Dark Lyrics


1. I Need Drugs

Cut it 'til it's gutted
I let my weight fluxuate, fuck
Yes, love is a jellyfish and I clean my stings with tenderized piss
No, I don't care very much
You keep your mouth fucking shut when you talk to us
The dream machine will take it's tilt
The fear will bloom, the heart will wilt
Friends forever fucking each other's fuck-friends
These are the 'ins and outs' and I'm out to win
Fuck it
Thank God I love my life
Thank God I love my friends
With all this lithium, the stability could never end

2. A Sick Cult

I'm sipping cold and slow while careful to keep my legs closed
The sun's not solid gold, but no one knows
The doors are deadlocked but the whores aren't wedlocked
A wish list of marital bliss in an answerless Los Angeles
Back home they think I'm queer, but no one's yet to notice here
The doors are deadlocked but the whores aren't wedlocked
Free love in this city
A sick cult of synchronicity
Oh shut up, it's the best habit I've held in years

3. Me & My Blasphemy

It is very true
Part of my skeleton is stained black and blue
A decline in health
Irreconciliable differences with myself
A flock of crows circling my head
They used to come and go
Now they shriek, "Dead dead dead..."
Come apart at the seams
Come part the seas
Come party with me in a deathbed left for dead
You don't think about the future when you are this fucked in the head

4. The DNA Will Have It's Say

Come on, truly it was always dusted fly dead in the corner of some window
I couldn't win 'cause sunburnt skin is in
If there was a pin to pull, I'd pull the pin
Oh fuck yeah I know where it began
I was buried up to my glands in sand
Hot boys with toys on their arms don't mean no harm
They merely mean to impress, to show you what they undress
The flexed pricks have spoken
The thighs wide open
The team members are swollen
Delicious d'ebutants hearts are stolen
What's in the future for us?
A public speech on a public bus
The DNA will have it's say

5. Don't Hate Me Just 'Cause I Hate You

Crowded couples sipping sucking sex
Under bleachers, student teachers know best
Yea, well, fate is fucking romantic if you can get off on failure
Right on reds and left at an altar
"Oh now I want to cry.
I don't try, I don't try, I wanna die"
People say that you're stuck on yourself
Just because you aren't stuck on anyone else
Anyone else?
This could kill you
But so could I
This could swallow you whole
But so could I

6. Nazi Rodeo

Corner-sitting in a club that I'm sure to love
All for a better view of the very few things in life that I am already sure of
(The things I love)
And I go: "Hands caressing the skin, they're dying to get in"
Even the winners lose
You know the trigger to pull your weight
To give me headache
So dance
Talk shit
And throw your guns in the goddamn air

7. Hot Air Balloons

I keep my head in the clouds
My feet aren't seeds so I see no reason to plant them
And I'll keep my head in the clouds
You say, "But I am here on the ground"
There's not enough love in the world to weigh me down

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