Dark Lyrics


1. It's Fun To Be The Bad Guy

Breaking A Mold. Breaking The Law
Never Felt So Good. And I Just Want
To Break Them All. So. Give Up The
Problems And Forget About The Past.
Do All Your Drugs For Free And Get
The Hell Out Fast. Take A Stand With
A Beer In Your Hand. I'll Raise My
Glass Up High For You Man.

2. Taller Buckets Hold More

You've Been Thinking I've Been Drinking.
Well. That's Right Man... Pass One
On Down. Letting Everything Get To
My Head. Hey Man. So What Are You
Thinking About? I'm Not Joking. She's
Been Smoking. You're Baby Girl. She's
Been Running Around. By Now She's
Got Every Disease. Spreading All Her
Loving All Over The Town. What Are
You Thinking About? About A Better
Place? Where You Can Think About
Thinking About Nothing At All?

3. The Getaway

Grab The Wheel And Drive Me Away To
Anywhere Other Than This Place. Hit
The Gas And Don't Slow Down. Get Me
Out Of This Town. Once Lost. You're
Never Found. Grab The Cash And Don't
Look Back. We'll Jump Those Railroad
Tracks. Hit The Gas And Lay Some
Patch. They're Riding On Our Ass.
Getaway. Hit The Gas.

4. The God Out Of Reach

I've Got A Feeling You'll Be Lost With
Your Spirit Guide. The Most Reliable
Maps Lie Somewhere In Your Mind.
Protect Us From Ourselves-Our
Worst Enemy. Protect Us From The
Gods Feeding The Beast. The Thumb On
The Trigger. Aimed Right Back At You.

5. Killing People Is Easy


6. No Other Path To Pursue

Sitting Around. Wasting Time. If You
Where Mine. I'd Be Alright. Sitting In A
Prison Cell Late That Night. Just
Trying To Work It Out And Make
Things Right. But If I Had You. Well I'd
Be Just Fine. How Do I Get You Off Of
My Mind? If Only God Had Made A 48-Hour
Day. Well. I'd Probably Sit
Around And Do Nothing Anyway. But If
I Had You. I'd Be Just Fine. Tell Me
What I've Got To Do To Make You All
Mine. She's A Drug.

7. An Ode To Myself


8. Don't Slow Me Down

If You Could Walk In My Shoes. I Tell
You Where You'd Go. You'd Run Across
The Oceans. Wake Up In Mexico. If You
Could Open My Hero. I Tell You What
You'd See. The Parts Are All.
Rearranged And Some Are Just Missing.
Slow It Down. Don't Slow Me Down.
If You Could Look Through My Eyes.
I Tell You What You'd See. A
World Gone Completely Mad.
Everyone But Me. Help Me Out. I Can
Not Speak It So... Help Me Out. If I
Could Climb That Mountain. I Tell You
What I'd Do. Once I Reach The Summit.
I'd Take A Piss On You.

9. Thibodeaux

Yeah. That Banjo Was A Good Ol'boy.
Killed Five Inside The Square And
Ready For More. The Family Remains A
Legacy. Dead Game. The Dogmen Came
The Southern States To See The
Thirty-five-pound Hell On Wheels
Breaking Legs.

10. Holy Bottle

Hey Man. You Should Come Along
Drinking And We Can Sing The Songs.
It's Another Night Of Indulgence. So
Get Ready To Drink Until The Sun
Comes Up. And You Can't Explain. You
Just Want To Blame Us. Hey Man. Sing
A Lovely Song. Drinking Until The
Early Morn. It's Another Day. Don't Be
Ashamed. So Kick Back And Drink Until
The Sun Comes Up. Hey Man. Leave It
On The Shelf. Drinking Is Holy In
Itself. It's A Sunday Night. Your
Drinking Wine... That's Fine. Just Don't
Condemn Us For Drinking Until The
Sun Comes Up. Don't Have To Leave
Like You My Friend. Because I Ain't
Never Going To Die.

Paul Bartholet - bass
Chris Chiera - guitar
Ryan Burgy - vocals
Brad Thorla - drums

Produced by Thorla & Seelye
Mastered by David Torrey
At DRT Masteringart

Thanks to alex_gulin for sending these lyrics.

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