Dark Lyrics


1. War Squids

Reforged in the furnace of death
weaves fates in the warp and the weft
dimensional rifts quake in the skies
on worlds born and razed in a blink of your mortal eyes
Master, born of the plasma
siphoning strength from the black twisting nether
a rapture that fractures the cosmos
torn from the womb of primordial chaos

Rhaexorog come forth
hordes of iron must be wrought
Molten shells of steel ablaze
Cast in slime and living flame

Bathe the abyss in cosmic afterbirth
he shall arise to reclaim the multiverse
In noxious sanctums beyond the walls that keep
the cursed sleepers from the beast

feel the blessed touch of the unmaker
into this verdant nightmare you slip farther
stalked and hounded in this dream forever
sport for the beasts of Ankath-Shol

Wallow hopeless under starless nights

Yearn for the return of the creator's flame
Gaze out from the horizon and behold the sundering

Dark blood coursing through our mortal veins
we are unstoppable
infused with arcane power; the boon of Lord Yeth'Shuul

Pandemonium; a war in heaven, cataclysmic copulation
transdimensional astral tentacles
most irreverent fornication

The wheel spins once again
cyclical time, no beginning or end
subject to no known law of nature
in wormholes entangled that hang in the ether
Scatter the remnants hereafter
blacken the stars with the power of the atom
we will shatter the order of aeons
unleashing his infinite legion of scions

2. Crop Killer

Is this how you want to live your lives?
inside the vultures circle
can you feel the talons in your neck?
Only the strong survive you say?
Just pray that prey you don't become
You've got no time for safety nets

There are no alpha wolves
Only those struggling to survive the state of nature
Domestic animals lost without the trappings of their civilization
You like to play armchair eugenicist, militant pessimist
An ivory tower that's built upon
the product of a million labors

Regression to the mean, repression of the weak
fraudulent pyramid scheme of human hierarchy

Do you ever wonder why you've been deprived
the wealth of nations?
do you feel the trickle down your leg?
Preoccupied with war against your own and your own home
How is it you're not already dead?

Another failed experiment
Evidence suggests you will not pass the last great filter
The soldiers won't defend the hive
when the queen neglects to satisfy the builders
You like to play the devil's advocate, passive and impotent
brood over fallen empires
That were built upon the bones of millions

Narrow minded sanctimonious
self-serving sophistry
Greed governing holiness?
Not in the version I have seen.

You will not see the stars
doomed to the tides
access denied, fated to die

3. The Spectral Burrows

Lost in a churning mindless fulmination
Devoid of a reason or explanation
a chorus of voices become a roaring cacophony
assaulting our senses as they sleep

putrid beings within, no better, or worse
each one scrambling for a ladder
death becomes us, that which we adore
long lost innocence

In these slime-ridden kingdoms where we wallow
free from the pity, disgust and sorrow
far from where light can pierce
drowned by the fetid bog
beyond the graces of your god

Sink in, inhale the ichor
why not assume your true form?
Join with us this is our blessing
unified as one forever
biologically entwined
Together until the end time.

hideous depravity lurks beneath the mask of civility

Look to your heathen master for his coming
We shall obey him and speak of nothing
Mentor of pain and suffering
the spawn of the sentient ooze
Soon you will drown within him too

in the name of the greatfather, worship him and no other
Bestow upon us the sigil, arise from your silent ritual

4. Slave Goo World

Stygian minions of esteemed erudition
bear witness to the most abject human condition
staunch technicians of decomposition
breathing life into the lifeless animating his vision
all partake in occult calibration
realigning the ley-slime for the dark invocation
sing on high to the lords long unspoken
Reborn into the world through the minds of his chosen

Psychic virus from the vast outer reaches
marks the grand unification of science and religion
In the name of our brethren; the molluscs
lesser lifeforms prostrate before the horror of horrors
terrible vistas of a nihilistic future
the old cthonic scriptures; the new jurisprudence
to usher an era of grand cosmic culture
all nations and worlds under the sign of mollusca

Submit your soul, for it's no use to you where you go
Beyond the passage of time
Embrace the void in which all things were made and destroyed
we shall be one in his mind

Praise be the name of the dark incarnate
Great beast of the all-in-one
First of the gods from the formless chaos
Kindling the flame of the suns

His children most resplendent and pure
shall inherit the order of worlds
From the lowest dominion unto the mucus throne
that this kingdom might ever endure

cast off the flesh become one with the ooze
and through the god-mind what's broken is renewed

5. Transilvanian Fungus

Airborne pathogens
a contorting carcinoma multiplies without end
invasive genophagia, irreversible damage
dismantling and reassembling their nucleic acid

shambling eldritch beast, a mindless vector of disease
the brain erodes, flesh calcifies, controlled by endoparasites
Your mind and body are not your own, play host to hostile lifeforms
Unseen, explosive haze, with every breath you become their slave

This world was never yours to begin with
and nor will it be in the end

As you devour, so shall you be
this plague never replete
Against this foe there is no victory
self-destruction written in the genes

The wilderness reclaims these empty streets
history is forgotten
once thriving metropolises now mortuaries
derelict, old and rotten

Their cradle is our grave, new life born of decay

We prosper from their ruin
As our progeny lament, we will not be forgiven
The storm on the horizon writes their names in the sky
as we gamble the future on the roll of a dice

6. Putrid Fairytale

Corrupt ignobility adorned in pilfered gold
conceived in sewage by insipid lords of old
inbred degenerates languish in squalid halls
impotent and superfluous, unable to uphold

the basic tenets of the creed
usurpers vie to supersede
a tired waning hegemony, long bereft of majesty

Self-righteous justiciars desire to purify
a world of lies, that seeks to purge the earth and sky
licentious seditionists; gorge as your planet burns
from slime they came, and into slime they shall return

Praise the primordial poison pools that gave us form
to defy his decree, they dare to bite the hand that feeds

The custodians have become the abuser
ignorant beings with arrogant ideas

They loose a hail of arrows
that scorch the eyes of all who gaze
but it won't save them from the hell that waits

Mythologized transcendence, a paradise is lost
No deliverance from the dire cost

They've chosen the form of the destructor
More of slime than blood
their planet torn asunder by plutonium

Mercury rising, the surface scorched
They descend like rats into the bowels of earth

Digging like roaches through a mire
of their own self indulgence
caught in a web of fate
too bloodless to escape

No god can save you now
for they have no power here
within these ashen crypts
of suffering and despair

the flame ignited in it's heart
a chain reaction tearing apart
reaching the critical mass
The weapon of their futile vengeance

The eye, ablaze with radiance
that sears against your flesh
Dread rumbling in the deep
signalling the impending death

blinded by a caustic storm
the slamming of cyclopean doors
held aloft the orb ignites
Nowhere to run now from the light

Now standing in the presence of a foe conceived by alien gods
Never again to feel the sun, it immolates you
The Life-age of the universe, a wind that sweeps the world away
you feel the weight of every world bearing down on you

7. Salt Thrower

Speak to darkness in your lowest ebb;
only silence
there's no future, only past regrets
meditate on them

suspended in infinite blackness
so numb, agony is no distraction
contempt for life replacing sadness

Is this clarity or madness?
temporary energy and matter
the will to live is irrevocably damaged

a listless spirit wants to leave the world
sweet oblivion
vital essence grinding to a halt
we are all at fault

falling from the creaking rafters
pressure, so much worse than you imagined
burning, death's umbilica unravels

drifting from his sweet embrace
gasping for breath, staring in the grave
only fear, as what little light left fades

And on the pedestal, these words appear
"Look on my works ye mighty, and despair!"

Negated by the unbearable truth
all-consuming psychotic fugue
fall to a lightless self-destructive end
for there is a monster in the heart of all men

Hearken to nightmares of futility enshrined
in sleepless terrors born of the mind
and upon the horizon of the waking world
time stands still.

Damnation is our destiny
existence is disease
Our screams are the music of reality

Relinquish all your earthly bonds
and bow before the god of madness
let him untether you from pain
step outside the circle and be saved

Crippled by the triviality, the insanity of existing
A mockery; this master plan, crushed by the hand of fate

No solace in this hopeless cycle
at one with fear and the darkness
Attain mastery over shadow
purge trepidation from your heart

Your adversary is within, these mental chains are your prison
malignant love of your projected self; a toxic delusion

Chaos, decay, withering away
the sense of self, starting to fade

8. Limo Vincit Omnia

High upon that blasted, fortified plateau
within their sanctuary of salt and sorrow

Morbid throngs march to the call of umbral gods
outside comprehension

Dark crusade, from deathless realm they came
to amalgamate dimensions

certa enim gloria.
numquam non parata.
Deus noster pro nobis
Limo vincit omnia

Tainted youth, catechized legions of untruth
do they not yet comprehend?

Now ensnared by the web of their deceit
acquiescent, servile, weak

This ritual of loathsome conjuration
akashic machinations from shadow priests who utter
the gathas of mollusca
that poisons our existence
between purity and putrescence they draw power

The bloodshed of the ancestors
Forsaken dead
Sacrificed so the worlds might mend
all filaments have opened
the shadows bleed
infinity spewing forth from the gaping breach

We shall dredge the depths of their pestiferous swamp
and the last bastion of light shall fall into ruin

Once besieged, the walls shall liquefy beneath
the force of Rhaexorog's harrowing screams

Twin blasphemies; Kak and Ick shall come together
to rouse their father from the nether

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