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1. The Ritual

Ia Ia Chthulhu fhtagn

2. Dead But Dreaming

It sleeps, submerged in the drowned city
It dreams, calling those who would be worthy
The madness takes control
the call consumes your soul
Nightmares haunt your
sleepless nights

Suicide grips the weak
Feeble minds lost into chaos
Those who resist the call shall
wither and die

Sleep no more 'o ancient one
crush the world beneath your feet

3. Sovereign

Crimson rain on a warm sunny day
A thick red mist engulfs the evening sky

Mass suicide to honor the awakening
Ritualistic sacrifice
Death with a great reward

Blood has been spilled this night
to re-open the dark void
and release the raw essence of chaos and corruption

Striking fear into the false gods
Casting his shadow on the face of the Earth
Setting flame to unbelievers
Devouring the spirit of the would-be saviour

We are legion
I am Sovereign

Orphaned children reek with disease
they watch the horizon and pray for release

As the sun sets in the blackened west
light exhales its final breath

Confidence born from ignorance
I am the vanguard of your destruction
I am many, we are Legion. I am Sovereign

4. Re-Animated

Re-animated corpses walking the streets
pulled from the grave by desire to feast
Attacking, killing, eating your brains
But leaving just enough behind for you to walk again

The immortal soul has left this corpse
there's nobody home except the maggots
This sickness of the dead comes from the deepest
depths of hell

Re-animated, back from the grave
All human flesh consumed is all you crave
for everyone who dies, one new is born
in exchange to walk again the oath is sworn

Resistance try to mobilize
the bold in vain put up a fight
bravery turned to stupidity
the fools lose their humanity

Infection growing stronger
set spark to lifeless husk
Common sense obliterated
beware. Here cometh dusk

When there's no more room in hell
the dead will walk the earth
to celebrate extinction
and the coming of unbirth

Beware! Beware of the Re-Animated

There's no escape from the living dead
You won't be laid to rest
You will feast on human flesh
all emotions paralyzed
Brain power dead inside
in preparation of the coming of the anti-christ

5. No One Left To Kill

I have to quench my thirst, my thirst for blood
I have to see the streets littered with corpses
I have to do this, this is my call
No one can stop me, so help me God

Who will die when there's
No one left to kill

I have become a god, the Alpha and Omega
The beginning and the end
But now the fun is over and I'm hunted like a beast
What should I do? What have I done?
Was this really so wrong?

Bits of flesh and blood, skull and brains
Litter the sidewalk
The ultimate salvation, a gunshot to the head

For years of incurable madness
The voices in my head kept me sane
They recited sweet songs and poems
of blood, murder and rape

Extinguish the soul and desecrate the body
Empty the clip while masturbating wildly
It's so much fun when you're on the run
It's human nature

6. The Crawling Chaos

Superior form of life
an ancient horrible god
black of skin, dark as night
hoofed feet, possessing all sight
Physical form horrid yet beautiful
lidless, eyeless, seeing all as his prize

Crawling, reaching, claiming, devouring
Bending the minds of the sheep to his will
Setting fire to worlds

The crawling chaos commands me

Watching the void with perpetual jealousy
he seeks to end the slumber of the sleeping one
to kill a god one must be a god
the cosmic repercussion is apocalyptic nightmare

Feeding on the biological sludge
leaving the fertile planet sterile
his reach goes farther and he ascends

The crawling chaos commands me

7. Phlegethon

Pagan ritual, Spill the blood of the virgin
Darkness growing stronger with every stab
Screams echo in the hallways of the underworld
Manifested in choir of blackened, tainted cries

It flows all red with boiling blood
Filled with those who did wrong to God
There's no way to escape the pain
Your fate is sealed you can't run away

Harm to thy brother
Harm to thyself
Harm onto God

A curse you can't dispel
And now you rot in hell
Now suffer the second death

Cerberus, the vicked beast
Three heads guarding the circles
Be devoured, take thy judgement
see the truth and live through the pain

The blood of Acheron flows in thy veins
Death is laughing the merriest of laughter

The blade goes deeper inside the mortal flesh
Channeling the energy to the one true god
wailing spirits tortured to unrest
falling deeper into darkness and despair

8. Madness Take Me

One night I woke up from my nightmare
and felt a new found power in my soul
I must explore this twisted foresight
I will harness this power to control

I fall, I crawl
The taste in my mouth is foul
I shout, I howl
corpse exhumed for the pleasure of my soul

In then tomb I found my love
I gave her all for god above
In the womb I dream of her soft touch
this undead queen feeding my nightmares

Limbless, cannot move for my mind is broken
Faithless, cannot feel for my heart is crushed

Cannot explain this sensation
so right yet wrong
I must find ways of expression
all the longing for salvation

Decomposing flesh triggers my senses
I long for the cold embrace
No one must know of my new found love
I will take this secret to the grave

Limbless, cannot move for my mind is broken
Faithless, cannot feel for my heart is crushed
Senseless, cannot taste or smell my surroundings
Madness, take me to hell

One night I woke from my nightmare
Heavy restraints keep my sickness in control
I have been chained to the wall for my own safety
I pray to lord of heaven for my soul

I beg, I cry
I try to run away in my mind
I fight, I hide
Forever destined to suffer my affliction

Madness take me

9. Green River Anthem

They were all whores
They deserved to die
Nobody would ever miss them
They deserved to die for their sins
The gleaming river
Chaos take its course
Lovely voices screaming
Choke all the whores

It was so nice
how their necks fit my grip
Dark glooming eyes
Death won't come quick

Father told me everything would be fine
eat his bread and drink his wine
confess my sins to father and spirit
Make me new, make me whole

So we chant this sorrowful lament
So we sing this Green River Anthem

I am a soldier of faith
sent to this earth to rid the streets of sin

Told them to watch their feet when they shut the door
Tonight the river will eat another whore

10. The Inevitable End

A white blinding light
A deafening discharge
You look up to the sky
and stare death in the eye

Oceans vaporize
All life is ending
Civilization is dying
World of man in demise

The inevitable end
The inevitable end is near
The inevitable end
The inevitable end is here

Walk into the cloud
inner organs boiling
Your skin is ripped away
stripped down to the bone

Radiation sickness
bleeding from all orifices
Plague and famine
The unborn die in the womb

Learn to love the bomb

Stoffe Eriksson – Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics
Viktor Eklund – Drums
Martin Norman – Guitars (lead)
Tobias Arvidsson – Bass, Lyrics (on "Green River Anthem")

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