Dark Lyrics


1. Beautiful Rune

As sun and dove over bat and moon
If we stay on this road we'll find religion soon
I plant the seeds that flower in veins
And destined down black-lit bathroom drains
Of sacraments and ends
Dead in a ditch death is the friend buried beneath drugged skin
My stand became a lean verse cigarette machine
Could cocaine candy console crippled children cavities?
The tears of flesh death burns
Now a miscentered mantelpiece in a porcelain urn
But what words will witches sing
While warlocks pluck away all day at their broken heartstrings
I took some gun from some sick hand
Said, "Count to ten."
Oh, one, two, three...
Fuck it, I don't care
And all of us widowed wives
Discussing dimensions in dream homes we hide
And it's not fair
These affairs are all I had
Instead I had to lie
Forget it
I get it
I guess it's true
I'd make a boring bride

2. Hot Piss

Fangs on flesh sink in soft skin
Throw your soul to the volcano
Where lava once erupted in your stomach now molten in the skull
Follow me
Swallow me down
I don't coma anymore
I map my way around the matressed floor
Angels of the underworld at night we dine
Your teeth will grind into mine
Fangs on flesh sink in soft skin
Just keep me out of the sun
You call me scum like I'm the only one
You call me scum like I'm the only one

3. Dead in a Web

Immortal memories dead in a web
Where we once wore our roaring head
Dead in a web
Boring people on bad cocaine
Dead in a web
Sandpaper tongues forked with terms of depression
Missing limbs thin under sweet obsession
God coming down pulling fuckers from bars
And sticking them in driver seats of cars
Track marks the spot of the stuttering dead
There's easier ways to blow of your head

4. Warm Milk

Don't blueprint me you casket designers
You're not dead like me you little lip-liners
Some powdered nose and some stranger's skull-fucked head
I want a little warm milk before bed
Spilling guts across the floor
I don't even lock the door anymore
We're in the world and we're on our knees
So we should all come together
Yeah we should all come together
I don't lock the door no more
So we should all come together
Yeah we should all come together with warm milk

5. You'll Be Happier With Lower Standards

Another fuck in the pocket
I'm drunkest in the flood
Seven seven seven
And I am puking devil's blood
Lord do you love me?
The sweatiest sleep with virgins who sweep
Clean of their pasts and dirt upon me
Another fuck in the pocket
I'm drunkest in the flood
Seven seven seven
There's no heaven

6. Ex Nuns / Dead Dogs

As we're pricked with the sand spurs of time
Who will feed the dogs when our neighbors have died?
A cherry blossom kisses anti-depressants of old brides
When the bulbs all disappear
Don't flick your lighter over here
Dee eye vee oh are see es eye in
Es tee ee ee pea el ee es oh in
Ef eye are eek ay ee ee pea oh in
Bee you are in eye in gee em ee
Ex nuns between the legs with whiskey
As we're pricked with the sand spurs of time
Who will feed all the dogs when you've died?

7. Totally Pregnant Teens

It's kind of like love but a little more important
Kind of like sex but a little more impotent
Totally pregnant teens with erections
Of sunbathing dreams on the brink of dissections
Because it's too late to place faith in fate
I will pillage the village to rape
You are heaven's pregnant teens
If celibacy shakes afraid of snakes
Then we will slither into outer space
And if fertile beds should fall to the floor
We'll go down with it and conceive some more

8. Bone Metal

In the kingdom of hell
You and I would bastardize the secrets we would tell to them
She fell on him
Into a bottomless well
Where we're the kings of hell
Black blood on a throne of skulls
Shake "We don't love you, we love we"
In the kingdom of hell
In a cavern called hell
In a chemical hell
You and me
The cross will crumble

9. Marry Mortuary

Marry Mortuary
Leather jackets feed worms in a dead horse cemetery
Marry Mortuary
Kicking clouds with my boots in daisy-chain territory
Marry Mortuary
Feather fucks flash down our last anniversary
Marry Mortuary
Breaking vows when the cows graze hard out of a monastery
The cigarette's desperate smoke breathes lonely bomb threats
Marriages, carriages, split headaches, earthquakes
The cigarette's desperate smoke clouds are the only cancer I'll ever need

10. Religion II

11. Skull's Old Girlfriends

I fiend it fair
When hell will melt
The misery me and Joseph have felt
A stiff foul cross hangs hard 'round your neck
Over your chest where my head used to rest, but now...
Snaking my way as only serpents could
To the holy house where your love's nailed to wood
But through and through I'm obsessed with you
It's true, it's true, infesting you
It's just god's way of keeping us outside of their insides
Remember when the house burnt down?

12. Retard and Feathered

All of you dead doves on sun-staining streets
Becoming soulmates with soles of my feet
Clipped little wings
Escaping the rain
Crash into windows and bruise their bird brains
The second verse is as bored as the first
Satanic gloom and barbiturate doom
Pawning guitars to heat up a spoon
You can't just eat shit on an empty stomach
And then act surprised at what comes out of it

13. Deathface

Black Jesus on a burning cross
Even nuns get splashed by filth at bus stops
Under the moon and a veil
Skin splinters out of its jail
Where worship deceases its crud
Dead dogs under tires and mud
Sunday morning I'm going to lie
Sunday morning sorrow will die
Comets bleeding through black holes of crime
Comets falling from god's holy sky
Who will fuck when the people are all gone?
Who will fuck when the people are all gone?
I would smash the face of the world
Just smashing the face of the world
Smashing the face of the world
Sneaky little boys
Sneaky little girls
All children wrath hard of divorce
Yet they will aspire to wed
While the ring is stuck on the finger
You're sucking on the head in a bed
I couldn't care less what I say
I couldn't care less of your friends
I'm tired of trying to write
Everything's already been said
Feed me a hard skin as dead as a cat
Who will fuck when the people are gone?

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