Dark Lyrics


1. Rapture

a world of illusion and apathy
reality has come to wear my skin again

liars, liars, liars
under my skin
draining, burning
until it leaves my mindin rapture

one second of joy
comes at the price of thousand deaths
faces in rapture dress the walls

2. Conflict

cathode rays of sunlight burning in my face
evolution thru convergence
a conflict bred inside

intrigued by desperation
a final struggle yet to fight
as my escape draws nearer
for my retreat to breach the brim

i taint the thoughts of ignorance
unfeed the soil on which i stand
undress my mind from the sting
open the gates, and leave all hope

chaotic atmospherics
repel my rusted mind
all the prints are turned pitch black
a conflict born outside

the hollow trails from what was we
torn apart by an endless tear
i've already been on the inside
reaching out for none

3. Where Nothing Was Left

endless halls
deep bottomless corridors
where i have crawled through years of cold dead decay
reaching for something i could never hold onto
gripping around something so withering and fragile

i abused myself to a point where nothing was left
my days had become so gray and colorless
slowly the ashes where sweeping around me
falling deeper and deeper into dusk
now i realize my soul was tainted (in disgrace)

so hard a surface, yet so easily broken...
torn apart by truth and its sickening touch
words came out but were painfully spoken
i never knew it would hurt so much

so hard a surface, yet so easily broken...

4. Fallout

from birth placed in a mad society
feeding on illusions
speaking a tongue of misconceptiousness
forging a machinery of indoctrination

i have found the lock to my golden chain
now where is that key?
is this evolution?
is this the long road of the fallen?
i tried to grab on to life but it flows like water
see my name written in heroin

open eyes, corrupted minds
falling up down from my world
closed eyes, a dying mind
conspiracy, the way to rebirth
break the walls of truth

fading.. anguished..
throw me in a sea of filth

5. Distress

so tear your wounds open
and take your despair out on me

quell my apathy
I suffer for you

once again I break alone

remorse piercing my existence
an elaborate delusion

so send your hatred
and take my body with contempt

6. Dreamscape

in the night when all the pain embraces my heart
when all the fear echoes in my head
i dream myself away clouds of despair
a hand, reaching for help in emptinessin emptiness..

enter the realms of dreaming
a seed of tragedies and tears
silently; dreaming
silently; dreaming my way through

lying in my shelter, beyond mortal being
no one can see, no one can touch
no more fear of crying, for eternity
what's left, is a fantasy world
beyond reality

7. A Wanderer's Star

my hollow eyes, behold the wall
my state, catatonic
my inner self plagued by disdain
by disdain...

i am so new, so disharmonic
blinded by a higher level of insight
i am evolved, so disharmonic
muted by enlightenment of thought

- i am glorious, - you're a sheep among the herd
- i am righteous, - guided by an unseen hand
- i see clearly, - you're a sheep among the herd
- i am glorious, - you're a sheep among the herd

a dark liquid of repulsiveness pulses through my body
i let my veins surface but what drains me is red

a wanderers star

i long for the shelter, where i once was
wish to be the blind sheep, herded by the unseen hand

Ehsan Kalantarpour - keyboards
Jari Lindholm - guitars & vocals
Daniel Albertsson - guitars
Siavosh Bigonah - vocals
Ted Larsson - drums
Mikael Brunkvist - bass

Thanks to timbo2150 for sending these lyrics.

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