Dark Lyrics


1. Sojourn

In a field so green
Where the morning ever rises
I try to grasp this fleeting moment
The swaying of the trees
The cool touch of the breeze
All will turn to shadow
Just another faded memory

Can you show me what I can't see
Help me listen to what I can't hear
Calm the storm within my heart
Before it grows and takes its toll

I can show you what you can't see
Help you listen to what you can't hear
Calm the storm within your heart
Before it grows and takes control

Will I remember the cold autumn breeze
Will I remember the sound of the trees
Will I remember the feeling of your touch
Will I remember anything at all

2. Deceit

Cast unto the world and whispered a lie
Devoid of will
With a false sense of hope
A heart benighted
Deceived from the start
Forever lost
Confusion the norm

My bitter world is changing
So tired of this deceit
There must be something more to this
Something I must have missed

The silhouette of childhood's memory
Now obscured within a dream
Slowly fading with the fog of time
A dwindling light
A fraying thread

What is left?
A heart of dread
Words left unsaid
Forever dead
Can this be real?
Time never heals
Left in decay
Where all remains

3. The Furtive Longing

The darkness faltered
Seeking out the light
Longing to become
Something it wasn't
So it cried out in vein
Hoping to ease the pain
Of knowing the dreadful truth
The secret of the light

You will never know
The story that goes untold
Hidden from all to see
This wish will never be

And so it turned away
Leaving with little strength
Hoping that some day
The night would be the light
It vowed to never cry
And never to deceive
Knowing that the light
Would never reveal its plight

4. Unveiled

Hear me hear my cries
See me in the night
Searching for what was
Fleeing what I've become

The pain inside blinding my sight
The fears I hide draining my life
A final sigh a fleeting wish
Tomorrow will come
So hard to carry on

Burden in my chest
Burning air so cold
Frozen memories are lost
In time forever gone

This figure so frail
With sunken eyes
And skin so pale
A heart filled with ice

5. Sojourn Part II

When the night
Comes to take us away
I will be right by your side
To wipe away all of your tears
And take away all of the pain
I know just what it is you seek
A moments rest
A sigh of relief

6. A Bitter Ending

The skies wept and the soil filled with anguish
Embodied with dis-contempt there is no end
There is no escape only a loathing acceptance
All will be consumed by eternal darkness

The memories were lost in the winds of time
The stars could only watch as the Earth began to weep

The forests will no longer sway
The seas will cease to move
All rivers will run dry
And the lands will turn to dust
All forms of life will flea
And the birds will end their songs
As the clouds begin to settle
Not even silence remains

Darkness fills my vision
With a blanket of cold
Loneliness becomes my friend
Traveling the unknown

Eternal dusk awaits
In this land
Where the moon and the stars are trapped
In suspended animation
This place so far away
Certainly out of reach
It's closer than you can see
Nothing is what it seems

7. Closure

The shadows fall once again
They shroud my mind and I filled with dread
These ghosts in my dreams haunting figures in black
My fear grows like a plague

Waiting for a sign not knowing what
I'll find
Seeking the truth there is nothing left to do

The moonlight is all that's left to guide me
Porcelain white upon a sea of darkness
And this we will hold so dear the memory of life

And what do we do when all is gone
Where do we go when the last leaf

8. Lamentation

Haunted by thoughts
A memory of you
Brought about by a dream
Wherein I heard your voice

Helplessly clinging to faith
An empty vessel
In which hope is placed

Black wings unfold
As the sorrow rises with the moon
And the woe within
Becomes the bed in which I lay

Hours pass
As the night becomes the day
That I will dread

Thanks to somnentband for sending these lyrics.

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