Dark Lyrics


1. Hand Me Downs

The unfortunate disposal of this unwanted advice
An exhausted symbol in clarity through words

Following a heart beneath a mind of wrong and rights
Take a strong insight

Respect is a diseased logic thrown to the wind
A plotting thought that will destroy all mankind

Yell until your head stops spinning
Speak about an idea that will cease to exist

Pass on this forgotten
Tradition in morals
An heirloom of time
Stands more ground than vice

Speechless phrases of an exhausted tale
Myth of a galactic proportion

Misunderstood overload of rumors
Legions of disciples pointing fingers
Judgment of contradiction to forever blind
A change for better or in worse

Plagiarizing from these books of life
Might be doing what you thought was right
Could be finding out it might be wrong
Genetic remaster of the twilight zone

Enemy...inside...a word...a lie

An older generation felt their young should have more
A breed sense of selfishness

To stand a smart ground, to stand a ground at all
To costly for a human fear

The little points in time
That seems like an eternity
One moment of touch
A taste of sexual retreat
To numb a senseless anxiety
An outgrown stage in life
Never quite caught on
Plagued by guilt and loyalty

Lift the soul
Into this orgasm of a lost variety
Sexual discharge of past anxiety
Anger at peak
This landscape to old for time to change
Generation X, the unexplained

Praising heroes with hidden pasts
You thought that this was good
Only if you knew the truth
Would it change the outlook?
Your first time love To much left unfinished
Just another chance

2. A Grown Man

All given hope's the same
Now it's all time to kill the pain
Complaints covering a whining tongue

Try to speak a mouth of truths
To time to recollect for ill-mannered self-neglect

Stand on your own two feet
Stability a broken strand of string
Outstretched, out of reach

Not enough rest for this brainstaking quest
These moods among the elite

Sitting down...to re-examine mistakes

Overly analytical war-gaming
Slurring syllables, un-sober moment one use to regret

Non-scapegoat mouth...oversee several ideas

Losing it inside
These words are like a dyslexic interpretation of the wrong

A quiet moment for love gone bad
No time to waste for a second guess
This look on your face
So pathetic

Stealing fear from an innocent mind
Distilled existence to collapse into tears
All in your hands now
Change it

Don't be what others think or want
Fuck the law, create your own
The heretic, the witch, a martyr for the weak
Shoved down lives of ambition

Stop whispering the truth to yourself
Under a breath of lies, a false disguise
Spell caster of curse words
Spoken stones to be thrown at guilt-covered society

Give it till tomorrow
Give it a couple days

Blank face, lying smile
Bothered by flawed events

You only wished you hadn't given till it hurt
A backward decision on your part
Now this is starting over
And less the man A selfish instinct overdose
Re-assure the growth

A traitor to your own words
These bitter terms swapped
Intentions never there
Never to lend a hand

Don't look back
Behind your backs
They grew to men

Halt...permission to stand...a grown man
Symbolize the rape of freedom
The loss to see all
To decide on your own

3. Swallowhole

Murderer, absorbed in your flame
To captors mind the eyes are dim to close
Vicious attempt to let this pain be shown

My breath knotted (grasping for air through lust)

Distinctively crimson a wonder of wretchedness
Taste my thoughts
Of untold taboo
Avoid caress
Touch of rape

The saliva from your lips is glossy
Shown questioned faces gain an erotic taste
To die a thousand times before dying
Pray once and die a thousand more

Broken puzzle
Missing pieces
Choking words

Murdering this sweet innocence
Saving from these evil needs
Tortured by a needless soul
I'm someone to protect you
Using all that's left for warmth
Inserting into bloodied orifices
Pale skin before the light
Pale skin after the night

Fondling yourself, look at me with deepness
Enrage myself being for masturbation

Anger strides with swift motion of hurt
Feeding this grin of displeasure
The stepping-stones of lust are drowned
Licking the scars of your fate

Background flashing with intensity

Speechless figure With blindfold on
Hands are removed

Silhouette pulsing with deviance

The moral part a canvas
I am the artist You are my creation

Red shocks this vulgar picture

Cyprian angels mourning
Condemned to weep impure
Kindred of the plenty
Whores that do touch night
Our night of passion
Caress you with love

Cut your neck with words To fuck is rebirth

Shower me with cynical words from the lips
Orgasmic thrust with the help of strangling
Arranging the use to position the body
Hunger for more than this carnal meat

She was innocent, she was in love
Hate is a step, to take her life

Love makes weakness, all these sins
To fuck is death, to fuck is pure

4. Afterthought Of A Genius

A multitude of anger
Ring out vulgar tone
Obscenity fro your pride
To isolate small flaws

Down right inhuman
On the moral ladder
Escape the cutthroat pack
Another trend has passed

Ahead of the line of fools
Preach to stand above
To overcome a fault
Explanation for the weak
Envied idols die
Thru these eyes of a jealous mind
One more bottle of sin
For this aggravation

I've watched you lose your temper over small things
A spoiled child's things
Kill it all, kill the past, reunite for the final grasp of breath
A gun in the hand of loyalty, sound of the trigger
A child of betrayal
The temper of the times
Stepping out of this depression to exist

Man bound to time
Fighting to control
Even the most uncontrolled
Unbalance to extinguish

No blame or fingers to be pointed
Standards will be matched
Live by these words and act on them
The final note
The final antidote
To cause confusion among the masses

Surpass these people once envied
Resurgence of youth
Hating all these promises never kept
Broken hearts are for romantics
A dream of love for the dramatic

Untold form of resurrection
Another list to re-enlist...understand the way of life
Persistence will get word of reason
Pass on a once forgotten tradition in moral praise

The enemy within knowledge
Re-molding this integral persona
Wearing the guilt of dishonesty
Trying to keep sanity
Unable to grasp this skill

This lack of passion
One-night stands and master plans
Or have you really forgotten what it is made of?
Modesty covered with mediocrity
Stabbing its way to the heart
Giving up all the emotion in the world
To have some kind of satisfaction
Discipline, your natural selection, disposed of
Disloyalty to high to understand

The value of man declines once again
A loss of progress...for this conquest

5. An Addicts' Lover

Her mother used to hit her
To an uncontrolled consumption of an absolute solution
Experience with drug abuse
Taking this drug of peace
Slowly taking its toll

Never question, love thru addiction
Collecting this emptiness
Recollect a calm self-centered guess
Every broken promise
To bleed the soul free
Faith is not the answer
A promise that must end

Left her standing to face her own way
Face to face

Thought you could...
Never thought you would...
Fall this steep

Overdose intentional
5 or 6 times
For reasons being to die

Broken out fight
Unable to focus

Late night on knees
Scraping scarred brush burns
A lethal move for ecstasy

Lying curled-up in the corner of the bathroom
Hung over from the night before
A wrong signal for an intertwined love affair
Putting yourself in a disaster over a childish dare
Eyes opening to smooth trail of blood on the floor
Leading to the trash can next to the door

You wanted to be intimate...he wanted to fuck
Skill of prostitution down the drain for one more dose

Indulge in the innocence of each other's addiction
Sitting next to your mate doing drug time
Vintage lust for a lost modern age

6. Later Days

You said you didn't love me (a lie)
You said you didn't care (my lie)
I've spent an eternity destroying this (to myself)
As if you weren't there (til I die)

I've lost this taste of inner rage
A question overlooked from this day-to-day
Now this time is running low, had to give it away
Lost this sight, bring it back to life
Another wasted second to burn myself inside
Feel all rebuilding to make you repeat it all

One more dose, another sip
A few pills at the most
Breaking this silence
Of this secure nature
Not enough rest

Wondering as you sit and question what went wrong
Never once offered sanctuary to a truthful cause
Stop repeating a fault; an apology will end for now
Slipping into this un-animated world of dizziness
An empty representation of thought, mistreated wisdom
Twisted lips speak in vain, for a purpose put to shame
A double-edged purpose slaying everyone but yourself
Time is of the essence...patience a blur

A swarm of thoughts, can't catch a one
Left empty-minded
Sitting in these eyes of guilt, outraged
This barrier for what remains
Take the disadvantage, a fraction of this life
Kept close with loss of most
These lips of misfortune, kissed one to many times
Taste the truth...the pain
I've had to gain

Planning daily...getting nothing done
Open the hands of a mind-clasped identity
Taste the bitter blood on these lips
Taste the betrayal of your unfaithful kiss

A hindered growth with a grasping head spin
It will leave one bottled up with a fifth of sin
To live inside these walls till the day I die
Totally confined to love held close inside

Damned to tradition
Flawless untold superstition
Trying to find salvation
An escape from evolution

Words on top of words
Towering fortress of this inaction

These cycles of distrust
This disease that breeds disgust
Another for old times sake
Fell behind in the pack

No chances, no patience
Obedience in a mental fraction

An example of excuse
The virgin behind logic
Intimidate this full restraint
Sink into a lurid thought

God is dead, love is dead
Dark thoughts of this un-compassion

7. Clockwork Of Innocence

Words never spoken
About any situation
Too damn afraid to speak
Can't get a simple response

A flared temper
Broken furniture
Patience worn thin
Only if you knew

Love was just a word with nothing felt
In these times that one heard it spoken
From day one 'til...you learn
Or it was beaten into you

No matter, you learn

Everything relearned for a new life
The one after the death of childhood
No time to adjust
Drunken fights and rages of these cruel beatings
Misused mother of three
Kneeling down on her knees
Progressing away from an expression of the soul
Hidden writings of an abused child
Untouched words breed a scar
A diary of an innocent mind
Decipher these words, a mixed paraphrase catastrophe

This meaning mismatched
The feeling of rejection
A world held together by no moral regrets
Rehealing already healed words
Wanting an inner peace
Can't understand this injustice of a small child's release
All that you know
Do only as your told
Growing up an abused child, loveless soul

8. Daydreaming The Color Of Blood

The cornerstone of a drowning honest man

Paranoia builds this foundation of life
Forever 'til a change of times

They've killed the devil with undying affection
As he spoke with peaceful phrases before his dying breath
An unattained peace within his self before this death
For a handful of misbelievers of a no man's faith
When good made evil

Alarms triggering, in the back of your mind
Cracks streamline the walls of an empty skull
Prying into the sky

Behold, a circumstance untold of misconceptions
That lead to contradictions
Hi-fidelity of wrong proportions
That spiral into white noise

All obedience disruled...through a visual trap
Cast your stones...closet of skeletons
One to many broken bones

Hiding lies
A costly fear
Question all
Question its reason

An ecstasy you didn't reach...now empty for you

This glimpse of terror
A sight so unsound
An ecstasy you didn't reach

A blind mirror...no reflection...the real world

The furthest one has been
All this time is wasted
Standing on these actions
A quick jolt to reality

These mind terrorist invading a black sand beach
Extinguish a scene of this unleveled conflict
This lapse in time
Turn the page of life
This blame for pain
Been left behind

You acted like things never happen
A stab with simple little phrases
This action of serpent words
It's now your fear they're tasting

9. Last One In The Noose

Spread this love of shame
Forgotten realm of the hypocrite reign

Honesty...the code to reload
Aim the gun at the sin taker
A new trait carrier
Pass the sin on

All virtues denounced
The word sin re-pronounced
The meaning of a way of life
Compassion filled lies to teach another in un-divine shame

Break a silent mode
Preach the breakdown laws
Moral codes to whores
Exist or be a tool for the new rule
Just a blank faced reject

This mouth shouts war...lies!

Mouth full of words, nothing to say
Not a fucking thing
This target of disrespect, crawling down a stairway of sweat
Self-tolerance, a skill to learn
Forgive never forget
Witnessing all that one could
You should have been the first to go

Sarcastic phrases bending on tongues
Spoken tone of encouragement
A spreading colony of disarray
Unfaithful leaders...bending laws

Do it different
Again, in the same sequence
Another drastic measure
Another lost cause
A lying smile to comfort
Soothing unpredicted downfall
Held close, non-reassurance
Couldn't even trust your parents

Word swapping like politicians
Hatred speaks louder than all

Maybe it's something more inside
With yourself, problem solved
Slit your wrist, save us all
From your two-faced race

Can't have your way
It's all the same, everyday
Lick your wounds and obey

Struggling to breath
Noose tight, last choke
Take a possible last breath
Be the tyrant, the king
The one who makes the change
The trendsetter forever
The taste of all un-truths

10. She Cheated On You Twice

Love is just a word
That is stepped upon
Complications, to many
Less fortunate one
Turn around lies
At a young age
Smiling, telling lies
Bittersweet rage

Behind closed doors
A whore amongst whores
Try to be a true man
Stagnated moral code
Submission beyond
Last temptation
This gift of love
Transcends into sin

A child or man
Cold heart in hand
Grow through it
Drastic changes

She wanted to be mine
But she lost her mind
This bitter taste of remorse
This love, a lost cause

Sworn to freeze over with cold emotion
Drowning her lips with an untold sort o kiss
A non-temperamental manner to induce this self hate
Too many days pass as you flirt

The stab holes are too many
Not enough to kill, should have made sure
I've seen them slit their wrists in a coward's fashion
Don't attempt, fulfill the after regret
Your hate is weak, weakening your ambition
Take your own life

Feeling like someone pushed you to the end of a line
Not a desire inside of you
God damn this feeling, this love is growing more
Got to reject it, can't neglect it
An unforgiving touch that led to years of stress
Cut with the knife of pleasure and pain

One week of peace with your love
One week of silence for your lust
Lost in indulgence within a general frame
Boy kicks girl...setting a lifetimes trade

An unearthly weakness to override a quest
She swore, she wouldn't tell
These condescending words mean nothing
She said she wouldn't lie
This search for stability through a mental strain
Cost of loss thru suffering
Take an overdose of the quitters' game

Hating this feeling
To drunk...another drink
Wash away the trouble
Take away the pain
Lack of sleep
Chest tight Damn that loss
Punishment of a third degree

Believing she was real
Buying her lust Tying her arms in the most uncompromising manner
She wants more, she begs for more
Taste this love of shameful literature
A burden for the level of second hand stress
A childhood picture coming to life

These long-winded guilt trips are such an obsolete breath of life
Got to bleed this contamination out of my soul
A sense of uneasiness with to much kindness
Somewhere in thee apologies the devil lurks

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