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1. Unknown Origin

Under the deep seas of amnesia, silence always wears white,
Mystery in a state of continuous recycling
Even the hope is present

Existential information was suppressed
The perception of just being with eyes wide open turns us into cattle

I do not remember the departure, now we flee from the future without knowledge, programming prevents us from being autonomous

They come to dissent
We are poisoned with lies
Happiness is bought by material state

Deposited in weak bodies
We are so easy to manipulate
Deposited in weak bodies
We are so easy to manipulate

The sense of the days is cold
One star dies to give me life
When the deceit is behind the innocence

What is the unknown origin and how much time we have here, I still wonder if we could ever choose to live and break the cycle
What is the unknown origin and how much time we have here I wanna break the cycle

Thousand fictions exists to entertain the mind and not find the exit
Prisoners in meat bodies and acting as machines in production

2. Fourth Insurgency

Now that you are entering the solemn sound of ruin
You discover the roar of the earth's disease
When the center of life revolves around death
This you breathe today is the cause of extinction of tomorrow
They have come to colonize, our habitat
By means of military technology and pathological

Infiltration of the toxin in the brain stops the evolution

The view dissolve in a valley of rubble
While civilizations breathe the darkest dawns
New diseases increase the radius of biological devastation

Thought has aimed at common standards of obedience, slaves walking in reverse.
Many were killed, others were captured for biological experiments only a few survive
This is the war of the fourth insurgency

3. Connectivity

Complex configuration of gamete circuit
Let me see the creation of the perfect race, magnificent illusion
We cross the perfect line between human and machine
It's not an experiment, the hybrid creation born.

We are connected through meat and circuit
We are from a place of hatred and ashes
We are programmed to release the coma
We are a race created to lift those ruins

The connection chemical and digital was made successfully, now the new genetic code will guide to the new hybrid race.
Loading expansion specie.
Now our thoughts are generated by the body of coalescent material new life has begun

4. Beginning Cycle

Every start refers to an end
What you look feel and breathe will soon too die
The light is finished to the rhythm of time expiring in space
The introduction to the new dynamics is processed
The old time ends to begin the new registry of existential memory
The last breath of the universe will give way to new forms

This is the process of destiny
Beginning cycle is created like a drop in the ocean
The colossal ruins died and the pain also came to an end forever.
The beginning and the end will be forever infinite

5. Timeless Restart

We always breathe the time of existential scheme where every second gets more lethal in a process of slow disintegration.
Get ready for the start.
All that was, is and will be
It's a perception of a game that won't win
I'm in a virtual universe
It's the first kingdom of the four sectors

Making time to the rhythm of his thought
In the incommensurable realities
Restoring the existence becomes timeless, omnipresent and unfading

They will have the last word in deciding between life and death
In a monochrome cosmos while the planetary nebula radiates
All that was, is and will be
It's a perception of a game that won't win
Nucleosynthesis rises fast
The fading process began to eat us

Creative minds of sublime forms, put the fate in motion
Being part of our time involved us in a state of timeless restart
We are an illusion of the eternal dream

They create suns on their way to illuminate the space
Light years away the ashes are mixed with the shadows

This is the end and the beginning timeless

6. Maquinam Creantis

I am the creator of the good and the bad, the positive and the negative
I have with me the power of your creation and your destiny
Once the database is ready for processing it’s installed in your head
And start the game in the simulation; only the best will leave here.

In the game many kill, hate pollute and devastate
Others smile and become a succulent prey to others
Thinking of the opposite of the usual is almost impossible
Draw a line on your future without logical reason

The positive and the negative
Your destiny

You get used to swallow the poison of others
Fall to the disease called humanity
You will meet again and again with the cycle
Neural patterns recharge

Your eyes are covering with brilliance, glowing like fireflies
After the carrion shadows will end the glow
Do not ask me the why of things
This time there is no mercy for anyone.
This is the big machine

7. Transhumanism

And now my change is here
You can see
I'm one more in the process of the current trend
It's my new life
Errors and physical imperfections are changed by synthetic material

Psychological damage is eradicated
Gray matter is restored.
Intelligence grows simultaneously
Common defects are exterminated
I'm ready for the new life module to follow
Ones self is eternity

Damaged cells will undergo cryopreservation until further notice
So far the update of the body is stable with the machine
This is the end of suffering
A new skin restores me
Welcome the new day
Welcome the new sun
A new light surrounds me

8. Holographic Confusion

You were easily misled by brain imaging
Lies flow in consequence to decisions
Synthetic structures call into question the state of mind
Reality can hide behind the waves of light.

I'm distorted in a holographic design cage
Betrayal and deception are everywhere
Life here is a lie, hypnotization by digital shapes

Programming for denial is absolute
They make us see and feel the pleasure
Induced deeply in each individual consciousness
We lost the will in synthetic creation
We are creatures caught in dynamic of lies, dynamic lies
Mental subliminal shots of holographic confusion

9. Polarity

Death is nothing more than an invention that the mind created to not abandon the inner melancholy and the big void
I am everything and nothing I come from fantasy and reality
Always standing in the same place up or down we talk about the same
Here there will always be a back for an obverse
Dimensional gears rotate in wrong way
The past and future merge with the time
Cause and effect are balance
We are constantly on the mental pendulum from side by side
Obeying the stellar motion of the stars to above and below
I'm polarity

10. Opposition

The enemy is hidden under the curtain, directing the show of manipulation the lie is his weapon, the illusion his trap, the moment arrives, the pyramid will fall, the oppressed will rise, will fall, the pyramid will fall.

The debugging has begun, his head and his blood will flow, a new era, upon the corpse of the fallen oppressor will begin

The jaws of the lion have opened, to tear and annihilate his captor, confrontation is imminent, facts are already written, opens the way to the opposition, receives the punishment of the oppressed, opens the way to the opposition, the old order has been drowned in his own poison

The jaws of the lion have opened
Opens the way to the opposition
This is our opposition…

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