Dark Lyrics


1. It Was Just An Accident

unjust response for your ignorance...
intensify my rage
unrest that makes me strong
disrespect underneath
the innocence... magnify my hurt
temperence in pleasure
too drunk to comprehend the guilt...
forget nothing... take it... you need it...
make believe you love me...
pretend it's candy
one more time for the past...
take the risk
have one more lick... one more stick
one more taste of my prick...
just for laughs
i want her seduction of naked ways
stop taking... disappear...
don't take my confidence
i'm muredering the love in my mind
i'm murdering the love in your eyes
deny it... destroy it... unreal feeling
pushing harder... falling deeper
coward decision... envisionment
let me free this... cover your eyes
venting all pain to flow with no strain
a discretion for this excuse
the years spent with child abuse
cold non-emotion overload
highly wound
computer image scapegoat
a rerun painstaking sequence code
turncoat of my closest brother
i speak my mind... my truth...
a respond that's bleak
i hate your fake... love... lust...
the game... your mistake
don't think... don't blink...
lose your head to solve the link
i've tried to ignore this...
the sweet taste of lust on my lips
drastically makes my head twitch...
chemically... mentally...
spent eternity destroying it
restrain to dominate
putting me in my fake mental state...
to be something
it's the disease i have...
my drug... my lonely drug
i could have it... it's in my face
locked down... no escape

2. So Hatred

a cold cast thought...
shattered and numb
i've got this system in my head
standards and notions
of my own death
kill me... i've already killed myself
(a thousand times)
a devil speaks to disguise my eyes
so you cannot see
the knowledge of unkind
inflict selfish ways to undermind trust
stepped on only to be stepped upon
wishful thought to smooth out
high tempers in need
a doll an image for wrath to unleash...
the aggressor
helpless... help yourself
stop being there for everyone else
feeding the fake
take their medicine to feel good
frustration to the point of anger
no sympathy for your way
lying on the drugstore floor
an arm injected mindfuck
for the weak and impossible
damn the cause... fuck the reasons
hate everyone... hate everything
hate yourself for disrespect
a martyr for your self-gain
beginning to numb myself
murdering morals for power
repeating the past
in the form of consequences
instagate a broken will to think
treason of feelings spread wide
preaching problems... you're the problem
lose your stable temperance
flake-out on situations
another taste of sinful indulgence
take-out on yourself
take notice...
no sense of accomplishment
stop making blame
don't want to rely on someone else
stop pointing ones to shame
the hands of time will strangle you
unless you run
left behind to cry
about what could have been
demand trust and lied to earn it
grasp your actions before they react too fast
control... a tool that discipline maintains
swim oceans of pain...
to drown in hatred

3. Build Fear

everything is alone and dying
a pariah even among demons
crawling down the devil's throat
i'll make cruel of your brain
lewd courage... weak emotion
blind to this part of mind
strongest point of raw fright
fear of guilt... express dread
is this sickness there
or has it already spread
lump in the throat... heart in hand
odius to the soul...
offer your prayers
breaking down strong esteem
jaws numbed shut
eyes wide with fright
you stared at me
tension builds... gritting teeth
induce this reaction...
picking up the pendulum
slit your wrist...
lying in your pooled blood
cleansed in mortal tarnish
suicide is not escape
only a weak retreat
this backbone of your inner cracked
stick to death by this sick touch
infinity of my retribution
manifests this hate
for your execution
this backbone of your inner cracked
nothing more repulsive
than a pathetic man
misgiven dusk the path to greet
seizing all ripe memories
stomach twists into hatred
sticken to death by this touch
ripping the soul from inside
glowing bright with endowed gloom
naive awareness... without sound
a shame your courage
lies in my handssheer black fright
a fountain sealed
i'll break your pride down into pain

4. Looking Through Nails

inquisitor of a blind way...
sitting on a thin line
leaning from side to side...
crawling into a mold
when good made evil...
thought that speaks of the future
a dream lodged in the present
this social obscurity...
this nature of seclusion
lying beneath mud
the contradictory thought...
a contradictory action
the words of ancient minds
a textbook left unopen... a story untold
about murders to unfold
run away from your dreams
give up this great ecstasy
this entire swarm of nothing
infect a breed of insects
to plague all of man
knife in hand... lambs await
the wolf in sheep's clothing
bound in primitive mating
this rabid lust for meat
the sky delays the light
face down in the dirt... only written in loss
the stinging of a cut
inside awaits the answer... the truth inside
symapthetic aggressor
ideas prone to your weak... fall to knees
made to think of murder
the blood every drop... on his hands
these fresh pages...
only to be dirtied by filthy writing
an injected pen to disease
its layers uprooted
to feed the minds of the past
these scars on his palms filled with dirt
a will of remorse for this unforgiven bliss
sentence of denial

5. Breed In Weakness

far from virgin...
no dilution to the norm
put to the test...
walking with the blind
bleed the disease
to exterminate man
unsound knowledge
for the less grateful
seedling sprouting-
up into spoiled plotting
harsh on the plagued...
drown... broken down
symbol of man's sterility
in a broken glass
shattered are the weak
like slivers of glass
slowly penetrating flesh
sin bleeds its stain through ages
violence eats its own
breed like roaches
in enormous hordes
smear the guilt in your face...
create the insane
breaking down... immune...
making stronger
held down... swallow a mold...
destroy the genetic code
steal the mind of evil in progression
the simple man's mind twisted
and warped to lead a world
to mold and create a clone of disease
quarintined in idealist form
of the non-perfect
don't think twice... cut the lines to life
reactions in hand
vital expectations only downfall...
continue this phase
i've seen the faces melt...
reveal the steril mind
hiding these dark secrets
man tries to leave behind
simple execution... stop the breeding
an overpopulation of fools
teach the broken this soul escape
reach the deeply shattered
the spreading colonies...
withholding its rapture
the escape to infiltrate
the plagued sky opens
its eyes of redemption
shedding its tears
the wings of hope...
singed and burned
too many times praising
the hands of murder
the vision of a man's dream diseased
stear yourself clear...
promise not to interfere
a rising downfall... drunk and raped
hiding the light
for a breath of slow growth
warmth bearing the birth of death
a winter of pain for the delight
to belie the truth of man...
this unbalanced offset
raped by intoxication
inject a sterile thought
with an infection
now the ladder to regression
so... lost... divine
deprived of the innocent
producing potential
taste it... feel it
scratching into walls
their form of art
a distressed form of fingerpainting
for the release of pain
ignorant knowledge
misunderstood approach
bright young minds...
weak lost minds
lose the edge... hybrid declines

6. Cold Steel Kiss

stand and face it... recreate it...
more stable... see the way
interpret the task... gun to mouth...
never put on the mask
my mental walls seize the fire
promises made... promises left unkept
broke the rule... broke he last straw
hurt once... hurt no more
the world spins so fast
dizzy from the rope swinging
with your neck in it
sank too far deep inside
got to pull out... get out
life is a series of trials... if you fall
you fail... no one cares
behind you... beneath you...
sore from crawling
the need for this aloneness...
closed circle... for all this incompetence
your decisive mind trying to disease
wet your lips... apply the steel tip
imagine... sex... stmulation
relax... tight grip... tight squeeze
orgasmic trgger... twitching finger
ejaculation overload... explode... framed
brain spray
indulge in distrust
enough to cover the ears
everything's cruel right now
to soothe... to isolate
my pain is but a flatline
spiraling down to trouble
your locked down
stone cold emotion
stoned, ripped... twisted
the final thought
perceive this dame
that holds the hurt... lose control
by tribal instinct
exterminate actions of bliss
a minds unfocused... introspection
you've betrayed me once-
i've betrayed me twice
your world is shit-
my world is your device
bitter taste... bitter hate
i can't shake it... i can't break it
i've smiled too many times
to cover-up my discomfort
...never again... not anymore
the surroundings are blending
meshing together in a spiral
vaccum chamber
of intense artificial thought
tired of agreeing... time to disagree
head laying low... take my breath... hold it

7. Openless

my open wounds-
you've sunken inside
beneath the layers
to kill my lonesome pride
straying pain- locked down strain
the thinking game
give and get fucked
peeling away your deceiving mask
beauty sleeps inside

8. Her Unsober Ways

a child kneeling facing the corner
her somber dialect exposed
a rape enclosed innocence
will she ever feel the same?
a touch of battery and deviance
the sweat of sex urges more
drug-induced hormone a penalty
stupid mistakes made-
ignorant mistakes others make
picking scabs from fresh scars
making newer pain
this youth's thought twisted
with aggravation
she's punished...
they're to blame
sitting naked on the cold floor...
not knowing why
hold her hand through rape
she has grown to dominate
twist the minds of men
leeching off other's unjest fate
misuse to gain an easy taste
too drastic for space to conceive
tendencies of emotion pushed aside
to drown in depression
circle lapping in here head
orgasm for her pain
moving on... no regrets
these promises she can't keep
no room for expectations
sightless brain
hands of filth disobey...
actions that betray
a nakedness not to touch...
too much time for her
compromise this action
breathless kiss...
her hair in knots
inside-out and backwards
she puts her dress on
underwear still wrapped
around her legs
weakness overridden by temptations
beauty creates the ugliness of lust
urge of rejection i
n patterns of caressing
running fingers
over frost-ridden emotion
this blocked-out...
a dirty man's thoughtpleasure the price
not ungenerous...
being asked she resents
quit wanting and she'll give

9. Sewn Mouth Secrets

closet master reveal yourself
clenching the truth in your throat
choking on an abundance of lies
i've broken it down one more time
i stand and observe
the puppets preach
if i could cut the knotted strings
instead i have to grit my teeth
no control... what might have i done
put your mind in my hands
i'll break it down another time
leaving this hate aside
tie me up and tie me down
tell me a secret, i'll tell you a lie
rise to your behalf of the blame
stand-up to tell me
what is right or wrong
contradict this friendship
we once had
play the deceiver while you preach
pleasure me... pleasure my head...
wishing you dead
backstabbing... to gain a higher standard
mistrust... distrust...
a higher ground... a higher you
well fuck that...
a channel of degradation
through this misunderstood
form of communication
seduction of the mind...
climbing walls like hordes of rats
our plagued feelings of undying lust
speak... lips sealed...
stolen... secret... your eyes they lie...
can't hold... it in...
your mouth speaks fuck...
hope you... choke
boiling point of my brain...
driving my inner insane
sink the quest... stolen identity
worst time... last time
surrounded br betrayal
a plea for forgiveness
ramblings of a mad idea
intake the abuse
tolerance... the system
an excuse for this release
lost time... explore the just cause
a broken verse of points
a key to lock the stride
to be deceived again
apologies unnacceptable...
through discourse
taping the mouth shut...
during intercourse
i lust your sweet distrust...
crawling through your shit
keeping your mouth shut
you couldn't conceive it
lost this game of yours
it made you deceive me
lies being spoken... untrue
are you afraid to see me
stand your ground... a loss
standing in this room alone
blank spaces on peoples faces
question marks in my mind
wished years of agony on myself
heal... this... self-blame
equal sides confused
this... the thread that intertwines
soul... the mind of selfishness
lost... all these hungry mouths
transmissions from tempest
bite... the nonsense comes out
my... rumors that one lives
tongue... speak the goddamn truth
cinema of fury
a promise of lies must be left
to make good for yourself
boiling point pressures inside...
twisting my secrets into lies

10. Walk A Year In My Mind

seduced of my virgin descent
raped of this primitive trust
instinct... an art of overridden wrath
twisted and bound into my own flesh
break down... this existence
a wish of death... a tired warm breath
disturb the subtle side of me
expression my quality
scratching this sanity
into my walled mind...
my sustain of pain
a slut of love... the lover in sin
let these beatings begin ...begin...
get out of my face...
disgrace to your race, your kind
left your own friends behind
...undecided oppositions fall...
complications... no money
need to borrow time... no help
can't seem to get a straight face
...a fit of intense anger...
thinking... planning...
switching the choices daily
seeing my life through frames
an urge that repulses love
and rekindles a pain
increase the purge for more...
your faltered game
listen to a word
actions speak-out...
wipe-out words that lie
emotional thief... held my grounds
reveal solutions to weakness
conform to the trails of man
breaking down of morals
punishment worse when younger
I can smell the aroma of life
the elixir of ill-forgot lies
taste that indulges in sin
waiting to be taken in...
youthful nightmares
made reality through diagnosis
crawling to these channels
of comfort through the stains
from beatings
playing these razor keys
to instrumental horror
the cities of living people,
the valleys of the dead
songs sung by the swarms
of flies over carnage
the kings that endure the life of filth
ripping through... digging deep
chasing me in my dreams
penetrate the dialect
a broken deep thought... learning lessbottle of cheap wine
the vintage mind
from a not so good year
expose a deep hidden need
you've left me... leave me...
i've left me for this reach on unsanity
speechless in this silence...
speaking louder...
screaming, no one hears
you're seeing nothing more than you
care to see what you don't want to see
garden sick creatures
the mind grows to fertilize
the concepts with shit
touch my hand... sink inside my dreams
reality distinct to the point of fear
repeating an idea to over-analyze disgrace
the strain... overload... blown in your face
confine this pre-made conception
force-fed the lie of hope... choke on it
these truths untold... behold... now pain
this solitude for a higher love
striving for some kind
of excellent emotion
I don't think you would like to be me
sexual repression has led to deviance

11. Gagged Whore

innocence of the bruises on your face
now lay in this filth to display
gagged lungs... breathe the frost
the stench of incest
lay there quiet bitch
it was your choice
spitting in each others' mouth
that was the extreme for you
expose yourself with sticky fingers
while the roses sink into crimson
swallow the bitterness of my tongue
absorb the nectar of my discharge
as i watch the ecstacy run through you
stop with all the bullshit games
your life is at stake and you're to blame
things seem hard now
but you're dead to me
think about hurt
now i reflect that hurt on you
time for this game at hand
breaking down this norm
replacing all that's gone
grab by the throat
you pressured me into this
now you've gone too far
i'll take advantage of this time
making you a slave to anger
don't try slowing this hate
the power i hold is fate
white lace covered in indulgence
lurid body covered in shame
reflection of this degrading
mother of a new race
a kiss is nothing more than rage
perish amongst courtship
enchant the captor
mesmerize the beauty
blind only the unchosen
eyes drill through walls of flesh
looking upward with deep thoughts
repress... repress my love...
down on your knees you slut
prepare for this most tender fuck
i'll make you lust for cunt
silently violent
endear... endear your cunt...
shards of glass...
precisely cut
incisions made
smearing this ecstacy
on my genitals
stifled bitch
taped-up mouth...
screams unheard
yelling to make you choke
this goatish act...
tying these knots
of swift beatings on you

12. Emptiness Found

a cycle reborn and abused
pry into subconcious pain
find these fearful solutions
pride wears a mask of ignorance
speak these simple words of balance
losing tolerance... don't stutter a word
a kiss... a touch... a knife... my blood
progression... regression...
pressed for your time
my moves are silent
as i break through loses
i sat and looked and lost the days
no simple answers...
lend a spare hand
i'll leave behind
the darkened idea inside
a plague of neglect
to my brothers of the past
the struggle for delirium
a small white padded room
a cross-breed instinct
symptoms of a youth alone
left behind a soul-less behind
criminal in the eyes of all
slap to the face... for disgrace
a father's pride... fullfill this dream
i hate pride... not a part of my dreams
tension builds... idols destroyed
this instinct... release of all
glorify pain... for self high
hands of time... patient stride
teach others more... personal gain
these lovely thoughts
coated in silky sickness
a depressive contraceptive
for my actions
my body and mind stronger
at youngest point of life
let this tenderness i have
fall in flames
no release... grip... hold tight
the warm kiss of sensual delight
touch this smile...
the locked-down love
chained deep inside
a mistrust faith... i can't relate
lately i can't tolerate
repress myself... kept my mouth shut
no longer will i pain myself
i've got something inside
that i'll never hide
no drug-induced thought
not even an unsober word
my actions are pure...
make my discipline heard
i've lied here for the longest time
now is the time, make a stand
i push too hard, nothing too lose
will not get out... stand-off

13. Sticks And Stones

the touch that connects-
words that bleed
the closeness that rejects-
words mean nithing
actions all rubberband lies stretched far
intimate words spoken while in bed
just pillow talk for the naive head
everything in names
ideas prone to a backwards motion
an unknown cause,nothing named
a thought people state-
contadicting this false speech
sticks and stones made of syllables
these words will grow against you

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