Dark Lyrics


1. Dark Side Of The Shroom (Intro)


2. Gastronomicon

Something stirs from an aeon ago
in the centre of a circle of cyclopean stones
Incantations from a mucus bound tome
as the cult makes preparations for their lord's welcome home
chanting dark and cacophonous rhymes
while the thunder and lightning rends a hole in the sky
rising tendrils of ash now encircle the sun
turning black from the blast of the Greatfather's drum

For there can be only one..

There's a pulsating heart in the midst of the void
Twisted maladous melodies which create and destroy
through a ritual of blood in a valley of doom
he assumes human form on an altar of shrooms
Expulsion of the outcast mind
Cursed to wander in the gardens of slish for all time
For this book is the key, and the psyche; a door
to a cosmic cornucopia of esoteric lore

Cursed words, scribed in slime
Spoken in reverse when the stars are aligned
Only under the black sun, may these mortals partake in his conjuration
Trapped in a spell of the Gastronomicon..

And beneath the shattered sky the earth will grieve
except for man, who shall be granted no reprieve
On this land which once gave life, now lies clear
In the poisoned depths the wreckage of ten thousand years

Blasphemers of true nature
Hiding from the inner self
virtues that don't exist
deny genetic heritage

the circle is complete
We must return to the earth

Usurpers of your masters
You have become mere facades
Nought but pale reflections
A species in dejection

The circle is complete
He is risen, all must suffer

It has begun, the beginning of the end of all things to come

3. Lettuce Prey

Agrarian world bathed in blood from ages past
Fixated and strangulated
this twisted seed, a bastard breed
Sewn for surplus
Sustaining domination through extraction
a policy of scorched earth, imitating wilderness

In disgust we have judged the propagator of this disease
Life undone, a broken trust, they've made a desert and called it peace

Strangling hold, so called fields of gold
as far as the eyes can see
What you call life, I call blight, and it must end
For earth to breathe

Poisonous streams
bathed in tears, cascade into an airless void
Faded and irradiated
feed death machines, such boundless greed
Desalinated, a fool's gambit
Their last defense is now removed
The slow march of death begins
This silence heralds the coming of their doom

Trapped in a spiral of supply and demand
Feeding new mouths to in time work this land
at the crack of the whip they will dance to the tune
of the lies made by the madmen who extract and consume

Whose tombs are lined with their gold yet are buried in the sludge
of a hewn and exploited world.

Dark below where no light lies, shifting under iron hides
final bastion of the deep, taken to extremes

Without the sun, they can endure, devourers of flame and stone
Mankind is weak; susceptible

4. The Sound Of Mucus

Starship Earth: five billion years
Life support malfunction
Wreckage adrift in outer space
Population: zero

Desecrate, contaminate, erase
This twisted race
Torture earth, kill the seas and poison space
compelled by wretched faith
remains, we pray for him to rise again
and cleanse this land
Humanity will pay for its sins..

Life remains, despite mankind
In the seeping hollows
Slithering through endless depths
Dreaming dark designs.

Swimming through the void, the netherslug observes
and bides his time...

Gazing over the pages of forbidden lore
Speaking in ancient dead tongues

Opening portals to realms beyond the conscious mind
Unlocked through maddening songs

5. Slimewave Zero

"Civilisation", like locusts clad in suits they come
with their manifests in hand, engineered to corrupt
Machinations made to denude our mother's blood
grow their spawn upon the graves
where once our fallen brother's stood

Idiotic selfish ambition of humanity
Narcissistic notions of transcending mortality
Far from K-selected, slaves to their defective prosencephalon
subject to morbid obsession with armageddon

Technopathic necromancers do their worst
Nirate fixated posthuman filth of an abhorrent birth
Sowing terror, they only see death in the dirt
Ignorant to truth that it's the lifeblood of the earth

Systematic violence, conspiracy of silence, a biocide
Human interaction engineers disaster for all life
desperate to escape the existential pain of their intellect
Ready to eject and leave this place in search of death

Learn to hear but not to look, to glimpse his mind is to self destruct
The fruit is ripe but it tastes of ash, there are some questions you should never ask

6. Invertahate

A dark, defiling spectre from the wastes
Horrendous terror from the Tundras of Eurgh
His fringe encrusted with adamantine plates
A dripping maw of molten obsidian

The Grand Vizier to the Sultan of slime
Beholder of he whose face is the void

His name; profane, the slug of revelation
his radula swallowing galaxies whole
Insane, derranged, personified negation
Drags infidels into the blackest of holes

Rhaexorog the lord of all protector of what lies beyond
the greatest of the chosen ones, anointed of the netherslugs
For us to see his glistening skin is to know true pain within the flames
ejected from his pneumastome, defender of the Mucus Throne.

For mortals cannot leave behind, their coils within this place confined
A paradise you'll never know, for death is all the future holds

The Great Attractor of outer dark
Awaits beyond the light of the brightest stars
For an eternity his hunger grows
From spheres of chaos in the vast unknown

For war, for plague, famine and death

His tendrils stretched innumerable prongs
that rip and tear apart the fabric of worlds
depraved, his lust for annihilation
reduce star systems into ashes and dust

Voracious appetite for deconstruction
Fear the shaker of foundations

Harbinger of shadow show me the endless void
where all is sorrow when there is nought left to destroy..

7. Salters Of Madness

Forgotten unconcious ghosts of aeons lay
In chasms cold as the deepest grave
A charnel cosmic wind, dispenses his judgement
upon any and all who would dare to challenge fate

An end as certain as the setting sun
A desolation frozen in time
For there is no everflowing stream
Peasants rot beside their kings

Lord Bothris; he who answers to no-one
for in the end, his will alone shall be done
His patience; as infinite as the stars
The reaper of the harvest of the uncreated Pod

Prince of death, I await the final test
Grant me access to the fruits of Eden

Bathe in the seas of Vlekt at the foot of the master
Imbibe the slime, forever after

The quest for knowledge, unquenchable thirst
Praying for life eternal in this finite universe

Raptured, are they who bask in his goo
as their physical bodies are consumed

Shifting through an ocean of the dead, amidst the skeletal remains
carrion he devours to nenew his father's form

From out of chaos comes a new order
decomposer of the flesh, preparing for the end
Recycled in the heavens as on earth
a rebirth of the material world

8. Pax Aranea

Mucus trail of viscous rime
Into her woven halls
Her children, cover the walls,
Watched by ten thousand eyes.

a vision of the second war
Ancient Arch-Arachnid
vengeance upon mankind
born within silk and viscous slime
she has foreseen the human's end
within the web of space and time
Darkened hordes coating cities
feasting upon their feeble minds.

Unfurling fangs that drip with toxic lust
Reduce the body into dust
Weaving window of reclusive dark
Who stops the beating of your heart

Sprinting forth upon ancient legs
As though their prey has come
Matriarch will hear the terms
Word of a second war..

Mandibles clicking, omnivenom dripping..

Too long she's lingered within her silken bastille
psychic screams of hate
Echo across the universe.

Kev Pearson: Guitars
Matt Moss: Vocals

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