
you are
afraid of
everything different than you

now I
I'm always alone
these voices shared my fear
from now
on always and ever
I keep my dreams inside

who am I now
will I ever find myself
right, wrong, now, then
don't tell me where to go

how can you say
this life is wrong for me
I will not fall
society will not break my life
and now the voices
break out
and cry
to turn back in time
I can't deny
what's right or wrong
under my chest
forget the rest
don't know why
I still try
to disappear with my social vest

now I
I'm always alone
these voices shared my fear

9. The Darkest Gate

disdain words
dyes your liar tongue
the darkest gate's open
I have seen this vision
rewrote poems
a trip through bitter irony
you sold your soul
for a ride with the devil's slut

so far away
from my warning
believe me your dreams
are painted black

believe me I tried it
to show it so many times
it's hard to forget it
to watch it let you go
one moment in lifetime
but I had no idea
that sorrow will remain
because I let you go
forgive me now

And now I come home
home is a place
where my heart can stay
you show me how I never want to be
being myself was never enough
enough to return your broken soul

this is not the time
forgiveness must wait for me
cause I will never forget
my life, my love
dead and gone
I still breath the air that we've lost

10. Perish In Oblivion

turn all the lights down
and let the beast grow
to destroy all we've ever had

the sunset's gone
on your cold throne
I am a drop in this deep dark sea

to fear you
I should know you
instead I wake up every night
and fear the same

no compromise
I suffocate by the thought
you would never remember
the days pass by
I wonder why
this all feels like a dream

help me to forget everything
that cursed my life

as darkness grows
I clamp to pictures
of our golden times ago
and you should know me after all
instead I perish in oblivion

don't give me nothing
for every word unsaid
to wash your guilt away
break off the scars
to feel the pain
you loved once now your life is gone

am I
still cursed
can I get out of this darkness here

all hope is gone
the show is over
there 'll be no final hopeful call
the curtains fall
the lights are out
silence eats me alive

11. Bury Your Shadow

now I
I wake up suffering in
created perfect for my
low pride
for all the time I spent alone I
I'm a dying ember inside

forever agony
I have to beat my fear
into eternity
for all the pride I've left
left me alone to die
I have to kill what
is bleeding inside

on the edge of patience
outside my pain
I can see your face
full of lies
stop hiding me
to see what's left
stop hiding me

repressed emotions
hid too long
too deep inside
my sorrow
it has become too real

see who I never seem to be
never see who I need to be

light in darkest nights
I buried
the lying pale shadows

no more
break through this wall
into a world
a world painted black
created with dreams
I'll never forget
this is the sorrow I left
left for my sins, left for my stars
shining too bright
now I die

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