Dark Lyrics


1. Mental Acupuncture

Time to assign the blame
Another technique
Bury the dead
Before plague makes it's name
Dealing with the world of authority
Step back and take that breath
No arguing over the quality
Apply to these corrective habits
Associated timeline of regression
Plainly the wish of the numb
Worked hard to beat the system
Victimized and still won
Over the hump, it's my turn now
I've fought hard to turn this around
Here's a tip that'll blow your mind
Carbine stock for keeping this calm
Force feed the ideas of positive awareness
Lending this strength to penalized stages
Now affixed to these perverted actions
Devoted plenty to this practical goal
Words must die in fated force
The life of this becoming now laid to rest
Evaluated for further development
In causing this outbreak
Antagonist that is hopeless in satisfaction
A contribution to this stagnated expansion
Retracted this violence instead of overreacting
Normal in the eyes of reason, an overrun anthem
Sometimes my silence can exhaust the confusion of others
Reminders of the way we have embraced our retribution
In time my devotion will lend bleeding truth to our oath
Repetitive behavior on the verge of personal completion
Wished and burnt it all away
Slamming doors with an attitude breached
Is this forgiveness that I have kept a quiet disease?
Kept this secret
For burning bridges
Only to swallow
Words of my own hope.

2. Blessed In The Arms Of Servitude

The aesthetics of this grace enslaved
Fears are worn proudly as a name
Progressive discipline in preventing this adapted action of disrespect
Conspiracy of a loyal soul that will gain self-awareness once given the fact
Stitches across the forehead
An example of your days of protest
Natural selection of pandemic proportion
Embraced for these slave intentions
This is where commitment happens
This is how we end our days
War-torn emotions of distant failures
Eclipse this sensation of conformity
Soothing the soul with a solitude
An inversion of these social barriers
Eyes covered by manipulated hands
An exposed terrain of exhausted reaction
An ownership of being
It belonged to the young
An unbridled vengeance
From a censored tongue
Initiate this emotion
Underbelly of a refined reprisal
Time to stifle this tired idea of wayward action.

3. In The Same Breath

Belittling has all the moments of prolonged embarrassment
Tainted pain has the capacity to be released in this annoyance
A self-relying action that none of us control
This spineless outbreak in limitless expression
Questioning the contemplated stare
Dismissed for lack of evidence
In fatal words comes this unclear aspect
Having this less admired stance
Adverse remarks from odd encounters
To override a template for this honesty
Inherit fearful unsaid terms
Bolt the locks, embrace for the law
Just can't help to even the score
Lock those doors and keep her gagged
It's the best bet to make them beg
Let's draw an X across our lips and play like nothing was said
Would you have kept this secret from tumbling off your breath?
Follow the numerous herds of stale encounters
A personal question of a journey yet achieved
Our acts of demands
Social bracket of put downs
Agree to disagree, have these days of misery
Sit back and let those feelings take control
Superficial reference to the things great and small
Serious pain from the laws that have made us fall
Time to ask for it back
It's all that you got
Strict words from weak discipline
Carried over from the last generation
Regarded as an envious outlook
A believer that models murder as a god.

4. Antioxidant

At the point of impact, check your pulse
Around this time all hell will be breaking loose
Pry these praying fingers from god's unfaithful stance
Done all that you could but you still might have a chance
Promises swarmed with lies of respect
Blackness consumes this heart
Exhausted from the voice in your head
But they're wrong again
Swift evolution by extension of this judgement
Given the strength to exceed
Never crawl on hands and knees
Even though we risked our lives
Never surrender to blood filled eyes
Feeling unstable
This growth of rage
Forced out of hiding
How long can you last?
In a few minutes, all will be done
Another war sealed another battle won
Wait till we get out
Wait till they blow this place to kingdom come
Sensation of conforming
Abort this exploited taste
Removed from all reality
Burnt into a collective memory
Thief of time
Never get the days back
This could be your last
Speak your truth
Head them off at the pass
A trick that makes the front page
Resume these threats
Inherit these losses
This voice of hatred
Broken wrists of treason
Be precise in dealing out the wrong cards
Friends and family
Tears from the token elegy
Persistence in abrasive reaction
For a total numbing effect for emotion
Slip into this notion of desensitized meaning
You're a scorned kid that needs special attention
Universal studies of a group behavior has played a role in creating this madness.

5. Lovesick

Accustom to the disaster at the end of the day
Promises swarm in lies of respect
Another loveless scar of a haunting mistake
Useless screaming in a locked room alone
Favoring your selfish plague, this mark of rage
Vision of resentment, respect is to blame
Once on your back and forever on your knees
Pray for this lust and release our fatal disease
Tried to cope, unkind remarks, these terms left unsaid
Apology for the hunted, the hand that gave this wound
Mother tongue is making an overachiever of you again
Invested this time in breaking the neck of virtue
An ego that can bruise with ease
This pair of heart-shaped lips would tear out your heart
Skinned knees across hard wood floors
Pulled hair, bruised skin, argument then war
This is the way we pay respect for this sin
Fine line, hate divine
Focus in on this lost essence that will end up eating what you have left
Simplified this love, falling into these bad times
Fingertips on bruised lips
This time a kiss won't make it better
Love lies dead in our imitation of passion
Blood stained mind with hate filled design
Her head tilts back as essence flows from these wrists of love
Unsettled in commitments like these
For better or worse, now begging grace
In words of wrath, union of disaster
The non-sterile thought of this hated design
These examples have been placed in clear view before
Forcing this period of time we called forever
Unwinding to the sound of her stopping breath
Understanding the truth of our end.

6. Rock Paper Scissors

A contraband on the nature of emotion
Missing teeth from illusions of stability
Trapped inside this mental coffin
Only opinion that ever mattered was to them
This conscience will explore truth of greed
Bottled up perception in a locked out age
This time let's make it fact
Savor this moment of antagonistic behavior
Precede with an array of actions induced with an arousal of dislikes
Simply forcing this discomfort
View of spirit, will not obey
Bastard entity that speaks for your god
Traits of power influenced on sheep-like minds
Torture for this account of non-conforming
Withdrawn at this first introduction
Power struggle to force an alliance into two
Sharp thoughts of rebellion break these binds
This oppressed tirade now on the execution line
Finer aspects of this dormant cause
An ability to make the right choice
Hopeless unity in a familiar rise of this resentment
Ignorance and fake compassion
Cemented into this synapse
Pattern of these neurotic habits
In acts against the divine
Immensely induced with fear of end
Revolving doors of words in faith
Diverse affects of influence to the weaker class
Molded image of conceptual tarnish, on knees to beg
Beat them senseless to have your way
Timeless threat of war and faith
Competing claims of who was the first
Personal depth that some don't have
Introspection of a tyrant rant
Falsely claimed the son of man
Divided with warring tongues
King of liars, tribes with guns
This day of war and blood.

7. Superstition Aimed At One's Skull

Sentenced to this lifelong sequence of watching your back
A second guess
Sink into the feeding of essence to the vultures of another yesterday
Save us from indolence, save us from this fate
A black cat tradition damned to the genetics of our parents' ways
Half dead, on your way out
Sent back to these days of heresy
Look at these things that they've tried to do to me
Every supple opinion counts
Roll her over when you're done
Son, don't let them see when you reach for the gun
Turning backs on father time
A problem with consistent faith
Never to count for your prayers
Attributed to these backward ways
A desire that has lost the edge
The solution to the end of our kind
Painted into that corner of the mind
Smoking gun theory put to the test
Prophecies that will seal this final guess
The only battle faced is accepting fate
Nevertheless a final trait
Only hoping to have been on the winning end of the wishbone again
Disgruntled attitudes adored
Affliction of the victim clause
Never listen to your own advice
Back to those days of negligence
Time to clear the shame from your face and call it a day
Wipe the blame from your lips and crawl back to your demeaning ways
An adult crusade against the ways they acted when they were young
Feeling sore from this lack of respect
As your soul is waged for a final bet
Will you take that plaque from earlier goals that you have achieved
And place it on the dashboard of that wrecked high school dream?
Empty-handed in the peak of deception
Hating the exact things we do ourselves
Cited for these words of the last regard
The depraved have let their ideas out again.

8. For Lack Of Perfect Words

Do me a favor, make it sooner rather than later
Follow me with a sense of pride
A fool's errand held you back
Like it was a place to belong
Nameless for all to forget
Some things never change
Rabid dogs on short chains
At least the end of a phase
Time to conform to this change
A fear feeds back in repeat approach
Locking doors to fears of lonesome times
Encompass our abandonment in works toward mutual conflict
Committed to meet the defense of these counterfeit actions
People never count their own flaws when comparing social status
In grips of frustration work for a goal of satisfying tempers
Days get closer
Time runs dry
Tighter and constricting stress on the brain
Teeth in tongue
Your words unsung
Questioning the devotion of a lifelong choice
Apathetic controversies of the weak for this helpless day
Victims of this self resistance, not standing up to this mistake
Inclination of tradition that instills a shallow taste in life
Out of this abyss of childhood innocence
Psychotic episode of this negligence
Be a man, pull the trigger
Abandonment of self destruction
Murdering beliefs in defiance of freedom
The bonus is far too little to give up blood
Reclaiming what things need to stand for
These apathetic moments, art of deceiving
Tyrant feelings in the turnstiles of consumption
Practice what you preach is such a glutton's term
Ignored all evidence of a declining ambition
Who is the one that should be law?
Would we follow? Would we fall?
Trusting leaders with blind ideas
Feeding this system with our own blood and tears
Absent in this argument
Can't even imagine, truth be told
You'd do it if you had the balls
This choice in your course of action
Like a dog on all fours
Now crawling back for remorse
Use the same conviction with dying lips.

9. When All Roads Lead To Rome

Belligerent association to these finer aspects of failure
The unbecoming attitude that leads to self-destruction, a comfort zone lost
Blind tolerance in this declining behavior
Undeniable negative facts, plain as day
Transcendence through this cynical adaption
Another one of those days calling for mercy
These desires of lost respect
Symptoms of inflicting regret
This empty experience
For a lonely, forged life
Deviation from attributes
This effect on the human mind
A lot less opinions
Diagnosed imperfection
These hands are tied again
At risk with discretion to another self-imploding disaster
Translate these actions over a course of aggravation
Climbing walls of tense concern
A contagious wave of invasion
Hallcincinating the improbable
Annoyed in tasks that are not absorbed
Declining a civilized sense of efforts
Insensible in the structure of life
Defy the limits of mental strategy
Timeless efforts of personal tragedy
One more time, like a blown fuse
Give me some space, all roads lead to Rome
Slicing the wrists
A silence spent
Run this epic lie
A final test
Breathtaking madness
Sidetracked in failing
Cry for this last sip of spilled wine
Soured compassion, unlikely retractions
Spoiled tongue from the jaws of spite
Impulse of failure
Confidence deprived
Persist after this hated stance
Emotional tirade
Into the mouth of real life
Commitment in words of oppression
Living out all the contradictions you have proposed
Hidden pasts find a way back in better times
Integrated into a puzzle of alliances with enemies
Hinder the wasted perfection, no logical question
Don't you just love the way contradiction rolls its eyes?

10. All This Good Intention Wasted In The Wake Of Apathy

Consider your breathing in a perfect circle
No notion of the effect on the aftermath
We all conceive one day our graces fall
Sour times and this cycle of beaten ideas
Have this last thought
Only to be the kid that was always left out
It's all fun and games until someone wakes up with a nosebleed again
Declining a civilized sense of accomplishment
Promises spewing from your broken tongue
Lost actions define the decline of man
Determining factor that is left undone
Weighing out words
Suffocating secrets
Hope is an indulgence
Honest to my faults
Lesson in understatements through the end solution of these traitor ways
Follow up to this requiem in the source of death from a backbone of blades
Wasted wishes on the effortless
Unforgiveness in this self obedience
Let's see if the honesty shows
Smashed head and a broken nose
Artistic profession of false words for naive ears to digest into mixed meaning
Authorities have no regret for betrayal towards the misunderstanding of this hope
The fact of the matter stands on hallowed ground
Harsh reality of ideas that you never speak about
Simply forcing this taste of discomfort to push onward past a senseless partnership
Conscious distraction, characterized irritation
This hindrance of achieving the unresolved
Time has made a liar of us all
These actions never spoke correct
Introduction in a bathroom stall
These addictions have the same effect
A mouth plagued by teeth in tongue
Harsh words from the loaded gun
Another promise you could not keep
A broken man with shattered feet
Desensitized emotions have been strangled of the final feeling
Loss of consciousness through emptiness
Extinction of this judgement as evidence
High school and prison, one and the same
Punishment is so much more enforced
When you have been the one to blame
Remedial idea to keep us less exposed
Give me this secret to smear you with when you are crawling on knees of shame
Another berating session to air out other's dirty issues to evade the fact
In time our mistakes will lend this bleeding truth to our commitment
Waiting for times to change
Will we face the last mistake?
Tension of the final truth.

11. A Pale Horse And The Story Of The End

Overcome variation for a more reasonable approach of thinking,
Handle these days as if they were your last
Heightened flaws from lost emotion, this routine has leached itself onto me again
Don't let guilt speak loud, too soon for the obvious
Make this action a more sensible conflict
Arguing with parents will modify the heartless
Enlist in this grace, extortion of these words
Develop vocation for insult, your best
Begin extinction of this judgement, forgotten sense
This brigade of uptight citizens, false premise
Back to the days of burning witches, regressed
Complaints and desires
Have you by the throat again
In this sadness, you will find
These are one and the same
Never look back, they will all be waiting
With revenge in their heads
It's about rebellion, now a lost cause,
Of course, I don't expect an answer
Shouldn't we have a more responsible action?
These outbursts are uncalled for
Honor the demons, that reside in your head
Heresy is the only means
Circumstances of this bitterness
This rule over weak standings
The design of stolen ideas
For confusing these masses
Not a chance to advance
Say goodbye to it all
Take these names, insert them into that little black book
Repay a visit to them, once you have filled these veins with hate
Temptation once again, to expose that empty soul
Should have held on to your dreams, now others have taken them for their own
Letting all that you've adored die
Would you have this the last day of your life?
It's another Sunday and the games have just begun
Death of this effigy, watch for the shards of glass as heaven explodes
Time for hell to have it's way with this meaning of the end.

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