Dark Lyrics


1. Scarlet Sunrise


2. Leaves Of Three

Granted this death wish
The second time you fell in love
Coward Style
For this hopeless romance
Two dead birds and no stones thrown yet
A tale to tell of lost innocence
Diverse respect for nothing
Weaker of two wrongs
The battle of these lost words
Skip in your heartbeat
Possessing nil compassion
Not wanting this stress
Settle for unhappiness
Crossing my fingers again
Restless nights of questions
Owning your every thought
Curled up like a new born
Makes tomorrow all right
This siege of personal conflict
Selfishness at this point saves you
Numerous days spent locked up
End of needing this tender touch
This life that care forgot
Darkest eyes of my blank thought
Bipolar controversies of being alone
Exhausting the purpose of failure
While I am down you better kick me
Falling face down in confusion
Hand held suicide
A bastard trade for the extinction of love
A yellow comparison in a fragile state of mind
Worst of days as this smile shatters in your mouth
My neck cut open for words of forgiveness
Silence in fearless words
Great burden of pure self restraint
Window to the safe house, locked heart gate
Cradling a concept that that denies this adore
The true story of care based on lies
Fool no more
Force the mind
All is lost for this outcast
Curse of life
All of this a force of painless
Lost hope inside
Persist in logic
Escape this barrier of conflict
Soaring on stolen wings
Born from another's grace
Plent of advice half our lives
Youth denied ironic praise
Tainted objective, lust in the end
Silence the chamber, one last hope
Time is the only one to forget these wounds
Compliment this vain romance
This is the last feeling the past that you would expect to come back
Empty love note with blank anger
This place you bury your dreams when they're dead

3. A Scream Trapped Under Water

The mirror breaks
All the little pieces falling shatter
Shards of me too sharp to put back together
Too small to matter but big enough to cut me
I bleed, I bleed
I breathe no more
Love on my hands
Blood on my lips
This redemption is forced to resist
Purpose of existence
Making much sense
Other examples of affection in unrest
Beautiful irony of mismatched enemies
Broken down words of apathy
Restless tired eyes, so don't make me try
Forcing respect from this sunken pride
Sense of direction
Front page murder rate
Oblivious to common sense over dead subjects
These disowned wings soar on flames
Tradition of a father's wish falls in shame
Never count your losses while adopting this bitter rage
Rewritten story of past events
Attaining breath within sickness
Another reminder around your finger
Lessons taught in lies
Bringing a smart man's death
Telling a truth to your face was a task of this self shame
Trial, the last man standing
Savior, to retain this soul from the noose
Escape the judgement for this abuse
Exposed, speech of a modest tone
Scar, false actions of a simple habit
Adapting to this bitter touch
Extinction of a family name
The present buries the past
A half ass equation emphasizing failure from cold dead hands
Nervous habit on the brink of haste
How poetic are your contradicting ways
Donor to these failures
Simple way for you to overcome
Ignored, overlooked
Less and less
The bitter end of all your fake regrets
Jaded eyes of the deaf
Crawling in my skin this taste for sin
Small and self involved
Looking down your throat
Reuse of excuse, in so many words you lose
Blind sided, face the facts, a thought for you
King of the black hearts playing all the odds
An apology, only swapping words
Finally got some guts
A non-sexual crush for all this tainted lust
Loss of all regret, this idea to accept
Do you ever stop listening to just yourself?
Echo of mistakes that you would like to forget
Unaware lips that drag things to the silent end
Hanging yourself with words of a finaly phrase
A burial of elegy within
Silent motion for the insane
This cold hall
Confined black walls
Dead subject for this dialect
Get over the fact, no one cares after death
Isolating this fear, seizing life again
Despair and the gun it holds
Tomorrow's broken promises of redemption
As yesterday's apology unfolds
Fighting words that stand alone
Three strikes, leave this vengeance behind
Leave the unforgiving outrage for the past
Reaching for the dead sky
Flight of the dragonfly
Swallowing the butterfly
Your last kiss good-bye

4. Forgive & Regret

So you kissed and now you won't tell
Judge and jury
The noose of adultery
Change this attitude towards the weak
All hope dies, don't say it twice
Unstable event for a razor's kiss
Slice marks that engage this act
Appearance of time
To forget about these wounds
Standing on broken legs
Loaded gun next to the only picture of you
The only one with your face scratched out
Love has no love for itself
Burnt hands from this rope of struggle
Pain of ambition broke these morals
This stage of tolerance with faith in others
A limber state that leaves one open
Whispering mouths join for a final scream
This is when I feel like dying
Uncondition can be felt as it comes to a close
In that hallow part of a stressed head
Reborn disgust from these years that seem lost
In this death of friendship an enemy is born
Open words of humiliation, this moment of silence breached
Altercations of this denial, the last cycle in love
This friendship birthed from addicting means
Growing death of a trusted alliance
Everything loyal into nothing
An apology that got the best of me
The things we do for trust in another
Theories come the end of raging laughter
Linking ideas to this fear of the end
Concieve this day of blood
The new beginning

5. 12 Oz. Prophet

Start from scratch
Victim in your own style
A rash coming to surface
No one could even stop this
All talk and a coward stance
Resenting final chance
Hands of fate tied behind your back
A balance faults always weighed out
Tip the scale to this downfall
A puzzle of let downs you could never solve
To most you're an eyesore, even the score
An unstable head hits the floor, without excuse
A social breakdown of knotted emotion
Victim in a lost cause
Eyes that can't sleep a wink without a drink
The coward plague on talking shit
The next in line that has been left behind
Wet these lips for another drunk promise of lies
Fourth grade logic
Just another blacked out moment
Climbing out of restraint
Configuration for harm's way
These dead days
The outcast pig
Counting black sheep in your sleep
Register and dominate punishment
The decline of man's verbal promise
Headache of the obvious
Stop letting the bottle speak
Inside these lies take praise in time
Hide this failure of looking back
A rewritten story of past events
Blinding these faults that chase you
Dissolve into a stable delusion, forgettable solution
Analyze imperfection of compulsive
Sitting at the table of dysfunction
Genetic run of a father's blood
Hiding the addiction of your ways
The less to forget in time
Limitations on pride
Overrated cycle of rage
Victim for your cause
This continuous cycle of self involved decay
Flavor of the month
Vodka bottle slut
Date rape side show for the one night stand that wet the bed
Half the man
A broken home
Below the knee with broken bones
Recreate the perfect mold
Drown these sorrows
Losing tomorrow
To sell yourself for another night for that minute trip of fame

6. Southern Spirit Suite


7. Pretty Smiles & Shattered Teeth

Later is the late move
Tampered with this fault
Misuse of a weakness born
Transition to repress, leaving me annoyed
Tranfer blank mental image to a soul's hallow state
Giving up these weaker plagues
Silencing the the signal to your brain
I think this is coming to and end
Empty feelings of a forgotten revenge
Fatal options will bury one alone
A loved one's empty breath
A friendship buried six feet deep
First time to offer these conflicts
Compassion birthed from frustration
Another emotional conflict
Handle condescending words from a childhood past
Screaming of parents from other rooms
A constant Sunday afternoon affair
Settle for less by losing the day
Vendetta for your rage
Off balance perception of disgrace
The overbearing of consequences
Over dramatized deception
Enabling you to achieve a higher step
Social upbringing forcing change
Feeling empty at this bleak moment
Permission for blind eyes to share jaded pain
Exposed to sunken feelings
Learn your temper
Feeling fatigued from the pain
Marks on the neck from a strangling rage
Dealt the bad cards for a means to an end
Years of personal tragedy
Hitting the bottom
Your major option confused
A prisoner of excuse
Thread the needle
You never promised yourself failure
Save your faith
It might be too late at this point
Never turn your back
A rotating cycle that continues to eat itself
Praised heroes you defile once the truth is learned
Idol of human fault
Another flag to burn
Child in the cradle screams over lullabies
Hangover from a night to settle these tears
The cross you bear has lost the final square
Apathy of enemies, walls of unspoken will
Dress up prejudice and call it politics
A coward's anthem for the incompetent
The poetic ring to your contradictions for the deaf and dumb
Words you've tried to use to explain your faults
Modified ignorance in power
The growing demise of ambitions coming to an end
A tragedy in pride
Watch where you step
Cracked shells of rage
The noose to praise
That smile of guilt, backbone of shame
One wish of death
The ways mistakes show their face
Come to change
Breaking faith
It is far more deeper
Only a question seeker
Motivation a mental overload
Somehow within the failure of yourself you managed to ruin the lives of others
Loaded barrel and a taste of gunsmoke
Not sorry anymore that you were the high school joke
Breathing out silence
Your hope regresses
Getting screamed at for hours

8. Liquor & Cigarettes


9. Theory Of Pride In Tragedy

Superhero stature, until this world falls apart
Jesus Christ with a cape on
Taboo truth to never kiss heaven
Disaster on the prolific decline on unity
A stone thrown by a bastard of misconception
Better know your facts and not just rumors from the time before
Drowning existance down to a cause
Forgiveness in multitudes
Adverse silenced hope
Curious opinion loss
Nauseating objectives
Onslaught of personal salvation
Jaded outlook of lost reputation
Burning independence for a nation's lie
This broken tongue of wisdom
Engage in diverse depression
Resent this obsessed takeover
Face the facts of oppression
Pretentious in these faltered ways
Settle for this scourge of silence
Slander names of the dead
Principles of self annihilation
A flaw in history
Victim in faith
Losing these days
Decision of voice
Sound of repress
Hymn for the dead
Yesterday's rage
Tragic outlook
This end comes clear
These buried ideals unearth the past
Unjust, Lifeless, Temper, Dissect
Picking through this unstable event
Ignite, escape, burning down these walls
Symptomatic in a spiral emotional dissonance
Equation of convulsion
Force feeding a bride
Desire catching us off guard
Choking on lies
Raising the interest to this hidden pride
Like when you were a child
Turning turtles on their backs
Leaving them in the sun to die
Starting another soapbox argument
An amazing change of events
Guilty until proven innocent
Celebrate the worthlessness of this ignorance
The triumph of silence for the ingenious
Don't turn this gun away
Lying in this rage to keep
Despise the attitude of the praying silence
Choking words of chance in emotionally mindless
Sounds of silence
No remorse in demands for the task of trials
Tying the knots for necks before they come for the liar
Elixir of logic
Despise the attitude of your grace
A loss for progress in a challenging stage
Intellectual marketing trap
Preying on the ignorant
Devouring the emptiness
Inside the eyes of a child
Blinding lessons in pride
This pestilence of evolution
Declining the human emotion
Symbolize the dying
Persecuted for mistakes
Rise for power

10. Fingernails On A Chalkboard

Take advantage of weakness in thought
The thought of you is crawling on my skin
I've grown to accept my mistakes
Solid stance in a secluded embrace
Bitter ways that will rise above
Intrusion on this time to reflect
Gritting teeth in a cage of disrespect
Laughter in a moment of neglect
A war started over self righteous needs
Putting innocence in harm's way
Burning wrath of intent
Time to brace the broken sleep
Take the extreme approach
Falling down on trust
Given death to see
Bullets to your head
A bad apple of my eye
Filled with worms of stolen life
Reveal this lost childhood stage
Later outcome for this unkept rage
Dissolve into desire
Growing away from one another
Settling affection that constricts
Grip on scorn behavior
All my friends hate each other
Modest pride lost in this foreplay age
Happiness in problems
Living life in an empty bottle
A backyard open to the world of failure
Defiance of the age of wounds
Clear sight lost in countless ways
Anger breeds in mindless grace
Quiet moment before the end of days
This new age to blame the weak
Mental scars forever scream
Vision of this self rebellion
Dead endeavor of this silenced pain
Arrange this standard
This effigy to sooth the nerves
Keep this mind from straying under staring eyes
Wearing this masked expression
A constant twitch of reaction
Loaded problems that will hide behind the skull
I am in search of the end
Knotted in the gut from a parent's fight
Death is my closest friend
Locked door to the parents' room
I've grown to deny my mistakes
A war finished over selfish ways
Broken teeth in an intense display
Laughter grows to raise your enemies
Precious time
Raping all that is held close
A war of words
These scratchings of a mad man
Filth back talk
Washing your mouth out with soap
All my losses
A day of dead days
Turning to ashes with the phoenix in flames
Like the tenderness We had grown for each other
Step aside and let me hear the complaints
This equal sight for the judgement
Absitenence will want the change
Eyes open
Spit out the truth with no disguise
Surround with caution
These hands being tied
Blank mind set
Naked to the world of regret
Spit out the truth
Slander the rights of love

11. Paper Cut


12. They Lie To Hide The Truth

Just another side-effect of neglect
Something later in life to regret
This fable to disable a conscience
Symptoms of another weak idea
Use of pain as a step for goals
Never paying attention to a detail
A diagnosis for hidden words
Brainstorming a multitude of lies
Hold your ground, hold your tongue
Actions with words
Told the truth, see the truth, speak a truth
Your own mistake, your own fault
Point fingers at innocence
Find the truth, hide the truth, deny a truth
Cover-up lies, cover-up tracks
A loss through ignorance, lately been needing peace
Feed this habit
Years that pass
A verge of extinction, turmoil between friends
This parasite of knowledge
Spreading the discontent of question
All wrong reasons
Obscene words of animosity
Hidden between insanity
Putting so much trust in ones that you respect
King of the procrastinators
Outspoken citizen of rules
Respect runs deep
This pedestal of indifference
To praise the obvious hypocrite
Justify wrong doings, make an example of others
Spreading yourself too thin, ungratification would lead to an unhappy end
They'll watch you break and let truth be known
This first broken promise never to free the back of minds
It's all the same bullshit
Just a different game
Need to keep a straight head
To exceed the limits of need
Excess of too much stress may cause a disturbance of honesty
Blaming the actions of one on other that sit blind
Like it killed once and got a taste for murder
A distasteful act of humiliation for this kind
Uncomfortable with the situation
Not happy with the fact of lying
Expressions on the face
An obvious downfall in all traits
A perfect mathematical sequence
Passing time with petty arguments
Never show a weakness
A smile for your enemies to question
Impatience has lead to disbelief
Your words mean shit to me
A quest for independence
A scratch in the pole of this transition
Lie to yourself just to make it through
Change is expected, a switch is needed
The benefit of ones own reason
Assist in aggravation, dissatisfaction
Put the undue questions out of sight
Don't fool yourself, encounter the truth
Face to face this fear sits tight
For all the wrong reasons
Strung up like a thief
A questioned heart inside
Decision sits in a throat
Hating the look on ones face after a lie
A tale of multitudes to hide hard words from the unsecure
Inking patterns for incision to dissect an intelligence of ingenious decision

13. Another Cheap Brand Of Luck


14. This Glass House Of Broken Words

Taken in as the eyes roll back
Silent words
Die alone
Offering this visionary action to make truth fact
The loss of human compassion in the end
She spoke of romantic times
A lie
Undetermined love
Wings of the whore opened wide
She smiles and says she loves you
Put a gun to the mouth
All lost love dies
Felt it coming in these past years
Left sitting with no more friends to care
Never show a blank look in question
Force this abrasive resentment
Hopeless, Kisses, Left shameless
Romance, In reason, This treason
Emotion zero
An attitude of unlove
Tears wrinkle these pages
These tainted stages
Decipher this
A pain that is focused
Blank words for the lonesome
Tolerance is wearing thin
Prone manner towards the weak
Bled this forever pain
Lost passion of another love filled stain
Unmatched conviction
Falsify this wise regret
Drunken words of an adore unkept
Swearing lies roll off her breath
Natural causes
A dying of inner love
Last lie
Black duct tape covers this mouth of sin
A harsh kiss
Words trapped in a breath of the end
The pendulum ticks time to bear your loss
Pick-up the pieces to your broken cross
A lustful intention faced with obsessed delirium
Loosing charity with liquor covered of tragedy

15. A Permanent Solution To A Temporary Problem

All Music & Lyrics: SOILENT GREEN
Total time: 59:47

SOILENT GREEN was formed in October of 1988 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
- Glenn Rambo 1988 - 1993 (ex-Nuclear Crucifixion) Died in 2005's Hurricane Katrina.
- Louis Benjamin Falgoust II 1993 - until now (Co-owner of Incision Records - Goatwhore - Paralysis)
- Brian Patton 1988 - until now (Eyehategod - ex-Nuclear Crucifixion)
- Donovan Punch 1988 - 2000 (ex-Nuclear Crucifixion)
- Ben Stout 2000 - 2001 (Goatwhore)
- Tony White 2003 - until now (ex-Paralysis)
- Marcel Trenchard 1988 - 1992 (No Traces)
- James Scott Williams 1992 - 2002 (ex-New Religion) Killed in 2004 by his roommate in a murder-suicide.
- Jon Modell Only on tour 2002 (Magic Elf - Spooge)
- Scott Crochet 2003 - until now (Zoom)
- Tommy Buckley 1988 - until now (Jones's Lounge - Crowbar - ex-Christ Inversion - Raped Ape - Paingod)

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