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1. Magnisphyricon: Temperance


2. Bubonic Waltz

At first the rumors
spread about the people dying fast
and their body's inflammation
infecting everyone at last.
No sense in hiding while the scourge passed
down the streets
good and bad alike were falling
during death's voracious feast

Like the sound of distant thunder carrying the storm
rang the bells of countless churches, keepers of the
wisdom, of grand illusions to kneel before His throne
while the people's fate just was to work
their hands down to the bone.

They say we're rotten to the core,
our sins now greater than before.
Seven ways for hell's intrusion,
have we lived in vain?

Read what the prophets say
about the end of days
in the book of revelation,
showing Satan's ugly face.

Seems to be the war in heaven's been brought upon this land,
the unholy conjuration, demons of Gehhena,
a final judgement, to purify our souls,
so let us dance among the corpses stacked
around a hunderdfold.

3. Soul Symmetry

Sometimes questions are wrong.
Nails breaking glass and faltering faith.
A dying star has ceased its circle.
Ambiguous statements dried out.

Words undignified,
to dilute the end of this story.

One step ahead is a beacon to follow.
Waiting for the rain, for the end of tomorrow.

Overdressed parasite with the fragrance of boredom about.
It's the same scenery like ten times before.
To try too hard might bring failure
when even patience has dissolved.

Words unjustified, to repeat all
the slander once more.
save no souls, bury memories underground.

One step ahead is a beacon to follow,
Waiting for the rain, for the end of tomorrow.
I've done my time,
searched the end of the rainbow,
now set me free, to find my soul's symmetry.

This long descent is my ordeal,
my penitence perfunctory.
You are my bride with bleeding heels,
the shoes don't fit but
we're dancing still.

4. Sanctuary

I can't think of simple questions,
asking for where we are speeding to.
I'm floating on unseen rivers,
on pulses of light,
while trying to hide
sincere emotions.

This is my sanctuary,
The place where I hide
in secrecy.

Neglecting those I love,
feeling hypnotized.
The two-dimensional gates,
that's where I feel alive.
My hereabouts unknown,
anonymous ID.
Wherever I do roam
the day is the enemy.

5. Casus Belli I: Guilt's Mirror

Indoctrinate your stupidity,
your bone-dry book of rules,
on someone else than me.

To incarcerate free speech of mind,
gender equality,
marks you as dumb and blind.

I'd rather poison
the air I breathe
than risk the chances
for your defeat.

Follow me, follow me,
bring your curse on me.

Bury me, bury me,
bring your pain on me.

Your hate leaves me high and pure.
I am Guilt's Mirror.

A circus full of clowns
rotten brains, a bunch of dicks,
ruled by God or politics -
retarded intellects.

Some barking extremists
won't change the life we chose.
A test of tolerance,
face modern age's

6. Magnisphyricon: Adjustement


7. Into The Void

All these hours feel like wintertime,
withered days, grey and cold.
In my confinement I seek the stars,
princes of space,
candles of God.

I sing my song, my rhapsody,
but in the end the words just
slip away.

I've lost whatever I have had,
while the plague erased what I have
once been.

This is the first step to extinction,
life's last monstrosity.

Mental foundations just disappear,
elusive descent into the void.
My destination is oblivion,
blindfolded angels harvesting my brittle soil.

White noise is filling up my brain,
my last illusions, they lose their shape.
This is the first step to extinction,
life's last monstrosity.

What I have found, what I have lost,
in Purgatorio.

Life's play dark scenery,
the actors veiled in grey.
Cruel lies, brave honesty,
just drift away.

8. A Nightbird's Gospel

I exorcize, I soothe.
Your spirit's haze, its wounds.
Out of coal I carve a diamond,
conduct your transcendence.

Well, you won't make it instantly!
My trade's not based on amenity.

This is His light, his call.
Delightful we do our chores.

You belong to me,
sing the gospels with me.
Learn to believe in what I say!
Prophets, disciples, sinners and saints,
we reinstate the fallen God.

Hope for the lost ones,
for the poor and the blind.
For us he was bleeding,
so I'm spreading his seed.
Have a bite, it tastes alright!
Good fun to worship my case,
old rites we put aside.

This is real! Can't you feel?
God's show tonight.

You belong to me,
sing the gospels with me.
Learn to believe in what I say!
Son, so I shall wake you
to taste sweet absolution.
Rest in blissful peace.

9. Tales Of Greed

Your part in creation is to eat the forbidden fruit,
in a shiny suit.
And we provide the stages for your dance,
although you miss all elegance.

They say that clothes make the emperor, but I think it's more
about a solid state of mind.
I hoped we've raised above the carnivores,
but when I look at you you're right about that kind.

Jack be nimble,
Jack be quick,
Jack jump over the candlestick.

Disgust, spitting out my disgust, showing you my disgust,
my contempt for your small existence.
Disgust, all you get is disgust, that's for kicking my trust,
I will smash your throne.
You alone missed the signs of this system changing.
Tell me your tales of greed.

Seems all you've studied for is how to get the dime.
Well, right this attitude makes you a king of our time.
My consolation is locked secure in my heart and head,
that in the end your wallet's filled, but you're cold and dead.

Who cut the leash, who lost the sense of common men?
Who resurrects the dynasties
and breaks morality?

10. Lilith

From the gates of paradise to the virgin
world below
she was cast away for what she has done,
bereft of her home.

You have to believe her there was only one choice for her.
She longed to stay, to resist the beast,
but Creator's scorn
was lashing out at her.

She is the mistress of her destiny,
at night she hunts their souls.
Victim of the holy trinity,
a fall from grace.

Hora mortis nostrae
Her illusions sacrificed to heaven's hierarchy.

Her wounds healed quick, loved by Samael at night.
His spirit's lust did guarantee
a fallen angel's destiny.

In the garden of Eden submission is no path for her.
She wanted to stay, to resist the beast,
but Creator's scorn
was lashing out at her.

Lord I guess I must concede that pride's my coven's creed.
So my past dies, so my horns rise!

11. Casus Belli II: Necrologue To The Unborn

How can we all believe that times are changing
as long as genocide's a policy?
Remains of battlefields, of troops they've sent in,
justification of democracy.

The face of desolation breaks the spine of morality.

Rain falls on seeds of sorrow,
a broken mind's soft elegy.
Seems there is no time to borrow.
Chances die where
children don't dream and
bullets corrupt the mind.

Conceptions of the world are shattered pieces,
the broadcast's random stitches on human brains.
The breaking news change with the
flow of seasons.

Time kills the names of all,
of devils and saints.

12. Magnisphyricon: The Aeon


13. 1413

Wading through ashes,
one night for the kill is all they need.
Hell's children burning,
turn the law of the church into anarchy.

Guardians of pilgrims,
bankers of kings.

Maybe they will regret it,
the smell of blood is strong
which stains on tragic night.

Tears sealing the lies on heretic's dawn.

God's sign on dusty linen,
life's sworn to poverty.
A holy father's drunk illusions
commanding them to cross the sea.
To dust and heat where pagans breed.

Guardians of pilgrims,
bankers of kings.

To David's halls they wander,
bring down Jerusalem,
the thirst of sickened minds.

All they ever feared was lies became the truth.
While breaking the ties of clerical circles,
those undermined His servants' life.

There's nothing more but silence,
there's nothing more to prove.
We lived a life of violence,
we lived a life of pain.
We're wading down the waters
towards the bright white light.
And memories of this day
will never die.

14. Yesteryears

Safeguard in times of need, a scheme to face demise.
Something is calling old memories into the light.
This sleeping draught released me.

I recant my intent to reshape this scene, to revive a fading dream.
I'll stay, live here for eternity, I rest, here I rest in peace.

Won't you share those feelings with me?
If pain or delight, such varieties I've known.
After all the sand of time is a cruel thing.
Helpless I am standing, disintegrating.

I'll stay live here for eternity, to heal and to tell my tale.
I'll stay, to elude life's travesty,
I rest, here I rest in peace.

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